Wilderness of Lucavsala island in Riga, Latvia

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Lucavsala is an island in the Daugava river.

Until a few years ago no one went to Lucavsala, but then a part of it was transformed into a big park, and the things changed. Now it’s a popular spot to hang out in the city, there are playgrounds for kids, a beach and you can do water sports like wakeboarding on the island.

But just like with the nearby islands of Zakusala and Kipsala, there are also parts of Lucavsala rarely anyone visits.

If you’re up for some exploration, just head to the opposite side of the island.

Getting to Lucavsala Island

It’s super easy to get to Lucavsala.

Unlike with Kundzinsala island, here is just one way to get to the island – the Island bridge (Salu tilts). Come by the bridge from any of the sides, and you’ll get to Lucavsala. Do not mistaken it with Zakusala which is the other island right next to it.


If you need a bike, it’s very easy to rent a bicycle in Riga.

Cycling on Lucavsala Island, Riga

Right next to the bridge there’s a popular concert venue.

It’s here since about the same time when the other side of the island was turned into a park. But it is possible to go deeper, past this place. I’ve done it a couple of times. It can be a fun micro adventure. On foot or on bicycle. To chill by the river or to explore.

Try and go to the furthest point of the island, away from the bridge.

And also to the most western part of the island (further away from the Riga old town).

The island is also a nice spot to photograph the Riga TV tower.

Here is what it looks like on Lucavsala.

Cycling on the Island bridge in Riga
Cycling on the Island bridge (Salu tilts) in Riga, as the sun is setting

Lucavsala island park with beach

Lucavsala island park
Lucavsala island park
A view from the Lucavsala island
A view from the Lucavsala island

TV tower as seen from the Lucavsala

Riga TV tower

Bushes of Lucavsala island
Still on Lucavsala island

Cycling on Lucavsala

TV tower as seen from a river
TV tower as seen from a kayak – Kayaking across the island

Have you been to Riga? Did you try cycling in Riga? Did you visit Lucavsala? What was your experience?