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What to Wear Hiking in Hot Weather?

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    What to wear hiking in hot weather?

    What to wear hiking on a hot day? What to wear hiking in summer? With so many options out there, you may feel confused as to what clothes to choose for hiking in the hot summer months. That’s why we are here to help you. We have made a list of the best clothing for hiking in summer and we have grouped it into categories, listed below. Check them out and find your new favourite summer hiking clothes!

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    What to Wear Hiking in Hot Weather?

    Here is a list of some of the best hot weather hiking clothing.

    Everything from hiking socks to lightweight hiking pants. For availability, more photos, latest price and user reviews check them out on Amazon. Just click on the name or image of the particular item.

    Best Hiking Clothes for Hot Weather (Woman, Man)

    1. Best Hot Weather Hiking Pants for Men

    Columbia Silver Ridge Tall Cargo Pant (click for more details)

    Best hiking pants for hot weather that checks all the boxes.

    Overall the best men’s hiking pants for hot weather, our favorite.

    Extensive set of pockets – two in front, two in back, two large cargo pockets and a zippered security pocket. Button closure. Perfect fit around the waist – elastic inserts at waistband and adjustable belt. Articulated knees give extra movement comfort. Great sun protection. Sweat wicking, breathable and machine washable fabric.

    Classic cut gives the universal look that is suitable for any occasion. Either hiking or dealing with some business under the hot summer sun, in these nylon hiking pants you will look great.

    MATERIAL: 100% Nylon


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    2. Best Women’s Hiking Pants For Hot Weather

    Eddie Bauer Women’s Guide Pro Pants (click for more details)

    Best packable lightweight pants for hot weather for women.

    Overall the best women’s hiking pants for hot weather, our favorite.

    Useful pocket set – two front pockets and two zippered cargo pockets. Zipper closure. Spandex adds some stretch to the fabric which also has a water repellent finish. This means that sweat and other liquids are spread in a wide area and don’t leave wet spots. Machine washing (cold; delicate) and tumble dry on low suggested. Great mid-rise waist and moderately curvy cut at hips.

    These pants are made following sustainable textile production principles which is not worthless when thinking about the planet. If you prefer convertible hiking pants, check out this article.

    MATERIAL: 96% Nylon, 4% Spandex


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    3. Best Hiking Shirts For Hot Weather (for Men)

    BALEAF Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt (click for more details)

    A long sleeve hiking shirt for men with great price-performance balance.

    Overall the best long sleeve shirt for men, our favorite.

    This lightweight long sleeve shirt for summer checks all the boxes to look for in a long sleeve hiking shirt. The polyester fabric lets the moisture out, dries quickly and has good breathability. It is designed to avoid any chafing – flatlock seams, no tag collar and not too tight. Machine washable (cold wash; no softener). The 4 way stretch makes it flexible and supports any exercise or outdoor activity movements.

    Want to feel comfortable under the hot summer sun? You have an option.

    MATERIAL: 100% Polyester


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    4. Best Women’s Hiking Shirts For Hot Weather

    BALEAF Women’s Long Sleeve (click for more details)

    A soft ladies long sleeve shirt for summer outdoor activities.

    Overall the best long sleeve hiking shirt for women, our favorite.

    Skin friendly design – breathable and machine washable nylon fabric that wicks moisture away and dries quickly. Crew-neck with no-tag collar and flatlock seams make it extra comfortable. Not too tight. Quite stretchy to offer the movement freedom under the hot summer sun. Great for exercise, hiking or any other outdoor activities. And it’s also possible to wear these kind of ladies long sleeve shirts as an undershirt when the temperature cools down.

    Forget about sunscreen, this long sleeve provides all the coverage needed.

    MATERIAL: 100% Polyester


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    5. Best Leggings For Hiking in Summer

    Eddie Bauer Women’s Trail High Rise Leggings

    High quality, durable hiking leggings for women.

    One of the best leggings for hiking, our favorite.

    Made of FreeDry polyester and spandex mix, the Eddie Bauer leggings for hiking are soft and durable. They feature high waist for better tummy control and intelligently designed pockets with zippers. Thanks to the special Movement fabric, the leggings won’t slide down, and the waistband won’t roll down either.

    The leggings are moisture-wicking, anti-odour, and offer sun protection (UPF 50+). Just like you would expect of one of the best leggings for hot weather.

    SIZES: XS – 3XL

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    6. Best Hiking Socks for Summer (for Men)

    Smartwool PhD Outdoor Men’s Light Mini Socks (click for more details)

    One of the very best hiking socks for summer.

    Overall, the best hiking socks for men, our favorite.

    These socks have a performance oriented fit with a light cushion at the bottom of the feet and a flex zone at the ankle joint. The mapped mesh panels offer extra breathability. And there are also reinforced high wear areas. The virtually seamless toe makes them blister free. Made of Merino wool blend, the socks are moisture wicking, soft and odor neutralizing.

    MATERIAL: 57% Merino Wool, 40% Nylon, 3% Elastane

    BEST FOR: Outdoor sports, climbing, trekking, mountaineering

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    7. Best Hiking Socks for Summer (for Women)

    Balega Blister Resist No Show Socks (click for more details)

    Mohair wool hiking socks with high volume cushioning.

    Overall, best women’s hiking socks, our favorite.

    These socks are top performers for high intensity physical activities. They have wide arch bands for support, reinforced microfiber mesh ventilation panels to keep the feet dry, and extra deep heel pockets. The toes are hand linked for seamless finish that prevents blisters. Mohair and wool make them adaptable to all kinds of weather.

    MATERIAL: 52% Drynamix Polyester 14% Mohair, 14% Wool, 7% Acrylic, 5% Nylon, 3% Microfibre, 3% Neofil, 2% Elastane

    BEST FOR: Long hikes, trail running

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    8. Best Hiking Hat for Summer (for Men)

    GearTOP Navigator Series UPF 50+ Sun Hat (click for more details)

    The ultimate hiking hat to prevent overheating, UVA/UVB protection.

    Overall the best hiking hat for hot weather, our favorite.

    Made out of breathable, lightweight and quick-drying 100% polyester fabric. It has breathable mesh panels on sides that have a cooling effect. This hiking sun hat is suitable for a 22-23.5″ size head and is adjustable with a drawcord at the back. It also has a drawstring that is adjustable under the chin — great for a windy day.

    The 3.7″ brim is wide enough to offer great face and neck sun protection. The brim can be folded up at the sides and secured with snaps. You can easily pack this unisex hat in a backpack or a suitcase.

    BEST FOR: hiking, fishing, kayaking, hunting, gardening, camping


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    9. Best Hiking Hat for Summer (for Women)

    Columbia Unisex Bora Bora Booney (click for more details)

    A high quality sun hat for women with a super wide cooling vent.

    Overall the best hiking hat for women, our favorite.

    The breathing mesh panel goes almost all the way around the hat. The hat features adjustable toggle at the back and adjustable chin strap. Its quality fabric and careful stitch work makes it very durable. The headband is made of ultra-sweat-wicking fabric that dries quickly and won’t let any sweat drops drip on your forehead.

    You can team up your whole family with this elegant looking unisex hat.

    BEST FOR: any outdoor activities, especially, fishing


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    10. Best Neck Gaiter For Hot Weather

    Achiou Lightweight Neck Gaiter (click for more details)

    A cheap, lightweight and multi-purpose neck gaiter.

    Overall the best neck gaiter for hot weather, our favorite.

    Made of soft and 4-way stretch fabric. Light weight and breathability make it a great hiking / running neck gaiter. It has a pull on closure and you can wear it as a face scarf, mask, scarf gaiter, headband, ear warmer or hiking beanie. It is 9.4″ wide and 15.3″ long — a little narrower than alternative neck gaiters therefore it is less likely that it will fall down when you are talking, running or doing any physical activities.

    Protects you against dust, sand, wind and UV light (UPF 50+).

    BEST FOR: Hiking, camping, fishing, cycling, motorcycling, hunting, yoga, travel, and other outdoor activities and sports

    MATERIAL: 88% Chinlon, 10% spandex, 2% nylon

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    Sitting wearing KÜHL ENGINEERED Men’s Hoody
    Wearing KÜHL ENGINEERED Men’s Hoody

    Tips for Choosing the Right Clothes for Hiking in Summer

    Because having the right gear can make the day a lot better! 

    It can be hot. It can be humid. You sweat more. And most likely, it is going to be sunny during a summer hike. How to prepare for that? What to wear hiking in hot weather, so that you don’t feel too hot throughout the day? What should you know when buying hiking clothes for hot weather? How to make your adventure better?

    Here are our tips on shopping for hot weather hiking clothes.

    1. Fit and Color

    Your best bet would be loose-fitting and light-colored clothes.

    Why color matters? Light-colored (tan, white, khaki, grey, light blue, etc.) clothes are the best for summer hikes. Light colors reflect light, whereas dark clothing absorbs it and makes you feel even more hot. Meaning – dark clothing won’t cool you off. Quite the opposite – you’ll feel hot. This one is easy.

    2. Lightweight Breathability

    For summer hikes, always choose breathable and lightweight clothes.

    Lightweight and breathable hiking clothes are the best for hiking in summer. They will help your body regulate temperature and make you feel comfortable during both short and long hikes. Special hiking clothing is designed for that.

    In most cases, lightweight and breathable fabric is made of synthetic fibers. These fibers offer good ventilation and light weight while maintaining durability and strength. Natural fibers, (e.g., cotton), on the other hand, are less lightweight, less breathable, less durable, and less flexible. That’s why synthetic fibers are a better choice for sports and outdoor clothing. Another great option — fabrics made of both natural and man-made fibers.

    3. Vents and Ventilation

    Look for hiking clothes that offer ventilation.

    Why ventilation is important? The reason is simple. The vents let in the air, your body cools off, and you sweat less. Together with the breathable material, vents improve airflow and provide you with comfort.

    How do you know that hiking clothing has vents? Look for little, strategically placed ventilation holes, mesh panels or ventilation zippers. If you are looking for a new hiking jacket, look if it has ventilation zippers in the armpit. If you are looking for a new pair of hiking pants, see if there are mesh vents and zippers at the ankle. 

    All of this is needed so the air can circulate around your body.

    4. The Right Material

    What is the best material for hot weather hiking?

    Cotton is soft, breathable, and absorbs sweat. However, it’s not very lightweight, especially when it’s wet. If you want lightweight clothing for hot weather, nylon and polyester are better choices. They are durable, water repellent, and won’t absorb a splash of water or strain right on the spot, but will distribute the moisture in a larger area. This means that neither sweat nor light rain will leave marks on your pants and shirt. If your clothes get wet, it takes very little for them to dry when compared to jeans for example.

    Also, find out if the material is stretchy. If it is, it will add to your comfort. When buying new hiking clothes, always look for these components: lycra, spandex or elastane. Usually, it’s one of these components plus Nylon or Polyester. The higher the % of the elastic fiber, the stretchier the pants, shirt, jacket, socks, etc.

    Consider getting merino wool hiking clothing. It is known for its. temperature-resistant properties. This means that merino wool adjusts to you and the environment you are in. If the weather is hot, Merino keeps you cool. If it’s Arctic outside, it keeps you warm. It’s all possible due to its fully natural moisture management system and moisture wicking features. For the best performance, look for Merino blends. There are many that are technically better than clothing made of 100% Merino wool.

    Cycling at a nature park near Riga
    Hot weather hiking gear not only is useful for hiking in summer, but also for other outdoor activities.

    5. Sun Protection (UPF)

    Sun protection is extremely important when hiking in summer.

    When buying summer hiking clothing, choose clothes with UPF (ultraviolet protection factor). It’s a number which represents the sun protection score. Similarly to the SPF filter in sunscreens, clothing for hiking in hot weather with UPF 50+ offers great sun protection. 

    6. Water Resistance

    Resistance against rain water is another thing to consider.

    Water resistant clothing doesn’t mean reduced breathability. Nowadays, summer hiking clothing are smartly designed with outdoor enthusiasts in mind. Yes, your pants and jacket can be water resistant, but they can also feature ample ventilation. 

    You may choose a water resistant rain jacket for hot weather, but opt for quick drying pants instead of water resistant pants. The latter won’t be a good choice for summer walks, bicycle rides or any other similar type of adventures, where you move a lot.

    7. Material Durability and Abrasion Resistance

    Besides sun protection, fabrics may offer abrasion resistance.

    It may become handy when a hiking trail crosses a field of bushes. Abrasion resistant clothing won’t tear as easily, if you slip and fall, or brush against a rock.

    8. Moisture Wicking Properties

    Another important factor is ability to wick moisture.

    With such fabrics, you stay dry and feel more comfortable. 

    How does it work? Moisture-wicking fabric draws moisture (sweat, rain, etc.) to the outer surface of the fabric, where it dries quickly. This allows the fabric to stay light (not saturated with moisture) and dry for most of the time. Merino wool is one of the best moisture-wicking materials out there, and it’s often being used in combinations with man-made fabrics (often making it even better than 100% Merino wool clothing). 

    9. Coverage

    Cover yourself up!

    Make sure you wear long pants and a long sleeve shirt for hiking during daytime in summer. Long sleeves and pants combined with UPF protection, will protect your skin from the sun. Also do not forget about your head and neck. Both of them must be protected from the sun to avoid sunburn and heat stroke.

    That is why in this list we have included also accessories like hiking hats and neck gaiters. These small things are equally important.

    What is your experience with summer hiking clothing? What would you answer a question, what to wear hiking in hot weather?

    Featured photo by James Wheeler from Pexels

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