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Fun Things to Do in Singapore

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    What are the best fun things to do in Singapore?

    Singapore is a tiny island city-state located south of Peninsular Malaysia. It is known for its cutting edge architecture, diversity and multi-cultural atmosphere. Despite its modern facade, Singapore has a rich culture and long history that dates back hundreds of years. It is one of the world’s largest business hubs and very popular tourist destination. We’ve been to Singapore a few times, and we have fallen in love with it. 

    Below are 9 great things to do in Singapore. 

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    Fun Things to Do in Singapore

    What are the options? What activities and tours in Singapore you must not miss?

    Check out some of the best fun things to do in Singapore.

    1. Universal Studios Singapore in Sentosa (click for more details)

    Universal Studios Singapore
    Photo by jackson tee from Pexels

    Visit one of the iconic six Universal Studios theme parks in the world.

    Overall, one of the very best fun things to do in Singapore.

    No trip to Singapore is complete without visiting the famous Sentosa Island and its iconic attractions. Sentosa is an island resort off Singapore’s southern coast. It is home to resorts and theme parks, as well as the best beaches in Singapore. One of the main attractions of this tiny island is Universal Studios, a theme park consisting of 7 themed zones and 24 amazing attractions. Book tickets now to avoid queues later! You can choose from a number of ticket types.

    This theme park is perfect for families, thrill-seekers and movie enthusiasts.

    Pick-up/transportation is not included in the ticket price.

    DURATION: whole day


    • Visiting one of the top visited amusement parks in the world
    • Enjoying iconic Universal Studios attractions
    • Enjoying thrilling rides
    • Watching award-winning stage shows based on TV shows and movies 
    See on (book online)

    2. Pulau Ubin Island Bike Tour (click for more details)

    Cycling in Singapore
    Photo by Dó Castle from Pexels

    A wonderful chance to explore rustic Singapore.

    Pulau Ubin is a small island situated in the north east of the main island of Singapore. It is one of the last remaining rural areas of the country. The island is known for its lush and rich natural flora and fauna. This is your chance to explore the last place in Singapore free from urban development. 

    Join the tour linked above, and you’ll visit Chek Jawa, a mangrove forest, and learn more about mangrove ecosystem. You will explore the island’s serene bike paths and marvel at the beautiful coastline. And you will also visit the Puaka hill.

    A return ferry ticket and bicycle rental is included in the price.

    DURATION: 4.5 hours


    • Enjoying the tranquility of Pulau Ubin
    • Visiting the mangrove forest
    • Cycling through last remaining rural areas of Singapore
    See on (book online)

    3. Bungy Jump / Tandem Bungy (click for more details)

    Bungee jumping in Singapore
    Bungee jumping / Photo by Carlos Ruiz from Pexels

    Bungee jumping in Singapore? Yes.

    Yes, you can go bungee jumping in Singapore. The platform isn’t too high. It’s 47 meters / 154ft. But it’s more than enough for your first jump. Tandem jump is also possible. Are you ready? If yes, then head to Sentosa Island. You can also walk to Sentosa.


    • Jumping from 47 meters / 154ft
    • Getting yourself a great new selfie
    See on (book online)

    4. Mangrove Kayaking in Singapore (click for more details)

    Mangrove tour in Kilim Geoforest Park, Langkawi

    Escape the city and head for the mangroves, in a kayak.

    It’s a guided tour, and it’s happening around the Palau Ubin, the last place in Singapore free from urban development. Sighting of an otter family or pink dolphin pod is possible on this trip. You can book the tour online.


    • Kayaking in mangroves
    • Enjoying the tranquility of Pulau Ubin
    • Wildlife spotting
    See on (book online)

    5. Giant Swing at Skypark, Sentosa (click for more details)

    Person getting ready for climbing
    Getting ready for a jump / Photo by DiEGO MüLLER

    The perfect activity for adrenaline junkies.

    You can go alone or race with your friends on double swing.

    Just click the above link to learn more.


    • Flying with speed up to 120 km (75 miles)/h 
    • Racing with a friend on double swing
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    6. Night Safari Singapore (click for more details)

    A large cat at a zoo
    Photo by Ludwig Kwan from Pexels

    Visit the world’s first nocturnal zoo.

    Along with the Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park and River Wonders, Singapore Night Safari forms the Mandai Wildlife Reserve. While all of these attractions are worth a visit, Singapore Night Safari stands out due to its uniqueness. Being the world’s first nocturnal zoo, it definitely should be on your must-see list.

    The Night Safari showcases 7 geographical zones and houses over 2000 animals from over 100 species. A large part of them are endangered.

    Visitors can explore the park on an open-sided tram.

    DURATION: 3 hours


    • Having a chance to visit the world’s first nocturnal zoo
    • Seeing endangered animals
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    7. S.E.A. Aquarium™ Singapore (click for more details)

    Shark in an Aquarium
    Photo by Valdemaras D. from Pexels

    Visit one of the largest aquariums in the world.

    S.E.A. Aquarium (South East Asia Aquarium) undoubtedly is one of the best fun things to do in Singapore. Featuring 10 zones with 49 habitats, it is home to more than 100,000 marine animals of over 800 species. In addition to that, S.E.A. Aquarium houses the world’s largest collection of manta rays. The centrepiece of the aquarium is the Open Ocean Tank where about a half of the aquarium’s animals live. The unique viewing panel gives you the feeling of being on the ocean floor.

    Transportation is not included in the ticket price.

    DURATION: 3 hours


    • Visiting one of the largest and best aquariums in the world
    • Watching the animals from the unique viewing platform
    • Seeing manta rays and whale sharks up close
    See on (book online)

    Cultural Experiences in Singapore

    8. Homebrew Experience and Beer Appreciation Course (click for more details)

    Small glasses of beer
    Photo by Amanda Klamrowski

    Learn how to make beer and cider at home.

    Are you tired of “standard” tourist attractions? Are you looking for something different? Try a homebrewing workshop! At Brewcat, knowledgeable brew masters will give you an insight into homebrewing and teach you how to make your own beer and cider at home.

    DURATION: 3 hours


    • Learning how to brew your own beer
    • Beer tasting
    • Making your own batch of homebrew beer
    See on (book online)

    9. Private Food Tour – Multiple Tastings with Locals (click for more details)

    A Bowl of Soup, Singapore

    Eat your way around Singapore!

    Singapore is well-known for its food scene.

    To get a glimpse of the local food culture, you can join a guided tour! An experienced local foodie guide will show you some of the best spots in Singapore for delicious food, and introduce you to the diverse Singaporean cuisine. On top of that, you’ll learn more about traditions and history of this amazing country!

    DURATION: 3 hours


    • Learning more about culture and history from a knowledgeable guide
    • Trying out different food – from savory dishes to sweet treats
    • Trying famous local drinks (such as milk tea)
    See on (book online)
    Singapore Changi Airport
    Singapore Changi Airport

    Singapore Travel Tips

    Singapore is an island city-state located south of Peninsular Malaysia. It is one of the world’s largest business hubs and very popular tourist destination. Singapore boasts a multi-cultural atmosphere, great nightlife, cutting edge architecture, wonderful historical landmarks and a plethora of fun activities.

    We’ve been to Singapore a few times, and we really love the country.

    Here are some of the things we have learned about Singapore.

    Some of our best Singapore tips.

    1. Use public transport. Public transport is a great choice when travelling around Singapore. It’s efficient, inexpensive and stretches across the entire country. MRT (Mass Rapid Transit or subway) is the best option. There’s also an extensive bus network.
    2. Try Singaporean street food. No trip to Singapore is complete without trying local street food! For the best experience, head to food courts and small eateries that cater to the locals. Singapore is also known for its cheap Michelin restaurants where a meal costs less than 10 USD!
    3. Explore Singapore’s many neighborhoods. Singapore is a very diverse country/city. Head to Little India for a taste and feel of India. Try Chinese dishes and snacks, and visit a Buddhist temple in Chinatown. Enjoy the eye-catching street art, dine at hip cafes and shop at the small boutiques of Arab Street. Visit Joo Chiat to see the well-preserved Peranakan heritage.
    4. Know the rules to avoid fines! Singapore has been nicknamed the “Fine City”. It has a double meaning, and you don’t want to get it wrong, trust me! No spitting, no eating and drinking on a subway, no chewing gum, no feeding birds, no littering, no durian on hotel premises, and many more. Failure to comply with the laws could result in significant fines!
    5. Leave your tobacco products at home. Keep in mind, that you can bring in only one already-opened pack of cigarettes. To bring in more cigarettes, you’ll have to pay taxes. Keep in mind that e-cigarettes are banned in Singapore.
    6. Don’t buy bottled water. The tap water is absolutely safe to drink in Singapore.
    7. Singapore is very safe. It is one of the best destinations for solo travelers in Southeast Asia, especially for solo female travelers.
    8. Singapore is not cheap, but it’s not crazy expensive either. Yes, it’s way more expensive than the neighboring Malaysia, but it won’t be crazy expensive if you plan and budget accordingly. Stay at a budget hotel, hostel or guesthouse. Eat at local eateries and hawker centres. Use public transport. Singapore boasts plenty of free activities and sights. Go to Singapore, you won’t be disappointed. 

    Have you visited Singapore? What did you do? Did you do any Singapore day tour or day trip from Singapore? Which, in your opinion, are the best fun things to do in Singapore?

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