Jungo e-scooter in Riga

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Jungo is a company offering electric scooter sharing in Riga.

If at first here in Riga we had only Bolt electric scooters, then now there are several companies to choose from. And when you are in a place where there’s no any electric scooters, you can still look for an electric bicycle from Ride or electric scooter from Skok (a proper scooter / motorbike).

Try Jungo e-scooter now for free.

Use our Jungo discount code ITEVZ, and get a 2 EUR discount.

At the moment of writing 2 euro is enough for a 10-minute ride.

How It Works? How to Rent an Electric Scooter from Jungo?

If you have used a similar service somewhere else, you’ll probably know it.

Everything happens via an app. And Jungo isn’t an exception.

Step by step:

  1. You download an app (search for Jungo);
  2. Register using Facebook or e-mail;
  3. Add your bank card;
  4. Add our Jungo discount code ITEVZ – to get a 2 EUR discount;
  5. Find the nearest Jungo scooter using the app. Walk to it, scan the QR code you use on the scooter.

And that’s it. You can start a ride.

Jungo e-scooters offer 3 driving modes – 9, 15 and 25 km/h.

I, personally, first tried and electric scooter only around a month ago. On the first day I drove some 44 miles / 70 kilometers in Riga. And as a beginner I can tell you that it’s easier and more stable than it may seem. My first experience was with Bolt electric scooters, and their slowest mode is 15 km/h. I felt super safe with Bolt at that speed.

Having no prior experience.

So I’m pretty sure that with Jungo – as a beginner – you’ll be even more safe.

Jungo e-scooter
Jungo electric scooter

How Much Does It Cost?

Jungo e-scooter pricing is super simple.

You pay by the minutes.

To start a ride you pay 1 EUR.

Every minute costs 10 cents.

A few examples:

10-minute ride – 1 + 10 x 10 cents = 2 EUR

20-minute ride – 1 + 20 x 10 cents = 3 EUR

30-minute ride – 1 + 30 x 10 cents = 4 EUR

Full day ride – 20 EUR

A full day for only 20 EUR? Yes.

Jungo electric scooter

Because Jungo has a daily spending limit. You can’t spend more than 20 EUR in a single day. If you want to ride a lot during a single day, just ride. You don’t have to purchase a daily pass or anything. Once you reach 20 EUR, you’ll not be charged anymore on that particular day, and until 2am the next morning.

The only thing you should be paying attention to is the battery.

Don’t run out of juice away from the green zone (you can see it in the app; it’s the zone you can’t park).

Apart from that it’s a cool way to explore Riga. I recently went on a 24-hour electric scooter adventure in Riga, riding a total of some 60 miles / 100 km on that day.

IMPORTANT! In this case “a day” starts at 7am and finishes at 2am.

So it’s 19 hours at the most, not 24 hours.

Answers to some other frequently asked questions you’ll find here.

Jungo scooters
Jungo scooters in Riga

Try Jungo Electric Scooter For Free

Since there are so many Jungo scooters in Riga, finding one won’t be an issue.

Here’s our Jungo discount code (2 EUR or 10 minutes) – ITEVZ.

Use this code – add it in the section My wallet, in the lower part of the screen you’ll see “Add it here” – and go on 10-minute ride for free. Add a couple of euros, and you’ll get a proper first ride (30+ minutes).

Jungo discount code

Try it!