Scenic Hike in Antalya, Near Tunektepe Teleferik Tesisleri

Scenic hike in Antalya

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There’s one very scenic hike in Antalya.

The trail is located right on the outskirts of the city. It’s very easy to follow, and is very easy to get to using public transportation. So, if you’re up for some small adventure while in Antalya, and you love scenic views, then this Antalya hiking trail is the right thing for you to check out. There are 2 other hiking trails nearby.

Continue reading to learn more about this hike.

1. Short and Scenic Hike in Antalya: Basics

It’s a gravel road all the way to the top.

The road starts from the highway, a very short walk from the Tunektepe Teleferik Tesisleri cable car station. This is also how we got to know about this road — by taking the cable car, and later checking out this road we saw from it.


TIME & DISTANCE: around 4 miles / 6.4 km in total (around 2 hours).

TIPS: the road is steep in some places, and rocks are loose, so it’s better to do it in proper hiking shoes or sandals, not flip flops. Bring some snacks and water with you, so you can stop somewhere and chill for a while. There’s a cafe very close to the starting point — at the bus stop / bus station, where you can possibly buy something.

2. How to Get to Starting Point

Bus stop near the mountain

Bus stop near the mountain

You can take a taxi or a bus.

A taxi from the old town costs around 70 TL.

At the same time a bus ride is around 3.5 TL. To find the right bus in Antalya, use Moovit app. At least in 2021, Google Maps isn’t showing public transportation in Antalya. Don’t forget to connect your Antalya card transport card with your HES code, if it’s still needed. You can do it online.

You need to get to the final bus stop, next to the Tünektepe Teleferik Tesisleri cable car station. The view from this bus stop is as you see in the photo above. Right behind these taxis there’s a highway. You need to cross it. Gravel road to the top of the mountain starts slightly to the right.

3. Scenic Antalya Hiking Trail, Near Cable Car Station: Our Experience

Enjoying the view of Antalya

Enjoying the view of Antalya

The mountains near Antalya, oh, you’ll notice them right away.

I saw them, and on the very first full day Antalya we headed out to see them up close. Turkey’s long distance hiking trail — the Lycian Way — goes from Antalya, and the starting point is literary 2 minute walk from the same bus stop mentioned above, also to the right. The only downside is that at first it goes on small roads, not trails.

The other trail I mentioned is Konayaaltı trail.

Konayaaltı trail is a part of the Lycian Way, like a small extra (as it’s a loop), and it starts on the same gravel road that we took.

This is how the Konayaaltı trail is marked.

Konayaaltı trail marking

Konayaaltı trail marking

However, to do the same hike as we did — simply follow the gravel road, the one going up the mountain. And that’s it. The road ends before the top, before the cable car’s final station, but the views are equally as impressive.

Here are a few photos from our hike in Antalya.

Gates at the beginning of the road

Gates at the beginning of the road

Winding road

Winding road to the top

Wild flowers in the mountains near Antalya

Steep road

View of Antalya from the top

View of Antalya from the trail

Hiking in mountains near Antalya

Forest road in the mountains near Antalya

Forest hike in Antalya

Kaspars sitting on a rock

Mountain road near Antalya

Gravel road in the mountains near Antalya

Mountain views near Antalya

Mountains near Antalya

Have you been to Antalya? Did you go hiking in Antalya? What was your experience?

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