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Traveling by Train With a Bicycle in Latvia

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    Can you take a bike on the train in Latvia?

    What are the rules and how much does it cost?

    Is it easy to travel by train with a bicycle in Latvia? Are people doing it? First of all, yes, people are traveling by train with bicycle in Latvia, especially during the summer. You aren’t going to be the only one, and one one will be surprised by seeing you. But there are some things to take into account.

    Let’s talk about these things.

    Can You Take a Bike on the Train in Latvia?

    Yes, you can, but there are some limitations.

    Only some train cars in Latvia are equipped with bike racks.

    If there aren’t any bike racks in the car, you can still take a bicycle on the train and keep it near your seat, but only a maximum of 5 bicycles can be taken inside a car. If there aren’t too many passengers, I doubt that someone will pay attention to this rule. But if there are a lot of passengers it may be an issue.

    Bike racks on a train
    Bike racks on a train in Latvia

    Traveling by Train With a Bicycle in Latvia: Tips

    I love riding a bicycle.

    If you are coming to Latvia, here you can see my recommendations where to go cycling in Riga. For me, personally, train is the number one choice if I want to go somewhere in Latvia and if I have a bicycle with me. In my opinion, it’s the most convenient mode of transportation.

    Train is the most convenient mode of transportation in Latvia, if you want to take a bicycle with you.

    1. You Have to Purchase a Baggage Ticket

    You have to have a ticket for your bicycle in Latvia.

    There is no special bicycle ticket — it’s the ordinary baggage ticket which costs around 30% of the passenger ticket.

    You can buy it at the counter, online or via app.

    2. Only Some Train Cars Are Equipped With Bike Racks

    Mostly every train has one car with bike racks.

    If there are bike racks, usually there are 3-6 of them.

    These train cars usually are marked with a bicycle sticker on the doors or next to the doors, but sometimes there is no sticker.

    3. It Is Difficult to Get on the Train in Latvia

    That is because of the train station platform design.

    Train station platforms are low in Latvia — you have to climb a few steps to get into the train (the carriage floor is some 3.2 ft / 1 meter above the platform). So, yes, it is difficult both with and without a bicycle, but, don’t worry, you will get on the train. At the same time don’t forget to take this into account when you will be getting off the train — get ready a few minutes earlier.

    4. What to Do If the Train Car Is Full?

    You can stand in the small room at the end of the car.

    Just don’t forget that there are conductors walking between the cars.

    Have you been to Latvia? Did you try cycling in Riga or somewhere else? What was your experience of cycling in Latvia?

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