Beautiful sunset in Riga, Latvia

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When I checked the weather forecast, I couldn’t believe what I saw.

I didn’t believe it could be that warm in September in Riga.

Turned out that I was wrong. Last Wednesday it really felt like in summer in Riga. There was no cold wind or anything. It was a perfect summer day, but in autumn. And we enjoyed it to the fullest, cycling around and visiting a few new places in the city.

Apart from that there was a lot of work last week.

I didn’t take any day fully off of work.

I Love Cycling

At least for now. While it’s not too cold.

Bicycle next to river Daugava
My evening cycling spot – Daugava Promenade
A view of river Daugava in Riga
A view of river Daugava in Riga

I bought a bicycle some 10 days ago, and up until today I’ve been cycling every single day for at least 60 – 90 minutes a day. It’s my evening relaxation after work, and so far I’ve been really enjoying it. So I plan to continue doing so.

I enjoyed it also on the coldest day so far (also last week), when it was raining like crazy and I was the only person out there.

Here’s one selfie from the ride, haha.

Cycling in storm in Riga

Bicycle gives that extra freedom I really enjoy.

So, even though it’s been a busy week work-wise, it hasn’t been a week fully spent in front of the computer. And I have also finished reading two books – Not Without My Daughter (about one woman’s escape from Iran; loved it) and Ar stopiem apkārt pasaulei. Ziemeļamerikas kokteilis (about some adventurous Latvians; reminded me of our very first long term travel experience in Asia).

Here are some photos from the last week, the week when we had both super warm summer and cold autumn.

Kundzinsala Island, Riga

A road in Kundzinsala, Riga

Gravel road in Kundzinsala, Riga

Red house in Kundzinsala

Old wooden house in Kundzinsala

Yellow house in Kundzinsala, Riga

Cycling in Kundzinsala, Riga
Cycling in Kundzinsala, Riga

Cycling in Kundzinsala, Riga

Fence to the port in Kundzinsala, Riga

A wooden building in Kundzinsala

Houses in Kundzinsala, Riga

Two storey building in Kundzinsala, Riga

Bolderaja Beach & Bolderaja Pier, Riga

Bolderaja beach

Bolderaja Beach, Riga

Entrance of an underground bunker
Entrance of an underground bunker – Bolderaja beach
Walking to Bolderaja pier, Riga
Walking to Bolderaja pier, Riga
Bolderaja pier
Bolderaja pier

Rough sea in Bolderaja

Do you recognise these places? Have you been to Kundzinsala? 

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