Sunrise in Kemeri bog

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Are you looking for a short hiking trail near Riga?

Or maybe you want to watch a beautiful sunrise near Riga?

The best part about traveling to Latvia is that nature is never too far away. You can just get in the car or on the bus/train, and within an hour you can get to many beautiful places. Bumbu Hill Firewatch Tower is a great example. Just like Great Kemeri Bog in Kemeri, Latvia.

It’s a great all season destination.

1. Great Kemeri Bog Boardwalk: Basics

There are 2 hiking trails / boardwalks in the area.

The short one and the long one. Both of them are connected.

These are one of the top short bog hiking trails in Latvia.



Kemeri bog trail map
Kemeri bog trail map

“Mazais loks” is the short trail (1.5 km / 0.93 miles), “Lielais loks” – the long trail (3.5 km / 1.86 miles). Both are connected. It’s impossible to miss the trail, because it’s a boardwalk. If you’re on it, you’re on the right trail.

TIME (parking): around 90 minutes, including a walk from/to the parking.

TIME (train station): around 3 hours, including a walk from/to the train station.


TIPS: to avoid the crowds it’s better not to come on weekends. There are a few benches along the trail, where you can sit down and enjoy the scenery. But there aren’t any shops. The only toilets are next to the parking.

2. How to Get to Kemeri, Latvia

Sun is rising over Kemeri bog
Sun rising over Kemeri bog

The bog is in the Kemeri National Park.

Even though the Kemeri park is outside big cities, it is possible to get there in at least 3 ways. That includes going by train from Riga, by car or by taxi. The nearest train station is Kemeri.

If you’ll be coming by train, you’ll have to walk for around 2 miles / 3.2 km. Just follow the map. It’s very easy to find the way. Make sure to have cash on you to buy a return ticket.

If you’re coming by car, just go to the above mentioned location. There’s quite a big parking lot near the entrance.

If you’re coming by taxi, I can recommend Bolt taxi (get 3 EUR off with 9ES97). Be prepared that you may not be able to get a taxi back, and you may have to take train instead.

Once you get to this sign (a short walk away from parking), turn to the left.

Road to Kemeri bog walking trail
Road to Kemeri bog walking trail

The other option would be to rent a bicycle in Riga, and cycle. But it’s not a short ride, at least a 2-3 hour ride for most cyclists.

Kemeri is a small town. There are only a few shops.

And overall there isn’t much to do in the town.

3. Bog Tours Near Riga

There are also bog tours in Latvia.

Here are 3 great options.

Option 1: A Day Trip to Kemeri From Riga

No need to worry about the transportation.

Just book a tour, and the guide will take you to Great Kemeri Bog and to the now abandoned Kemeri Health Resort, which was very popular during the Soviet times.

Option 2: Bog Hiking Tour

Are into something more adventurous?

Then check out the bog-shoe hiking tour at Kemeri bog.

If you’ll fall in love with this kind of hiking then I have a good news for you. The same company organizes bog hiking trips to many other bogs in Latvia.

Option 3: Stand Up Paddling in a Bog

And… another option for more adventurous travelers.

Only this one isn’t in Kemeri bog, but in Cenas Tirelis bog. It’s closer to Riga, but all in all it’s a very similar place. And here you can go on a sunrise stand up paddling tour. Unfortunately they don’t have a page in English, but I’m sure that they speak English. So just contact them to ask about the details.

Take into account that you’ll have to carry your gear for some first 30 minutes.

4. Great Kemeri Bog Sunrise Hike: My Experience

Just like many Latvians I have been to this bog a few times.

During the last years, thanks to Instagram, it has become one of the most iconic sunrise spots close to Riga. Together with Cenas Tirelis bog, which is closer to Riga, and also a more busy place.

Is it worth it? It is. At least during the summer, autumn and winter. I haven’t been there in spring.

On a clear summer day – because of the special atmosphere, during the autumn – for a chance of a beautiful mist and autumn colors, on a clear winter day – for the snowy views, if there’s snow, of course.

Definitely go for the long trail. It’s much more interesting, and there’s a watchtower.

On the short trail you barely enter the actual bog.

Here are a few more photos from our sunrise visit.

Wooden chairs in Kemeri bog
Wooden chairs in Kemeri bog

Sun is rising over a pond in bog

A man taking a photo in the nature

People walking in the bog during the sunrise

Red sky in the bog

Kemeri bog walking trail

Sunrise in Kemeri bog
Sunrise in Kemeri bog – Kemeri, Latvia

Have you been to Riga? Did you visit Great Kemeri Bog? What was your experience?