Lielupe – Ragakapa Nature Park Hike, Near Riga

Lielupe - Ragakapa Nature Park Hike

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Are you looking for a beautiful and easy hike in Riga?

Jump on the train to Lielupe, and 30 minutes later you will be already in the forest. There isn’t just one trail from Lielupe to Ragakapa Nature Park, but multiple trails and roads waiting to be explored. Great choice both for just an hour or two, or half a day in the nature. Don’t worry, you will not get lost there.

It’s similar as interesting and easy as Lilaste – Gauja hike.

1. Lielupe – Ragakapa Nature Park Hike: Basics

There are multiple trails and forest roads in the area.

Plus, both the beach and Lielupe river are never too far away. And if you are up for a longer walk, you can keep walking on the beach for as far as you wish. Thanks to the railway running near the same beach (in the direction of Jurmala) you will always have a chance to get back to Riga easy and cheap.

It’s possible to drive to Ragakapa Nature Park and park a car there.


TIME & DISTANCE: around 7 miles / 11.2 km (around 2 – 3 hours).

I got to walk some 20 minutes extra because I missed the stop.

TIPS: bring or buy some snacks and water, as there are no shops in the park and by the sea. There are shops a short walk away from Lielupe train station.

2. How to Get to Lielupe from Riga

Boarding a train to Lielupe

Boarding a train to Lielupe

Train is by far the best option.

It’s cheap, it’s convenient and it takes only 20 minutes to go from Riga city center to Lielupe. If you plan to take your bicycle with you, it’s much easier to travel by train with a bicycle in Latvia than by bus. I can recommend checking out the area on a bicycle.

You can also cycle on the beach there.

If you’ll be cycling all the way from Riga, follow the Riga – Jurmala bike path.

3. Lielupe – Ragakapa Nature Park Hike: My Experience

Lielupe river

Lielupe river covered with ice

In last 6 months I have been there twice.

First time we were cycling in summer. Second time – hiking in winter. This area is beautiful in all seasons, but summer and winter (if there is snow on that day you plan to visit) is surely the best time for visit.

There is nothing much to add — it’s a very a nice place for a walk.

And it’s right across from Daugavgriva island.

Here are a few photos from our Lielupe – Ragakapa hike.

Lielupe train station

Lielupe train station

Trail to Ragakapa

Trail to Ragakapa

Forest near Lielupe

Tall pine trees in Latvia

Walking to Ragakapa

Abandoned bunker in the forest

Abandoned bunker in the forest

Tall pine trees in the forest in Latvia

Frozen Lielupe river near the sea

Lielupe river in winter

Have you been to Riga? Did you go hiking in Riga or somewhere nearby? What was your experience?

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