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I though, I would rent a bicycle in Singapore.

Go for a ride. And this (the photo above) would be all I see.

Nope, cycling in Singapore doesn’t look like that at all. Because Singapore isn’t just the Central Business District. There are parts of Singapore where you don’t see any buildings at all. In these places there are no shops, let alone skyscrapers or high-rise apartment buildings. There is nothing at all in some places, just fields.

So my advice to you – if you want to see a different Singapore, rent a bicycle and go for a ride.

Just like I did a few months ago.

Where to Rent a Bicycle in Singapore?

I chose The Bicycle Hut.

I saw they have very good reviews, and so I chose them. I’m satisfied with my choice. My bicycle was in great condition. And I also got a helmet for free.

For a full day I paid 65 SGD.

That seems expensive. In 2013 I bought the cheapest bicycle I could find – it was new, and it cost me around 100 SGD. With that bicycle I cycled more than 3000 miles / 5000 kilometers all the way across India and Malaysia.

But that’s just how it is. That’s how much rental bicycles cost in Singapore.

Initially I was planning to use one of Singapore’s bicycle sharing apps.

I hadn’t been thinking of renting a bicycle from a shop.

Turned out that it isn’t an option anymore. Most of the services aren’t operating anymore.

And there are hardly any bicycles left on the streets.

Bicycle on the ground

Most of them are literary on the street.

Lying on the ground.

Bicycles on the ground

Cycling in Singapore: My Experience

I took a bicycle from The Bicycle Hut.

That’s next to the Central Business District of Singapore. And I cycle almost  all the way across the country, aiming for the Singapore – Malaysia border.

I didn’t have any plan or fixed route.

I just decided at what time I want to be back, and acted accordingly.

When it was time I turned around and cycled back.

Here are a few photos from my cycling trip in Singapore:

Cycling in Singapore

Kaspars cycling in Singapore

Nice pathway in Singapore

Outskirts of Singapore

Apartment buildings in Singapore

High rise buildings in Singapore

Bicycle path in Singapore

Bus stop on the outskirts of Singapore

Chinese Cemetery sign

Cycling inside the Chinese Cemetery in Singapore

Cycling along a water reservour in Singapore

While Singapore is a small place, it isn’t tiny.

Not if you’re on a bicycle.

Would I do it again? Definitely. Now I know how Christian, Muslim and Chinese Cemeteries of Singapore look like, haha. It was an eye opening experience to see a very different Singapore. I have been in Singapore a lot, but always just in the central part of the city.

This was a totally different experience.

Singapore Bike Tours

Cycling in the park in Singapore

If you don’t want to go on your own, join a tour.

There are several cycling tours in Singapore to choose from.

But take into account, that in this case most likely you’ll see the top tourist sights of Singapore. From a slightly different angle, but still the same places most of tourists are visiting.

Price-wise you’ll likely pay about the same as if would only rent a bicycle.

So, price-wise it’s a good deal.

Have you been in Singapore? Have you tried cycling in Singapore? Did you rent a bicycle in Singapore or join a tour? What was your experience?

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