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Yes, it’s possible to go also on a longer hike in Riga.

Daugavgriva beach hike is one of the best options for that. It’s still in the city and thus reachable by public transportation. The place is big enough for at least 3-5 hours of walking. It’s by the sea and all flat. Since most of the walk is on the beach, you will not get lost there.

Does it sound interesting for you?

1. Daugavgriva Beach Hike: Basics

Daugavgrīva is a neighbourhood in Riga, next to the sea.

It’s a very sparsely populated area with most of it covered by forest. All of that makes it a great place for nature walks during any season.


TIME & DISTANCE: I did some 10 miles / 16 km (around 3 hours).

But you can also make into a longer walk. One of the ways is by walking all the way back to the starting point. Another way — by not taking a road on the way back and walking on trails instead.

TIPS: bring some snacks and water, as there are no shops for most part. Take into account that buses are only like once an hour, and you may not be able to get a taxi from Vakarbulli. Plan accordingly.

2. How to Get to Daugavgriva Beach

Walking next to Daugavgriva beach

There is no one place where to start the walk.

I chose to start walking from this parking near the sea.

To get there I used Bolt taxi app.

You can also take bus number 3 or 36 to Daugavgrivas cietoksnis. 

This bus stop is 10-15 minute walk away from the place I started the walk.

Bus number 3 is going to Daugavgriva, while 36 — all the way across Daugavgriva to Vakarbulli. Both of them stop at Daugavgrivas cietoksnis. You can use bus 36 for going back, if you don’t want to walk all the way back.

3.Daugavgriva Beach Hike: My Experience

Baltic sea during the winter

Baltic sea during the winter

It was a sunny day of January.

My plan was simple — to walk around the area / the island.

But… it turned that the place is bigger than what I thought it is.

So instead we made it all the way across Daugavgriva, and then a little bit more until we could get a taxi, and went back home.

After getting to the beach we went to the right, to Daugavgriva Lighthouse and Western breakwater. This is where most of people go. When the weather is good you can also walk on the breakwater, which goes like half a mile (800 meters) into the sea. Afterwards we just turned around and walked until the very end of Daugavgriva beach.

At the end there is a place called Vakarbulli.

You can get a bus back into the city from there. But take into account that they are only like once an hour.

As it was getting dark we tried to get a Bolt taxi from there. We couldn’t. Because we were too far away from the nearest car. So we walked for some 30 more minutes, following the road. Until we could get a taxi back home.

Here are a few photos from our Daugavgriva beach hike.

Daugavgriva beach during the winter

Daugavgriva beach during the winter

Walking by the beach in winter

Daugavgriva beach

Daugavgriva lighthouse

Western breakwater

Western breakwater

Walking on the Western breakwater

Walking on the Western breakwater

Daugavgriva beach hike during the winter

Daugavgriva beach hike during the winter

Walking on the Daugavgriva beach

Walking on the Daugavgriva beach

Icy beach

Sand, ice and snow on Daugavgriva beach

Winter landscape from Daugavgriva beach

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Have you been to Riga? Did you go hiking in Riga or somewhere nearby? What was your experience?

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