Zakusala Island in Riga (Hare Island)

Riga TV tower

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Zakusala is an island in the Daugava river.

It’s one of several islands on river Daugava, but also the one you’ve definitely seen if you’ve been to Riga. That’s the island with the Riga TV Tower on it, situated very close to the city center and easily accessible in several ways, including by foot.

As I’ve learned just recently it can also be an interesting place where to go cycling in Riga.

Here are a few things you need to know + my photos.

Getting to Zakusala Island

You can walk to Zakusala, take a taxi, cycle or use public transportation.

If you’ll be walking or cycling, use the Island bridge (Salu tilts). If you would like to opt for public transportation, then here are your options – trolleybus 4 and 19, stop “Zaķusala”, or bus 59, stop “Televīzijas centrs”.

The island is narrow, and some 2.2 miles / 3.5 km long.


If you need a bike, it’s very easy to rent a bicycle in Riga.

Cycling on Zakusala, Riga

To be honest, until recently I thought this place is super boring.

And that there’s nothing at all to see, except for the TV tower. I didn’t know it’s possible to get to both ends of the island. Turned out that I was wrong. And I found it out only while exploring different neighborhoods of Riga looking for interesting places where to go cycling in Riga.

Even though there isn’t any infrastructure infrastructure, it’s a nice, quiet place where to chill by the river, go on a short bicycle ride or walk.

Having very nice views of the city and without almost any people around you.

If that’s your thing, check out the Zakusala island, both its sides.

I, personally, like the one closer to the Railway bridge.

Here is what it looks like on Zakusala (Hare Island).

Railroad bridge in Riga

A view of Riga over the river

A view of Riga over the river

Cyclist and a tall building in the distance

Cyclist next to a huge antenna

A tall building on Zakusala island

And old hangar in Zakusala, Riga

And old hangar in Zakusala, Riga

Old boats on river Daugava

Zakusala (Hare Island)

Colorful graffitis

A boat next to an old building

Street sign

Posing next to colorful wall

Wild flowers in Riga

Riga TV tower and a cyclist

Riga TV tower

Riga TV tower

Riga TV tower from below

Have you been to Riga? Did you visit Zakusala? Did you try cycling in Riga? What was your experience?

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