Bolderaja beach

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One week it was about bad weather and adventuring on Youtube.

Then a week later it started getting more and more boring.

Then it was all about work. Because there was much more work to do.

And then there was last Thursday, when I couldn’t do anything at all anymore.

So, at first it was bad weather and the feeling of zero motivation to do anything. Then I added a lot of work into the mix, working for some 10 days every single day. For me that also means a lot of sugary foods to keep me going. Ending up where I ended up – into an even worse mental and physical state, so much worse than simply feeling bored.

Without going into any details – I have never felt that bad in my life.

I’m Taking a Break

That’s why I’m taking a break.

Lessening my workload, cutting off 99% of the news in any form, lessening the amount of stress in my everyday.

Taking a big break from social media. I’m not cutting it off completely — it’s part of my job, after all – but I’m taking all the steps to cut the time I spend on it. It’s just taking way too much of my (and I guess also your) day, at the same time adding close to zero value.

It may mean that I’ll stop posting the Weekly.

I don’t know yet.

Let’s see.