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What are the best Merino wool base layer women’s bottoms for hiking?

What are the best womens base layer pants, and what are the things you should be paying attention to when shopping for them? First of all, yes, not all base layer pants are the same, even though many look the same. There are different styles, fabric weight differs, and they are also made for different purposes. That’s why it’s important to understand your needs first — what are you going to use them for?

Once you understand your needs, the rest is easy.

To read more about the benefits of Merino wool scroll down!

Best Merino Wool Base Layer Women’s Bottoms

What are the options? And which ones to choose?

What are the best women’s Merino pants for hiking and sports?

1. Merino Wool Base Layer Womens Pants (click for more details)

Super comfortable Merino wool thermals / women’s bottoms.

Overall the best Merino wool base layer women’s bottoms, our favorite.

These Merino wool long underwear women’s bottoms are versatile, and that’s the very best part about them. At 250 GSM, they feel and look good everywhere and for everything. Wear them for a night in a tent, or when going for a jog with your dog. At 250 GSM they are suitable both for summer weather and rather cool evenings — thanks to Merino wool’s natural properties and moisture management.

The pants are very lightweight, extra comfortable and super easy to take care of — they are machine washable, dry fast and antibacterial (doesn’t absorb odors). You can wear them both as a base layer or mid-layer. All in all, perfect choice for busy women.

Comes with a pair of Merino wool hiking socks.


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2. Kari Traa Women’s Lokke Base Layer Bottoms (click for more details)

Perfect fit athletic womens Merino thermals.

Designed to be worn next-to-skin, here we have very lightweight, athletic fit Merino leggings. If you are looking for the most lightweight thermal underwear that also look great, look no further. Kari Traa offers everything from outstanding performance and comfort to perfect fit, all in a single pair of thermals and without any bulk.

As 100% Merino pants, they share all the best features of Merino wool — superb moisture management, breathability, lightweightness, odor protection, and more.


3. Minus33 Merino Wool 803 Franconia (click for more details)

Fine midweight 3-season baselayer pants.

At 230 GSM these 100% Merino wool pants are more lightweight that many other base layer pants. They are extra comfortable, partly due to their flatlock seams, and suitable both for outdoors and everyday use. You can use them at home or as a base layer for commute. Apart from that they are quick-drying, easy to take care of and extremely good with moisture management — keeping you dry, fresh and warm/cool.

Due to design, they are meant to be used only as a base layer.


4. Smartwool 250 Base Layer Womens Bottoms (click for more details)

High quality, comfortable fit Smartwool base layer pants.

Designed with outdoors and sports in mind, these Smartwool bottoms adjust to your body. Running, hiking, walking with your dog in the park, or chilling on the sofa, you can use these Smartwool base layer women’s bottoms for just about everything. Made of 100% Merino wool and featuring flatlock seams, they won’t slow you down not even the slightest bit. It’s the Merino wool clothing’s weightless fit at its best!

Thanks to their breathability and outstanding moisture management, in these pants you feel good no matter the weather conditions. When it’s hot outside, they keep you cool, when it’s cool — you will be warm.


5. Icebreaker Women’s 175 Everyday Leggings (click for more details)

Thin and ultralight Merino wool base layer leggings.

What makes these Icebreaker baselayer pants special is their weight. They are among the lightest women’s Merino pants on this list. However, it doesn’t mean that they are any worse technically. Quite the opposite, these leggings are just as great with sweat management like other Merino wool leggings and offer the same level of comfort. You simply shouldn’t be too rough with them.

Lightweightness and thin fabric also means that they are more transparent than other alternatives. Take that into account when you’ll be making a decision.


6. Woolly Clothing Women’s Merino Wool Leggings (click for more details)

Heavyweight Merino wool leggings for women.

At 320 GSM these Merino wool thermal underwear women’s bottoms are the heaviest, strongest and thickest on this list. Apart from that they are just as great as the rest. Don’t forget also that what’s considered heavyweight for Merino wool is still very lightweight when compared to similar products made of other fabrics.

Made of durable fabric, a mix of 95% Merino Wool and 5% Elastane, these are super comfortable and durable thermal pants — great on their own as well as a base layer.


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5 Reasons to Choose Merino Wool Clothing

Is Merino wool itchy? Is Merino wool warm?

Here are the top benefits of Merino wool.

1. Odor Resistance

Merino wool is naturally antibacterial.

To put it simply, it doesn’t smell. It’s resistant to all odors.

You shouldn’t expect wearing Merino pants or Merino base layer for months on end without washing it and feeling fresh. No, it doesn’t work this way. It’s just that Merino keeps you fresh longer than many other fabrics, which is great also for travel — since washing clothes while traveling is also trickier than at home.

2. It’s a Natural Material

Merino wool is a wool from merino sheep (New Zealand, Australia).

Natural material means no itching and no allergic reactions. In fact, Merino wool allergy neutrality is one of the top reasons why so many people choose Merino clothing not only for sports, but also for everyday.

Being 100% biodegradable material, Merino is also better for the planet.

3. Outstanding Moisture Management

Merino wool adjusts to you and the environment you are in.

If it’s hot, Merino wool keeps you cool. If it’s cold, it keeps you warm.

All of this is possible thanks to the way Merino wool manages your sweat. It constantly transports all the sweat and moisture away from your skin, keeping you fresh and comfortable no matter the weather. It keeps on doing the same even when slightly dump. Speaking of the cold weather and winter activities, in order to stay warm it’s equally important to choose the right fabric weight (mostly at least 250 GSM) — not all Merino wool base layers will keep you warm on cold winter days.

4. Breathability

Great breathability is a must in a base layer pants and shirts.

It’s what allows you to keep going long while staying comfortable.

5. Ease of Use and Longevity

Not only Merino is durable, but also easy to take care of.

Merino wool is machine washable. However, make sure to refer to the care instructions of the manufacturer of your shirt or pants, as they may differ. For the most lightweight Merino base layers, hand wash is the safest choice in long term.

Woman wearing merino wool long sleeve t-shirt

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How to Find the Best Merino Wool Base Layer Pants For Yourself?

How to find the best Merino wool base layer pants for yourself?

Let’s make this super simple.

Generally speaking mostly it’s about these 3 simple things.

1. Fabric Weight

What are you going to use it for? In what weather? Do you need these base layer pants for hiking and sports, or you plan to use them only for camping? Will you use them at home or for daily commute during the winter?

Fabric weight is one of the main characteristic of Merino wool clothing.

These 160 GSM, 200 GSM, 250 GSM (other times – g/m2), … to put it simply, they show how thin or thick is the fabric. The bigger the number, the warmer these base layer pants will be. If you want something for everything, look for 200 – 230 GSM, or 250 GSM if you want thicker bottoms. They are usually called midweight base layers. For cold weather look for bottoms with GSM of at least 250.

If you want the most lightweight base layer — 165 – 180 GSM.

2. Style and Fit

Are you planning to wear it on its own?

There are several kind of base layer pants. While some look great also when you wear them on their own, others are made to be worn under or for sleeping only. Take that into account when choosing base layer pants for yourself.

3. Your Budget

Decide upon your budget.

And choose the base layer pants that fit into it, and the ones that suit your needs the best. There’s no reason to pay more for features you don’t need. Likewise, it’s not a good idea to get cheap Merino wool base layer pants, if you plan to use them a lot — higher price often also means better quality and comfort.

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What is your experience with Merino clothing? Have you tried using Merino underwear? What are the best Merino wool base layer pants you have tried so far?

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