Kaspars on a bicycle

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Autumn isn’t the best time for cycling in Latvia.

But it’s a very good time to buy a bicycle. Because of the discounts.

And so the last week I bought a bicycle for myself. The one you see in the photo above. It’s very similar to what Una has. She bought a bicycle a few weeks earlier. And the reason, why we chose these exact bicycle is quite interesting. We started to think of this purchase about a month ago, and then our plans were totally different.

We were planning to buy city bikes.

Una standing near Latvian National Television headquarter
Una and her Merida Crossway 5

Why Merida Hybrid Bikes?

On the first day after self-quarantine we rented bicycles.

It’s super easy and cheap to rent a bicycle in Riga. And then, by accident, Una ended up riding the same bicycle she bought a few weeks later. We were planning to take the cheapest mountain bikes available, but since it was so last-minute there was only one left, and so Una had a different bike, which she instantly fell in love with.

I tried it too. It’s awesome. I realized it right away.

And so I bought the next model – Merida Crossway 10 (Una has 5).

The main reason – I find its handlebar much more comfortable.

The last time I bought a bicycle – it was the cheapest bicycle available – we went on a 5-month cycling trip across India.

Cycling on a road in India
Cycling in India is never boring

It was hard. It was interesting. It was life-changing. It changed everything.

Let’s see where these new bikes will take us. One of the things we like the most about them is that they are good on any surface. They are fast on tarmac, and you can easily ride them on gravel and cobblestone.

Here are a few photos from our last weekend’s cycling trips around the town.

Una walking in the forest
Ah, yes, and we also went mushroom picking last week
Kaspars lying on the beach with knife in hand
Lying on the beach. Posing with a knife. Because I didn’t take any photos in the forest, haha

Yachts in a port in Kipsala

A view of Vansu bridge
A view of Vansu bridge
A vintage car in Kipsala, Riga
A vintage car in Kipsala, Riga

Gates to private property

Wooden house in Kipsala, Riga

Old building in Kipsala, Riga
Kipsala, Riga

Cars standing on the road in Kipsala

Railroad bridge in Riga

Old boats on river Daugava
Zakusala (Hare Island)

Wild flowers in Riga

And old hangar in Zakusala, Riga
And old hangar in Zakusala, Riga

Colorful graffitis

A huge antenna

A tall building on Zakusala island

Riga TV tower and a cyclist
Riga TV tower

Riga TV tower from below

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