Bicycle next to river Daugava

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Where to go cycling in Riga?

If you are staying near the Riga city center, definitely check out the Daugava Promenade bike path (also known as Kengaraga promenade). It’s right there and easy to get to from the city center. It’s a rather long bike path. And it can be a rather relaxing place to be cycling. As relaxing as being so close to the city center gets.

Here are some basic things about the path.

Daugava Promenade Bike Path

Daugava promenade
Daugava promenade

During the last month I’ve been cycling a lot in Riga (I live here since 2005).

If I have to name my favorite bike path near Riga city center then it’s this one. Yes, it gets busy when the weather is nice, and then there are really a lot of people in some parts, but still it’s my favorite.

It’s easy to get to and it’s relaxing to be cycling there.

Yes, it’s very easy to rent a bicycle in Riga.

DISTANCE (from Riga Old Town): around 7 miles / 11.3 kilometers;

From the Stone Bridge (Akmens tilts) it’s exactly a 6.2 mile / 10 kilometer ride one-way. If it’s too much for you, just turn around at any point. It’s impossible to miss the end of the path. It ends with bushes.

Yes, it’s very easy to rent a bicycle in Riga.

Riding an electric scooter

Getting to Daugava Promenade Bike Path

Let’s assume, that you are starting a ride from Riga Old Town.

Just get to the river Daugava, and follow it. With the river on your right.

Until the South Bridge (Dienvidu tilts) it’s super-easy.

As you’re approaching the South Bridge, the bike path ends shortly before the bridge. Just keep going in the direction of the bridge, it’s in front of you, and  turn to the right just before it. To get right next to the river again. And then turn to the left and cycle on the Austuves street for a while.

2-minutes later you’ll be on the Daugava Promenade bike path.

Daugava Promenade Bike Path: Photos

Cycling on Daugava promenade in Riga
Cycling on Daugava promenade in Riga

Resting place near Daugava promenade

Bicycle next to river Daugava

A view of river Daugava in Riga
A view of river Daugava in Riga
Abandoned bunker near Daugava promenade
Abandoned plane hangar next to Daugava promenade

Graffitis on Daugava promenade

Colorful graffiti in Riga

A cat graffiti

A view of Riga from Daugava promenade

Cycling to Riga on Daugava promenade
Cycling back to Riga city center

Sunset on the Daugava promenade

If you are up for something more adventurous, you can continue on and cycle from Riga to Ogre. Or some part of it.

Have you been to Latvia? Have you tried cycling in Riga? What was your experience of cycling in Latvia?