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Best Women’s Snowmobile Pants

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    What are the best women’s snowmobile pants?

    Choosing a new pair of snowmobile pants is not that difficult. First, these are pants after all. There’s not much variation when it comes to style. Second, these are activewear pants. Meaning that the choice gets even smaller (please, don’t go snowmobiling wearing jeans). Now, all you have to do is choose a pair that, first and foremost, feels the best on you. And also a pair that looks the best on you.

    Let us help you find the best snowmobile pants for your adventure!

    Read on to find out more about our favorites.

    Best Women’s Snowmobile Pants

    What are the best pants for snowmobiling?

    What are the options when it comes to women’s snowmobile gear?

    1. Arctix womens Insulated Snow Pants (click for more details)

    Extra-durable, extra-warm and extra-comfortable snow pants.

    Overall, the best women’s snowmobile pants, our favorite.

    These are also one of the most colorful pants on this list. They are available in several bright and catchy colors. Featuring durable coating, the pants are wind, water and snow resistant. Plus, they are built to withstand a lot. Thanks to the 600 Denier Ballistic reinforced ankles and hem guards, they won’t only look good on you now but also after a couple of seasons.

    PROS: Durability, bright colors

    BEST FOR: Snowmobiling, snowboarding, skiing

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    2. Columbia Womens Bugaboo Oh Pant (click for more details)

    High quality outdoor pants designed for winter.

    Also, one of the best women’s snow pants you can find. They are fully waterproof and breathable all at the same time. Plus, thanks to the built-in internal gaiter, they are designed to keep you dry for as long as possible — the gaiter keeps the snow away from you. Yes, you don’t even need winter hiking gaiters with these pants, to be able to hike also through the snow.

    The pants are machine washable and easy to take care of.

    PROS: Versatility, built-in gaiters

    BEST FOR: Snowmobiling, winter hiking

    3. Arctix womens Essential Insulated Bib Overalls (click for more details)

    A pair of durable women’s bib overall pants.

    Made of ThermaLock nylon, these pants are both windproof and waterproof (3000 mm). Thanks to 85 grams of ThermaTech insulation, they are also warm and designed to keep you going no matter what’s the weather outside. For the ease of use, the pants feature both boot zippers and frontal zipper closure.

    The pants are available in several bright colors.

    PROS: Extra-comfortable, warm

    BEST FOR: Winter sports, winter camping

    4. BenBoy Women’s Cargo Snow Ski Hiking Pants (click for more details)

    Waterproof women’s snowmobile pants / women’s ski pants.

    They are durable and slim-fit. The latter is a huge thing, if you’re looking for a pair of versatile winter pants. Because that makes them great for everything from outdoor sports to everyday use during the winter and winter sightseeing trips. Made of 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex fabric, they are also super comfy.

    Same like all of the best snowmobile pants, these pants are waterproof and will protect you also against the wind (which is super cool!).

    PROS: Slim-fit, versatility, pockets

    BEST FOR: Snowmobiling, winter hiking, winter travel

    5. Little Donkey Andy Women’s Softshell Pants (click for more details)

    Warm and comfortable winter outdoor pants for women. 

    Made of superb fabric, 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex, the pants are comfortable and highly durable. On the inside they have a Micro Polar Fleece lining, for extra comfort and warmth. If you like to have as many pockets as possible, then these are the pants for you — they have 6 secure, zippered pockets.

    The pants are slim-fit and feature zippers on the legs. The zippers make it easier for you to put them over the boots, and it’s also better against the snow.

    PROS: Slim-fit design, everyday look, warmth, 6 pockets

    BEST FOR: Winter sports, winter travel and hiking

    6. Postropaky Womens Ski Pants (click for more details)

    Slim-fit design winter hiking / ski pants for women.

    Made of durable, windproof and waterproof fabric, 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex, these pants are perfect for snowmobiling. They are comfortable, they are designed to keep you warm (thanks partly to their fleece lining) and they also look not like the bulky snowboarding pants. That’s in case you’re looking for this, not sporty look.

    On the sides these pants have 4 large, zippered pockets.

    Available in several colors.

    PROS: Slim-fit design pants, 4 large secure pockets

    BEST FOR: Winter sports, everyday use in winter

    7. Arctic Quest Womens Ski Snow Bib Pants (click for more details)

    Water resistant ski and snowboarding bib pants.

    They are warm, durable and comfortable. On the sides there are two zippered hand pockets, and on the front – D-ring attachment. Are you getting ready for really cold weather? Add one more layer of clothing underneath, some quality Merino wool base layer women’s bottoms, and you’ll be all set. You might need to buy one size up, though.

    PROS: Can be worn with ski boots

    BEST FOR: Snowmobiling, skiing, snowboarding

    A small stream during the winter covered with snow

    Finding the Best Women’s Snowmobile Pants

    How to find the best women’s snowmobile pants for your needs?

    Let’s make this as simple as possible.

    Generally speaking it’s mostly about these 4 simple things.

    1. Warmth

    It’s the most important quality to look for in winter pants.

    Especially if we’re talking about winter pants for women. Some snowmobiling and skiing pants are meant only to be used as an outer layer and don’t offer too much warmth themselves, while others can also be worn on their own. Look for the warmest winter pants, if you know you’re always cold. Or add hiking leggings or base layer bottoms for extra warmth.

    2. Design

    Ski pants or warm winter hiking pants?

    These are two of the most popular options out there.

    While the former are bulkier, the latter — slim-fit.

    You may also opt for bib pants.

    Choose the option that you like the most, and also the one that looks the best on you. When the pants fit well you not only look good, but also feel good.

    3. Features

    How many pockets do you need?

    Will you be wearing them with ski boots as well?

    Decide upon the most important features you need, and make a list. While the choice really isn’t too big, still there are pants with only two pockets and also pants with 6 pockets. And if you don’t really care about wearing them with ski boots, you can opt for some less sporty, slim-fit design snow pants.

    4. Your Budget

    How much do you plan to use these pants?

    This will help you determine, how much do you want to spend on them. If it’s just for a couple of times, think of renting instead. And if you’re thinking of buying a pair of new snowmobile pants, get the best snow pants that fit into your budget. Don’t go overboard with this, and don’t forget to keep some money for a good outdoor / hiking jacket.

    What is your experience with women’s snowmobile pants and suits? What are the best snowmobile pants you have tried so far?

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