A couple wearing hiking clothes

Best Fleece for Hiking 2021

What’s the best fleece for hiking? For many, fleece is one of the go to garments for outdoors. It is the one piece that can be worn all year long. Fleece jackets also work great as a mid layer under winter hiking jackets. There are classic fleece jackets for a minimalistic look. And you can… Read More »Best Fleece for Hiking 2021

Winter hiking

Best Gloves for Hiking 2021

What are the best gloves for hiking and outdoors? Cold hands can absolutely ruin the joy of hiking and don’t do good for your health. There are different gloves for different purposes out there. From underlayer comfy gloves that you can wear for running or under your snow gloves to gloves for subzero temperatures that… Read More »Best Gloves for Hiking 2021

Men hiking sitting on a cliff

Best Hiking Jackets For Cold Weather (For Men And Women) 2021

What’s the key to success for dressing in winter? — That’s right! Layers! Most of the best winter jackets have room for a thick sweater that you can wear underneath it. But some winter jackets combine two zip-in jacket-like layers out of the box. That’s very convenient. And you will find a few jackets like… Read More »Best Hiking Jackets For Cold Weather (For Men And Women) 2021