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Can you go hiking in Nha Trang? Yes, you can.

There is a beautiful trail just outside the city. It’s easy to get to and offers spectacular views of the city and its surroundings. For me, personally, it’s one of the top things to do in Nha Trang.

Nha Trang is a coastal city in southern Vietnam 7-hour bus ride away from Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).

It’s a popular tourist destination, well-known because of its beaches and seafood. Little did I know that hiking in Nha Trang will become one of the highlights of my time in this Vietnamese seaside city. Well, before my first trip to this city I didn’t know there are any mountains in Nha Trang.

And now I will tell you that it’s one of the best things to do in Nha Trang. Or even the best if you like outdoors. It’s that cool. And doable by most.

1. Hiking in Nha Trang, Vietnam: Basics

Mountains near Nha Trang, Vietnam

Mountains near Nha Trang

It’s an easy to follow trail offering great views of the city, sea and nearby mountains. Only the starting point isn’t that easy to spot.

STARTING POINT: Somewhere here. There are no any signs or anything. You just see that it’s one of the most obvious places, from where you could start climbing the mountain.

TIME: around 4 hours to do the whole hike. Beautiful views start 15 – 20 minutes after you start going up the hill, so you can also spend there only an hour if you don’t have more time.

DIFFICULTY: easy, but ascent is pretty steep at first.

TIPS: don’t forget a bottle of water.

It’s an easy to follow trail offering great views of the city, sea and nearby mountains.

2. Hiking in Nha Trang: Our Experience

What to do in Nha Trang? Go to the beach, get a tan and eat a lot of seafood?

Not a bad plan for a few days. But if you want to do something active, if you want some adventure, I recommend you to go for a hike in Nha Trang.

As soon as I saw all these mountains surrounding Nha Trang, when we were still on a bus heading into city, I knew – I will need to find a way to get to the top of one of these. I didn’t know how I’m going to do it, but I knew I will do it. I tried googling – hiking in Nha Trang and trekking in Nha Trang, but without success.

And then on one of the first evenings in the city we went in direction of the nearby mountains to try and understand if there is a trail somewhere heading to the top. Again without success. However, we found a smaller mountain, which looked like more easily accessible. And I climbed it.

The view from the top was spectacular, and it made me want to scale the bigger ones even more.

On another day we did find the trail. This is how it looked.

Starting a hike in Nha Trang

At first  you are walking through the bushes.

For the first minutes you aren’t even sure if you are on a trail or not.

Shortly later you already have views like this.

Nha Trang from above

And this.

As you are going even higher.

A view of Nha Trang, Vietnam

Then about an hour later all of that is behind you.

As you can see from the photo below, there is an easy to follow trail. For most part there is only one trail. It’s visible even from a distance.

Hiking in Nha Trang - A view of the city from above

Hiking trail in Nha Trang

You see Nha Trang even better.

And there are some more mountains for you to explore.

Nha Trang as seen from the mountains

But that’s just one side of the picture.

On the other side you have even more mountains.

And the views are even better, huh?

Mountains near Nha Trang, Vietnam

Beautiful mountains near Nha Trang, Vietnam

3. Getting to the Starting Point

The trail starts somewhere here.

Some 30-50 meters before the red sign on the map – Ngo Van So.

A map - Hiking in Nha Trang

I missed it at first.

Yes, we passed it when heading for the mountains for the first time.

But we didn’t see it. There was some construction going on. And then there was some, as it looked, abandoned house. It didn’t look like a place where you could go hiking. Next time I still didn’t know that there is a trail. But it just looked like the most obvious place, from where to start ascending the mountain. And so I decided to try.

This is how I found the right place.

After couple of minutes of walking you will surely understand that you are on a trail.

If not you may as well be at the wrong place.

– You can walk to get there.

– You can take a bus (ticket costs only 8000 VND) and get out somewhere not too far away.

– Or you can take a Grab or taxi.

It’s up to you.

If you are staying North of the Cầu Trần Phú bridge then you may as well walk there, as we did. And it’s gonna be your warm up before the hike. Because then you are probably not more than a couple of kilometers away from the starting point.

Grab scooter driver

Scroll down a bit and you will find cheap hotel recommendation in the area.

It’s a guest house we were staying at ourselves in 2018.

4. Where to Stay in Nha Trang, Vietnam

There are plenty of options where to stay in Nha Trang.

The city is one of Vietnam’s top beach destinations after all. However, here are 2 great options. In one of these places we have stayed ourselves (we did stay there for 2 weeks), the other is highly recommended hotels by other travelers.

GREAT CHEAP HOTEL in Nha Trang – Ana’s House Bed & Breakfast

Anas house in Nha Trang

A guest house – hotel we stayed at in spring 2018.

It’s a very nice guest house 20-minute walk away from all the hustle and bustle of Nha Trang. Nearest beach where you can swim is right across the bridge, about 15-minute walk away from the place. Guest house is located in a quiet local neighborhood. Only downside – it might be too far away from the city for some.

Rooms at Ana’s House are small, but modern and very cosy. All of them are equipped with air conditioner.

Great value for the money.

Double room starts at 270 000 VND.  Check prices and availability.

MEDIUM-PRICED HOTEL in Nha Trang – The Summer Hotel

A 3-star hotel 5-minute walk away from the main beach in Nha Trang.

It’s a great location if you want to be close to all the restaurants and shops. In the rooms there is a flat-screen TV, fridge, safe and a desk. All of the rooms are equipped with air conditioner. Some of them have a view of the ocean from the window.

The hotel has a rooftop terrace and rooftop outdoor pool.

Double room starts at 800 000 VND.  Check prices and availability.

See all the best hotels in Nha Trang on

Have you been in Nha Trang? Did you go hiking in Nha Trang? What was your experience?

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