The Weekly #9: Adventuring on Youtube

Mangalsala Pier, Riga

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I do watch Youtube at least a few times a week.

I follow some travel and adventure vloggers on Youtube as well.

But it’s been a very long time since I spent this much time on Youtube as I did the last week. It all just came together. The weather. Me feeling tired of doing something and going somewhere, cycling somewhere every weekend. Anyway, though, on Friday afternoon I came up with a plan to go on another long cycling trip this Saturday, but then I just changed my mind a few hours later.

I’ll read a book. Do nothing. Watch Youtube.

This is what I decided I’ll do the next day.

And so I did.

Watching Youtube All Day Long

I spent most of the Saturday watching Youtube, mostly LivingBobby.

And a few more hours on Friday, and on Sunday.

And then there were some more hours earlier.

All in all, it’s been a week adventuring on Youtube, watching other people’s travels, adventures and challenges. Getting inspired, learning some new stuff and just relaxing and having a good laugh. It’s been just over 2 months since we returned from Bali, but I’m already missing traveling and missing Southeast Asia. Missing the hot weather.

Here are 3 my recommendations – 3 vloggers I’ve been watching a lot lately.

All of whom I’ve started following only recently.

1. LivingBobby

There are several reasons why I love watching his videos.

The number one – his attitude and positivity.

Here’s one example of what you can expect of Bobby:

2. Simon Wilson

Simon is a wizard.

It seriously feels that way once in a while, when again he finds a way to get that free burger, free coffee, free breakfast, free spa access or enters a sports event for free. All around the world.

He has done a lot of “no money” challenges all around the world.

And I also loved his 7 wonders of the world in 7 days challenge.

3. bald and bankrupt

Benjamin loves interacting with people. With all people.

And I love watching where it has taken and is still taking him on this travels.

And he also loves visiting post-Soviet states and simply less visited places.

I have watched tens of his videos, and haven’t yet found one that I don’t like.

Rainy, Muddy, Soaked Wet Sunday

As the Sunday was approaching I still wanted to go on some cycling mini adventure. I had a few ideas.

I wanted to do something similar to my Valmiera – Cesis – Sigulda cycling trip.

But the weather was even worse.

This is me during my nice Sunday cycling ride.

Standing on Mangalsala Pier in Riga

Standing on Mangalsala Pier in Riga

So I had to change my plan.

To change it twice.

And end up going just to the sea and back.

Because it was too cold to do anything more.

Do you follow any travel and adventure vloggers? Can you recommend me something?

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