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What is the best Merino wool t-shirt for hiking?

100% Merino vs Merino blend, what is the best for you?

Let’s get this right, it’s very much about you and your expectations. You have to make up your mind and decide, what is that that you are looking for. Do you simply need a nice and comfortable t-shirt or are you after something more than that? Are these short day hikes and walks in the park you are going to use it for or multi-day adventures?

Scroll down to narrow down the choice.

Best Merino Wool T-Shirt For Hiking

What are the options? And which one to choose?

Which are the best Merino wool t-shirts right now?

1. Minus33 Merino Wool T-Shirt, 150GSM (click for more details)

Extra comfortable Merino wool blend t-shirt.

Overall the best Merino wool t-shirt, our favorite.

While Merino wool is a great natural material with a whole list of amazing features, it still has its limitations. Thus, when it comes to high performance, blends are often better than 100% Merino wool clothing. Made of 84% 17.5 micron Merino wool, 12% Nylon and 4% Spandex, this Merino shirt is a proof of that. It’s even more comfortable, it fits better and offers overall better performance in a long run.

The shirt extra light, naturally antibacterial and machine washable.

Just like all the best Merino wool shirts it’s also very fast drying.

MATERIAL: 84% 17.5 micron Merino wool, 12% nylon, 4% spandex; 150GSM

BEST FOR: everything from walking with a dog to multi-day hiking

2. Mens Merino Wool T-Shirt, 165GSM (click for more details)

Mens Merino wool base layer t-shirt designed for everyday wear.

It’s a short sleeve Merino wool t-shirt made of 100% organic Merino wool.

Made of superfine 17.5 micron Merino wool, the shirt is very soft, lightweight and breathable. It isn’t as elastic as some blends are, but at the same time it’s a 100% natural choice. If you care for the environment just as much as for the quality of your t-shirt, a 100% organic Merino shirt is one of the very best choices you can make. Another good option is blends with recycled materials.

One more thing to love about Merino wool shirts, is their odor resistance, moisture wicking features and natural UPF protection, allowing you to feel more fresh and dry every day.

MATERIAL: 100% organic 17.5 micron Merino wool; 165GSM

BEST FOR: everyday wear, short hikes

3. Woolly Clothing Men’s Merino Wool Crew Neck Shirt, 150GSM (click for more details)

Ultra-light mens Merino wool t-shirt for everyday and outdoors.

Made of 100% Merino wool, the shirt isn’t just more comfortable and technically better than many regular synthetics or cotton t-shirts, it’s also lighter and more pleasant to touch.  Apart from that, the choice of wool makes it also a more eco-friendly t-shirt, since Merino wool is 100% biodegradable material.

For the rest part, this shirt offers all the same great qualities like most of Merino products – high breathability, great moisture management, odor resistance and ease of use and care.

It’s a 4-season comfort (feeling warm in winter, cool – in summer).

MATERIAL: 100% Merino wool; 150GSM

BEST FOR: everyday wear, short hikes

4. Minus33 Short Sleeve Shirt, 170GSM (click for more details)

A lightweight, 1/4 zip short sleeve shirt for hiking and sports.

One of the best multi-purpose Merino wool undershirts.

The shirt features a 1/4 zipper, and for some it will make a huge difference. Zip it down to cool down, or zip it up to get that extra warmth on your early morning or late evening hike. Unlike what you have with a regular Merino wool v neck t-shirt, with this shirt you are always even more prepared. You can wear it on its own or like a base layer under a fleece.

All the natural capabilities of quality Merino wool, the fabric and the shirts Jersey knit construction, all of that makes it a great choice both for hot and cold weather. Thanks to the flatlock seams, it’s suitable for any skin.

MATERIAL: 100% 17.5 micron Merino wool; 170GSM

BEST FOR: 4-season hiking, running, jogging, cycling

5. Icebreaker Merino Men’s Spector Short Sleeve T-Shirt (click for more details)

An everyday Merino wool blend t-shirt.

It’s a high quality multi-purpose everyday shirt.

Made of 90% Merino wool and 10% nylon, the Icebreakers Merino wool t-shirt light, soft and comfortable. Thanks to Merino wool, it’s also naturally antibacterial, and will not smell even when worn for prolonged period of time. Wear it out in the woods and on the trail, when going for a walk with your dog or to the shopping mall, you’ll feel good everywhere.

MATERIAL: 90% Merino wool, 10% nylon

BEST FOR: everyday wear, short hikes

6. Icebreaker Merino Men’s Everyday Shirt (click for more details)

An athletic fit comfortable mens Merino wool shirt.

All in all, it’s the same great qualities once again. The qualities all the best Merino shirts share. Only this time in a slim fit design. Natural breathability, great moisture management that helps you to stay dry and cool, odor resistance and ease of use and care. All of what makes this material this good for everything outdoors. The shirt is made of 100% Merino wool — no blends, no shortcuts.

Wear it on its own or as a next-to-skin base layer.

MATERIAL: 100% Merino wool

BEST FOR: everyday wear, short hikes, outdoor activities

A person holding a soap bar

How to Wash Merino Wool Shirt?

How to wash Merino wool t-shirt?

Unless otherwise mentioned, most of Merino wool shirts are machine washable, but there are a few things to take into account. Follow these simple steps, and your Merino clothing will last longer.

  • Turn your shirt inside out;
  • Use gentle cycle or wool wash/delicates option;
  • Use warm or cool water (up to 30 degrees);
  • Don’t use bleach or fabric softeners, to avoid risking on losing Merino’s natural moisture management features.

How to Choose a Merino Shirt?

How to find the best Merino wool t-shirt for your needs?

Let’s make this super simple.

Generally speaking, mostly it’s about these 4 simple things.

1. Style

This is up to your preference.

Choose what you like the best.

2. Density of the Fabric

When it comes to Merino wool clothing, there are only a few key characteristics.

One of the most important is the density of the fabric. The GSM number. Be it mens Merino wool clothing or women’s, it doesn’t matter, you see GSM everywhere. To put it simply, the higher this number the denser the fabric. So, if you are wondering is Merino wool warm or not, the answer is — it depends.

If the GSM is 200 or 220, yes, it’s gonna be a very warm shirt.

You shouldn’t expect the same warmth from an ultra-light 150GSM shirt.

3. 100% Merino Wool or Blend?

Feature-wise, high quality blends are significantly better than pure wool.

And when it comes to high performance, blends are often better than 100% Merino wool clothing. At the same time, it doesn’t mean than pure wool is bad. It isn’t. If you are an average person, going on short hikes once in a while, chances are that you’ll be totally fine with most of 100% Merino wool shirts for hiking. For top performance — choose a blend.

Merino wool shirts for hiking

4. Brand

And accordingly your budget. Decide upon your budget.

And choose the best Merino t-shirt that fits into it.

What is your experience with hiking t-shirts? Have you tried Merino wool t-shirts? What’s the best Merino wool t-shirt you have tried?

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