Kaspars riding a bicycle to Riga

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It’s the 10th Weekly, which means it’s been 12 weeks in Latvia.

It starts getting colder, wetter, darker and… more and more boring.

12 weeks or 3 months back home may sound like a short time for some, but with no travel plans in sight it does sounds like a very long time for me. Of course, there are much worse things than not being able to travel freely, from country to country. It’s just so unusual, and so hard.

I love hot weather. I love sunny days. I love being in Asia.

Luckily We Have Bicycles

It was this summer when we were in Bali.

I was reading the news that bicycle sales have went up a lot in Malaysia. People said it was becoming difficult to just go to a shop and buy a bicycle. I heard the same about other countries. Then I heard the same about the US – in June bike sales rose 63% compared to the same time last year. Yes, even in the US it was becoming difficult to buy a bicycle.

Now, being back in Latvia, I start to understand why.

In Bali we had a gym we could go to.

Starting from around mid-July beaches started to open as well.

All in all in Bali it didn’t feel that much different than before.

But it’s not the same everywhere.

When you can’t travel abroad. Or even around your own country.

When taking public transportation isn’t as safe as it used to be.

When gyms are closed.

You need that bicycle.

To get around. To have some exercise. To have some fun.

Kaspars on a bicycle

It’s not that I can’t spend a winter in Latvia, that I can’t stand the cold.

I can. I just don’t want.

I want this.

Lying on the beach in Bali

It’s not that it’s bad here in Latvia.

No, it’s very okay here.

It’s just very boring.

There are some good news as well, though.

Thailand has started accepting long-term travelers.

Mexico is open for travelers from around the world, and Mexico is huge. So if Tulum, Playa del Carmen and Cancun aren’t your kind of places, there are also small beach towns like Sayulita.

Dubai has been open for foreigners for a longer while.

And I hear that getting a long-term visa for Indonesia is also easier now.

So it gives at least a few options.

And Thailand and Bali aren’t bad options.

What are your plans? Are you planning any travels in the next 3-6 months?