Kaspars hiking in Singapore

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The Southern Ridges? The Henderson Waves?

Where’s that, I asked myself, when looking at the poster in my hostel in Singapore. It’s one of the best places to go hiking in Singapore, it said. If you would like to go for a longer walk in nature, this is the place.

I have been to Singapore many times, and so I knew that this is a very green city. And there are many beautiful walks in Singapore.

Not without a reason it’s called the garden city.

But I had never heard of this place.

So I went to check it out.

Hiking in Singapore: The Southern Ridges

The view from the Henderson Waves
The view from the Henderson Waves

The Southern Ridges is a network of trails, pathways and pedestrian bridges connecting 3 parks in the south of Singapore, between the Kent Ridge Park and HarbourFront. It may sound like a very small area, the total length of these trails is only around 6.2 miles / 10 kilometers, but it’s quite a lot for Singapore.

What’s more important is that it’s a very nice place for a 1-4 hour walk.

And if it’s as peaceful as it was when I went there, then in some parts you feel like in a completely different place. More like in Malaysian rainforest, not in Singapore.

The Southern Ridges sign

If you know the area of Marina Bay Sands – everyone knows it – it’s close to it.

You can get there by metro (MRT).

1. The Henderson Waves Trail: Basics

The Henderson Waves pedestrian bridge
The Henderson Waves pedestrian bridge

Do you enjoy being closer to nature?

If you do enjoy, then check out the Henderson Waves the next time you’ll be in Singapore!

STARTING POINT: there’s no one starting point.

TIME: 1-4 hours (if you’ll be taking a walk).

There is no one Henderson waves route. You can get there in many ways, spending as much time as you have.

You can also take a taxi or bus, get off next to the Henderson bridge. Walk up the stairs. Take in the view. Leave.

This way you can do it also in 20-30 minutes.


It’s easy to find it and follow the trail.

But take into account that there are stairs, and the pedestrian bridges are high above the ground (in case you are scared of heights).

TIPS: it’s an easy walking trail. There are vending machines on the way selling drinks and snacks, and even sunscreen. In a few places in the Southern Ridges there are also toilets and drinking water fountains. Since it’s Singapore the toilets here are much better than paid toilets in many places around the world.

2. How to Get to the Henderson Waves

Henderson Waves Sign
Henderson Waves sign

As already mentioned, there’s no one starting point.

If you are very short on time, take a bus or taxi to this bus stop.

From this bus stop you can visit the famous pedestrian bridge in around 20-30 minutes.

If you have more time, consider taking some of the trails.

I had a few hours to spend there, so I decided to take the longest route to Henderson Waves trail.

I took a metro (MRT) from my hostel to HarbourFront.

If you’ll be doing the same, take the exit A. Go out, turn to the right to go back a little. Follow the next road going to the left. In less than a minute you’ll be on the trail / pathway, on the Marang Trail.

From there on just follow the signs to the Henderson Waves.

It will take you between 30 to 60 minutes to get to the place.

3. How to Get to the Southern Ridges

Mount Faber Park map
Mount Faber Park map

One of the options is to start from the Marang Trail.

Take a metro (MRT) to HarbourFront.

Take the exit A. Go out, turn to the right to go back a little. Follow the next road going to the left. In less than a minute you’ll be on the trail / pathway, on the Marang Trail.

From there on just follow the signs to where you want to go.

There are many car parks on the way, where you can call a Grab to.

4. Walk in the Southern Ridges: My Experience

I have been cycling in Singapore, a few months ago I also tried to get to get to the Malaysian border by cycling.

Now it was time for some Singapore hiking.

I went all the way from the Marang Trail to Kent Ridge Park, and back.

Here are a few photos from my late afternoon walk.

Stairs - Hiking in Singapore

A view of Singapore

A person running in the park

You can walk around it, if you are tired of stairs.

But you can walk also through the Terrace Gardens.

They are on the way to the Hortpark.

Flower garden - Terrace gardens in Singapore
Flower garden – Terrace Gardens in Singapore

Park in Singapore

Walking in Singapore

Metal bridge in Singapore

Pedestrian bridge in Singapore

Trees in a park in Singapore

Beautiful buildings in Singapore

5. Where to Stay in Singapore

VALUE FOR MONEY – CapsulePod@Aljunied

Capsulepod hotel in Singapore
A room at CapsulePod@Aljunied

A very nice hostel a few stops away from the city center.

The hostel is situated right next to the metro station – Aljunied. There are several restaurants and shops only a short walk away. It’s not the cheapest hostel, but it’s the best I have stayed at in Singapore. There are only a few rooms, meaning that it doesn’t get crowded. The breakfast is better than in cheaper alternatives.

The beds are very comfy, clean. A/C is on all day long.

There are medium size lockers for your stuff, and you can do your laundry for free.

The breakfast is included in the price.

A single bed starts at 30 SGD. Check prices and availability.

A double bed starts at 50 SGD. Check prices and availability.

Have you been to Singapore? Have you done some hiking in Singapore? Did you go to the Henderson Waves?

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