Cycling Valmiera - Cesis - Sigulda on trails

Cycling Valmiera – Cesis – Sigulda (it’s a very BEAUTIFUL ride)

There’s one very long hiking trail in Latvia. It’s called Mežtaka (Forest Trail), and it connects Lithuania to Estonia. A couple days ago I decided to try and cycle one part of this long distance trail, to check out if that’s even possible on the Valmiera – Sigulda section, and to see how hard is… Read More »Cycling Valmiera – Cesis – Sigulda (it’s a very BEAUTIFUL ride)

Old building in Kipsala, Riga

Kipsala Island in Riga

Kipsala is an island in the Daugava river. Just like the nearby islands of Zakusala and Lucavsala, Kipsala is an island everyone knows, especially locals, but at the same time rarely anyone wanders any deeper than they need. For example, for me Kipsala has always been the place where my university was located, and that’s… Read More »Kipsala Island in Riga