Cycling on Dole Island

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Dole is the largest island in the Daugava river.

It is located some 14 miles or 22.5 km away from the Riga Old Town.

14 miles that is only about an hour on a bicycle, and yet I had never been there. Up until this autumn I had never really thought of going there. Until that one day when I said — let’s go cycling from Riga to Dole Island. Let’s see what is there!

Turns out that for most part it is a cool place where to go cycling in Riga.

Cycling From Riga to Dole Island: My Experience

So, here are a few my tips if you want to do the same.

And a step-by-step guide to cycling to Dole Island.

First things first, the bicycle. You can rent a bicycle in Riga, and that’s super easy. A cheap bicycle starts from 5 EUR / day.

1. Getting to Daugava Promenade Bike Path

Let’s assume, that you are starting a ride from Riga Old Town.

Just get to the river Daugava, and follow it. With the river on your right.

Until the South Bridge (Dienvidu tilts) it’s super-easy.

As you’re approaching the South Bridge, the bike path ends shortly before the bridge. Just keep going in the direction of the bridge, it’s in front of you, and  turn to the right just before it. To get right next to the river again. And then turn to the left and cycle on the Austuves street for a while.

As of November 2020 on Austuves street there is a new bike path.

This path is connected to the Daugava Promenade bike path.

You will get to Daugava Promenade bike path in some 2 minutes.

Cycling on Daugava promenade in Riga
Cycling on Daugava promenade in Riga

Bicycle next to river Daugava

A view of river Daugava in Riga
A view of river Daugava in Riga

2. Daugava Promenade – Riga Hydroelectric Power Plant

The good thing is that the Daugava Promenade bike path is very nice.

The bad thing – it ends without reaching the Riga Hydroelectric Power Plant, where you can turn to Dole Island. Well, actually if you have reached the power plant you have also reached the Dole island. It’s already there.

So, how can you get there?

The easiest way is to cycle until this beach / parking, shortly after the small bird watching tower, turn to the left to get on the Maskavas street. It’s a totally cyclist unfriendly road. But you can cycle next to it. There’s a kinda trail. The other option is to cycle until the end of the bike path, and follow the small roads.

I have done it both ways.

3. Riga Hydroelectric Power Plant – Dole Island

Road next to Riga Hydroelectric Power Plant
Road next to Riga Hydroelectric Power Plant

You have done it.

If you have reached the power plant, you have reached Dole Island.

If you want you can turn around and go back now, or explore the island.

Maskavas street is a very busy road. The road next to the power plant is similar as busy. However, the good thing is that the road going to the island is smaller and less busy, as is the island itself. There isn’t much to see on the island, it is mostly private property. But you can cycle around the island and go on a 1-2 hour exploration there.

Walking across the field on Dole Island
Walking to see some ancient ruins on Dole Island

Have you been to Latvia? Have you tried cycling from Riga to Dole Island or somewhere else? What was your experience of cycling in Latvia?