Best Hiking Shirts For Hot Weather 2021

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Looking for the best hiking shirt for hot weather hike or workout?

Long sleeves are great. They protect you from the sun. But what to look for when choosing the best long sleeve hiking shirt for your next trip? The answer is easy. Fabric. The fabrics that are made for sun protection garments have a UPF score that is similar to SPF score for sunscreens. The main difference is that fabric not only protects you against UVB rays which cause skin cancer, but also saves from UVA rays that come in greater dosage compared to UVB and cause photoaging.

Here is a list of some of the best hiking shirts for hot weather.

Best Long Sleeve Hiking Shirt For Men – Our Favorite

Don’t ever have sunburned shoulders from another hiking trip.

Check out these cool to sophisticated looking thin long sleeve shirts for summer!

1. BALEAF Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt (click for more details)

A long sleeve hiking shirt for men with great price-performance balance.

Overall the best long sleeve shirt for men, our favorite.

This lightweight long sleeve shirt for summer checks all the boxes to look for in a long sleeve hiking shirt. The polyester fabric lets the moisture out, dries quickly and has good breathability. It is designed to avoid any chafing – flatlock seams, no tag collar and not too tight. Machine washable (cold wash; no softener). The 4 way stretch makes it flexible and supports any exercise or outdoor activity movements.

Want to feel comfortable under the hot summer sun? You have an option.

MATERIAL: 100% Polyester


Best Long Sleeve Hiking Shirt For Women – Our Favorite

2. BALEAF Women’s Long Sleeve (click for more details)

A soft ladies long sleeve shirt for summer outdoor activities.

Overall the best long sleeve hiking shirt for women, our favorite.

Skin friendly design – breathable and machine washable nylon fabric that wicks moisture away and dries quickly. Crew-neck with no-tag collar and flatlock seams make it extra comfortable. Not too tight. Quite stretchy to offer the movement freedom under the hot summer sun. Great for exercise, hiking or any other outdoor activities. And it’s also possible to wear these kind of ladies long sleeve shirts as an undershirt when the temperature cools down.

Forget about sunscreen, the long sleeve shirts for sun protection provide all the coverage needed.

MATERIAL: 100% Polyester


The best long sleeve shirts for men and women are selected by taking in consideration their material, breathability, comfort, additional functionality and overall look. Either you are hiking in the woods, yachting in the Caribbean, backpacking Southeast Asia or doing chores at your backyard garden —  all of them will protect your skin from the sun rays and feel good on your body.

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Best Hiking Shirts For Hot Weather (for Hiking, Outdoors, Work Outside and Travel)

What are the other options? And which one to choose?

Here are a few more great hot weather hiking shirts for men.

3. Hanes Men’s Long Sleeve Cool Dri T-Shirt (click for more details)

A simple thin long sleeve shirt for summer that offers great sun protection.

This long sleeve shirt for hot weather has a clean look. No prints or branding if that’s what you are looking for. Also, the narrow ribbed collar adds a neat finish to the look. The polyester material offers moisture wicking and dries quickly. Comfortable on skin – not too tight and breathable. Machine washable.

A great choice for a minimalistic looking sun protective breathable shirt.

MATERIAL: 100% Polyester


4. Columbia Men’s Bahama II (click for more details)

Arguably the best buttoned long sleeve shirt for hot weather.

Nylon material makes it super durable and therefore it will last forever. Also, it is breathable and hidden vents at shoulders make it even more comfortable. The chest pockets may become super handy on the go. Imagine, being on a fishing trip and having your favorite lures in your pockets or being on a waterfall hike and having no reason to worry about water splashes because the fabric also dries fast.

It may be a bit pricier, but the neat look of this buttoned long sleeve shirt for men won’t let you down even at the end of a day when you want nothing more than having a cold drink at a beach club. 

MATERIAL: 100% Nylon


5. Willit Men’s Sun Protection Hoodie (click for more details)

A long sleeve shirt for summer sun protection with great coverage.

Have you ever experienced sunburned skin on ears or the back of the neck? If so, you won’t question the need for a hoodie. And the thumb holes will make sure that the sleeves stay in place and your hands have the maximum coverage. The machine washable material wicks moisture like sweat away and dries quickly to make sure that you stay dry even in hot weather.

Soft fabric feel, flat lock seams and no tag collar makes this lightweight long sleeve shirt for summer comfy.

MATERIAL: 100% Polyester


6. Merino Wool Base Layer (click for more details)

An ultra lightweight Merino wool base layer.

A long sleeve wool shirt for summer? I kid you not. Natural material brings it to the next comfort level when it comes to touch. Forget about itching! It’s very fine, very lightweight and highly technical (great with moisture, dries fast, keeps the smells away). Another good part of it being made out of wool is that it helps to regulate the body temperature.

Although it is machine washable (delicate cycle advised), it won’t wear off as quickly when hand washed. On the pricier side, but comes with a lifetime warranty.

MATERIAL: Superfine 17.5 Micron Merino Wool


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Finding the Best Long Sleeve Shirt For Hot Weather

How to find the best long sleeve shirt for your needs?

Let’s make this super simple.

Generally speaking it’s mostly about these 4 simple things.

1. Coverage

Long sleeve summer shirt’s main purpose is to protect you from the sun.

Not only having long sleeves matters. Some fabrics offer UPF 50+ sun protection, while others provide a lighter shield. UPF protects from the sun rays’ negative effect on the skin. Also, wearing fabric to cover up prevents excessive sweating and helps to control the body temperature better.

If you plan to spend long hours under harsh sun rays, you may also want to think of additional solutions to protect your head and palms too.

2. Material

Polyester, nylon and micro wool are the most convenient choices.

Most of the best long sleeve shirts for hot weather are made of these materials.

For a shirt that will be worn in hot weather you may want to look for breathable and light fabric. Also, it may make a big difference if the fabric has moisture wicking and quick-dry properties. This will let you stay as dry as possible even in sweaty circumstances. Our list of the best hiking shirts for hot weather contains garments of both – natural and synthetic fabrics.

3. Design

You don’t need to look shabby to protect your skin.

Many warm weather long sleeve shirts both look great and are extra functional.

There are plenty of different choices to have a lightweight long sleeve shirt for summer that has a look that you desire. Either it’s simple and clean or presentable and buttoned, it should suit your needs. But let’s keep an eye on the functional features like thumb holes, chest pockets etc. as well. Some long sleeve shirts not only provide great sun protection, but also comfort like the flatlock seams that avoid scratching against the skin.

4. Care

Let’s talk about sweat. Yuk!

We all sweat when being active under the sun, but nobody wants to walk around stinky. Machine washable fabric seems like the perfect choice. But it won’t make sense when being on a week long mountain hike without access to a washing machine.

One of the solutions could be wool fabric because of its moisture wicking and odor resistant properties. On the other hand, synthetic fabrics that keep moisture away can save a day too. And don’t forget to pack a biodegradable soap for camping.

Besides avoiding skin rash, another reason why most of the best long sleeve hiking shirts are a little loose is because it allows extra breeze that keeps the humidity near the skin low. So, don’t go for a smaller size than necessary. The long sleeve shirts for summer sun protection are meant to hang on your shoulders a bit.

Having long walks with exposed skin under direct sun rays in tropical weather shouldn’t be a considerable option. If you own a summer shirt like theses ones in the list you are good to go.

What is your experience with hot weather hiking? What are the things you pay attention to the most? Is there something all the best hiking shirts for hot weather you have tried so far have in common? Find it, and you’ll always make great decisions!

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