Keizarskats, Sigulda - Eglupe Hike

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There are many hiking trails near Sigulda.

Sigulda – Eglupe is just one of the options. It’s 2/3 hiking trail and 1/3 forest roads, a route I came up myself when looking for interesting half day hike opportunities near Sigulda. The walk is doable also if you are coming by public transportation — you start and finish at the train station.

Here’s how you can do it yourself.

1. Sigulda – Eglupe Hike: Basics

For most part it’s a well-marked hiking trail (part of The Forest Trail).

The Forest Trail is a long distance hiking trail across Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. And if you don’t want to leave the trail you don’t have to — you can keep walking to Ramkalni, and from there get a bus to Riga or Sigulda.

My idea was to shorten the walk and to finish at the train station instead.

So I left the trail before Katlapu Rock and took the forest roads to Eglupe.


TIME & DISTANCE: around 10 miles / 16 km (around 3 hours).

TIPS: bring some snacks and water, and don’t leave the trail if you don’t have experience of hiking in the woods, especially if it’s winter. There are several forest roads in the area, and it’s possible to get lost even being so close to a busy highway (A2).

2. How to Get to Sigulda from Riga

Hiking in the forest during the winter
Sigulda – Eglupe Hike

There are both buses and trains going from Riga to Sigulda.

If you’ll be coming by bus, take into account that buses stop in two different places. Some of them are going to Sigulda bus station, others that are only passing by stop on the highway near Sigulda. The bus stop next to the highway is a 15-minute walk away from the train station, while the bus station is right next to the train station.

My preference is train when possible.

I find trains more comfortable. It’s also easier to do this particular hike. You can start hiking right from the train station, there are trail markers in the area. If you plan to take a bicycle with you to Sigulda, like I do sometimes, it’s much easier to travel by train with a bicycle in Latvia than by bus.

3. Sigulda – Eglupe Half Day Hike: My Experience

Leaving Sigulda
Leaving Sigulda

It was a beautiful sunny winter day.

We were thinking of going cross country skiing in Riga, but then at the very last-minute we found out that it’s impossible, we couldn’t rent the gear anymore. Not to waste this beautiful day we decided we’ll go hiking somewhere. As the days are short during January in Latvia, we had to think fast.

We had only around 4 hours of daylight.

We wanted the trail to go next to river Gauja — to be beautiful.

And we wanted to finish by the train station, to get back to Riga easier.

So I came up with this Sigulda – Eglupe route.

The first part is super-easy. It’s an easy-to-follow hiking trail. The forest part is a bit tricky if you aren’t familiar with the area. There are forest roads going in several directions. Definitely don’t do it during the winter if you don’t have any similar experience. You may get lost and your phone may turn off due to cold. We didn’t get lost. Our phones didn’t turn off. But it was a bit unnerving seeing that roads look different than on the map, when the sun had already set and we were trying to make it in time for the train station.

All in all it’s a beautiful route I can recommend.

Here are a few photos from our Sigulda – Eglupe hike.

Cliffs next to Gauja

Hiking next to Gauja

Meztaka trail marker
Meztaka trail marker

Young girl on a winter hike

Ice on river Gauja

Kaspars walking through the woods

River Gauja in winter
River Gauja

Snowy forest near Sigulda

Walking through dark forest

Winter sunset in Latvia

Resting next to river Gauja

Have you been to Sigulda? Did you go hiking in Sigulda? What was your experience?