Best Leggings For Hiking And Walking 2021

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What are the best leggings for hiking and walking?

How to find the ones for yourself? Because they surely aren’t all the same. There are different styles, fabric, and they are also made for different purposes. That’s why it’s important to understand your needs first — what are you going to use them for? Hiking in summer? Technical hikes? Hiking in cold weather? As a base layer?

Here’s a list of some of the best hiking leggings for women.

Best Hiking Leggings For Women – Our Favorite

1. Eddie Bauer Women’s Trail High Rise Leggings

High quality, durable hiking leggings for women.

One of the best leggings for hiking, our favorite.

Made of FreeDry polyester and spandex mix, the Eddie Bauer leggings for hiking are soft and durable. They feature high waist for better tummy control and intelligently designed pockets with zippers. Thanks to the special Movement fabric, the leggings won’t slide down, and the waistband won’t roll down either.

The leggings are moisture-wicking, anti-odour, and offer sun protection (UPF 50+).


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Best Leggings For Hiking (Winter, Summer, Camping)

What are the other options? And which ones to choose?

Which are the best leggings for hiking for women right now?

Best Leggings For Winter Hiking

2. Under Armour Women’s ColdGear Compression Leggings (click for more details)

Warm leggings for winter hikes.

One of the best leggings for cold weather, our favorite cold weather hiking leggings.

Made of Polyester (87%) and Elastane (13%), the Under Armour ColdGear leggings are stretchy and warm. This dual-layer fabric is ultra-warm, has brushed, slightly fleecy interior and a smooth, fast-drying exterior. This kind of fabric wicks sweat and dries really quick. The welded seams eliminate chafing. The 4-way stretch keeps the fabric from creeping up when you hike.

With these leggings you won’t need to wear heavy bulky pants in cold weather. The leggings will trap your body’s warmth without letting you overheat. The leggings are good for 30°F (-1°C) or so. You can also use them as a base layer under loose pants for extra warmth, if the weather is very cold.

Unfortunately, they don’t have pockets. So, a little fanny pack will come in handy.


3. BALEAF Women’s Fleece Lined Winter Leggings (click for more details)

Cheap thermal leggings for hiking.

Made of Polyester (87%) and Spandex (13%) mix, the BALEAF leggings are stretchy, very warm, breathable and moisture-wicking. The fabric pulls sweat to the surface to dry faster and help avoid the cold feeling.

These leggings come with a gusset crotch for extra comfort and interlock seams to minimize rubbing and chafing. The leggings also feature a high waistband for better tummy control. There are 2 pockets, which can easily hold your smartphone and other essentials. There’s also a hidden key pocket in the waistband.


Best Leggings For Hiking in Summer

4. Fjallraven Women’s Abisko Trekking Tights (click for more details)

Moisture wicking, durable outdoor leggings.

Made of Elastane, Nylon, Polyamide and Polyester mix, the Fjallraven Abisko trekking leggings are durable and moisture-wicking. The dense, high-performance stretch fabric will hold up well hiking and scrambling. Reinforcements at the knees and rear offer extra protection in rough terrain and when sitting down on damp ground.

The leggings feature a comfortable, wide waistband that can be adjusted with a drawcord on the inside. The gusseted crotch and flatlock seams minimize the risk of chafing. There’s a pocket on the right leg, smaller zippered pocket on the left leg and one secure pocket in the waistband. Apart from that there’s a clip-on loop at the hip for attaching a light jacket or other gear.


5. The North Face Perfect Core High Rise Leggings (click for more details)

Lightweight hiking tights for summer.

Best leggings for hiking, if you are looking for lightweight leggings for summer.

Made of Nylon, Polyester and Spandex mix, the North Face Perfect Core leggings are stretchy, offer comfort and are flattering. These are not the most rugged hiking leggings, but they are lightweight and durable enough for leisure hiking and long walks in the nature. Due to the lightweight material, they are perfect for warm summer days.

These breathable leggings feature high waist fit for a flattering fit and support, power-mesh compression fabric in waistband for tummy support and wide waistband with internal pocket.


Best Merino Wool Base Layer Women’s Leggings

6. Merino Wool Base Layer Womens Pants (click for more details)

Super comfortable Merino wool thermals / women’s bottoms.

Overall the best Merino wool base layer women’s bottoms, our favorite.

These Merino wool long underwear women’s bottoms are versatile, and that’s the very best part about them. At 250 GSM, they feel and look good everywhere and for everything. Wear them for a night in a tent, or when going for a jog with your dog. At 250 GSM they are suitable both for summer weather and rather cool evenings — thanks to Merino wool’s natural properties and moisture management.

The pants are very lightweight, extra comfortable and super easy to take care of — they are machine washable, dry fast and antibacterial (doesn’t absorb odors). You can wear them both as a base layer or mid-layer. All in all, perfect choice for busy women.

Comes with a pair of Merino wool hiking socks.


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Cheap Hiking Leggings

7. IUGA High Waist Leggings (click for more details)

Inexpensive hiking and walking leggings for women.

Are you looking for inexpensive leggings for long walks, leisure hiking and running? If you are not an avid hiker, and plan to hike only occasionally, these will work just great. Made of soft, Four-way stretch material, the IUGA leggings are very comfy and lightweight. They come with a gusset crotch for extra comfort and interlock seams to minimize rubbing and chafing.

There are two side pockets and a hidden waistband pocket, which can hold your smartphone, keys, and cards.


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How to Find the Right Leggings for Hiking?

How to find the best hiking leggings for your needs?

Let’s make this super simple.

Generally speaking mostly it’s about these 3 simple things.

1. Type

There are several types of hiking leggings.

There are leggings for cold weather, and there are leggings for warm weather. Leggings which are designed for wearing in summer won’t keep you warm in winter. And warm leggings may be way too thick for summer hikes. You can also choose between lightweight and thin leggings for less challenging hikes, and more durable with reinforcements at the knees and rear for more strenuous hikes that scramble over rocks.

If you are looking for base layer, choose base layer leggings rather than regular hiking or workout leggings. They are more suitable for that purpose. For example, there are some really cool Merino wool base layer bottoms for women that both look good and offer outstanding comfort.

2. Fabric

Fabric also matters.

More stretchier hiking leggings offer more comfort and mobility. Fabrics with 4-way stretch are perfect for hikes and other outdoor activities. But not only the pants must be stretchy enough, they must also be made of durable materials.

For extra durability look for leggings with reinforced knees and rear. Reinforcement offer extra protection in rough terrain and when sitting down on damp ground.

3. Your Budget

Decide upon your budget.

And choose the best leggings that fit into it, and the ones that suit your needs the best. There’s no reason to pay more for features you don’t need. Likewise, it’s not a good idea to get cheap hiking leggings, if you plan to use them a lot — higher price often also means better quality and comfort.

What is your experience with hiking pants? What are the best leggings for hiking you have tried so far?

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