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There is a beautiful waterfall in Antalya.

It’s called Lower Duden waterfall, and it’s situated on the outskirts of the city. Since the waterfall is right on the coast and falls into the Mediterranean sea, it’s both a beautiful place to go on a walk to and also a very unique place to visit in Antalya. Yes, you can also go on a walk from Antalya old town all the way to this waterfall.

Lower Duden Waterfall: Basics

I have seen a fair share of waterfalls in countries like Norway, Thailand and Indonesia. But seeing a waterfall this big in the city, I was really surprised.


LOCATION: Lower Duden waterfall

There are two Duden waterfalls in Antalya region.

We are talking about Lower Duden waterfall. Upper Duden waterfall is also in the city, but it’s further away, it takes more time to get there and it isn’t open 24/7.

TIPS: Open 24/7. Because it’s a regular public park with no gates. There is a bike path going all the way to the waterfall, so you can also cycle there. If you fancy to have a picnic somewhere in the area, there are plenty of places to choose from. Just be prepared that it’s a popular place both among the locals and tourists.

How to Get to Lower Duden Waterfall?

Bike path to Duden Waterfall
Bike path to Duden Waterfall

It’s quite far away, but it’s still very easy accessible.

There is a bike path all the way to Duden Waterfall.

You can take a bus to the waterfall. There are also direct buses going all the way from the old to the waterfall, so you don’t even have to change a bus. The nearest bus stop is only a 5-minute walk away from the waterfall.

To find the right bus in Antalya, use Moovit app. At least in 2021, Google Maps isn’t showing public transportation in Antalya. Don’t forget to connect your Antalya card transport card with your HES code, if it’s still needed when you’re traveling — it takes less than 5 minutes, and you can do it online.

And you can also take a taxi to the falls.

Visiting Lower Duden Falls: Our Experience

In three words – it was awesome.

The place is pretty. It’s very easy to get there and to find it. And it’s a free public park, meaning that you don’t have to wait in line or to buy a ticket. Apart from that, you don’t have to go to one specific place to look at the waterfall. Anywhere to the right (in direction of the old town) will be fine.

Here are a few photos from our visit.

Duden Waterfall and the sea
Duden Waterfall up close
Near Duden Waterfall
Near the Duden Waterfall
Duden Waterfall from above
Walking to the Duden Waterfall
View from the Duden Waterfall park
View from the Duden Waterfall park

Have you been to Antalya? Did you go hiking in Antalya or somewhere near? Did you visit Duden waterfall? What was your experience?

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