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There are plenty of hiking trails near Sigulda.

However, many of them are rather hilly for Latvia, and include walking up and down a hill or stairs more than once. But there are also a few easier options, a few more or less flat walking trails near the town. If you don’t or can’t walk up and down the stairs too much.

One good example is the Vikmeste trail.

1. Vikmeste trail, Gutmanis Cave: Basics

It’s a loop trail that starts from a parking and follows a small river.

Gutmanis Cave is near the trail’s end. That’s if you’re walking from the car parking, not from the bridge over river Gauja. So it takes very little extra time to visit the cave as well, and is definitely worth it.

OUR ROUTE (Vikmeste trail is only a small part of this):

TIME & DISTANCE: around 2 miles / 3.2 km loop (less than 1 hour).

TIPS: The trail is in the valley, and to get there from the town you’ll have to walk down the hill. Rent a car or take a taxi if you don’t want to take the stairs.

2. How to Get to Sigulda from Riga

Boarding a train to Lielupe

Boarding a train

There are both buses and trains going from Riga to Sigulda.

If you’ll be coming by bus, take into account that buses stop in two different places. Some of them are going to Sigulda bus station, others that are only passing by stop on the highway near Sigulda. The bus stop next to the highway is a 15-minute walk away from the train station, while the bus station is right next to the train station.

My preference is train when possible.

I find trains more comfortable. If you plan to take a bicycle with you to Sigulda, like I do sometimes, it’s much easier to travel by train with a bicycle in Latvia than by bus.

3. Vikmeste trail, Gutmanis Cave: Our Experience

River Gauja in February

River Gauja in February

Vikmeste trail is a new, easy hike in Sigulda.

I hadn’t even heard of it before, so we didn’t know what to expect. It was there, right next to the town, and we decide to try it out. As the trail turned out to be this easy and short, we made the walk much longer by making a whole loop around Sigulda.

You can see our Sigulda half day hike route above.

Here are a few photos from our Sigulda half day hike.

We didn’t visit Gutmanis cave this time.

But here’s a photo of it from our summer visit to Sigulda.

Gutmanis cave, Sigulda - Summer

Gutmanis cave, Sigulda – Summer

Stairs down the hill

Stairs down the hill next to the Sigulda cable car station

Vikmeste trail

Vikmeste trail

Winter hiking in Sigulda

Vikmeste trail

Hiking trail near Sigulda in winter

Vikmeste trail

Winter hiking in Latvia

Vikmeste trail

Walking to Krimulda

Walking to Krimulda

Forest trails near Sigulda

Maza Velnala cave

Maza Velnala cave, Sigulda

Cliffs near Sigulda

Frozen waterfall, Sigulda

Frozen waterfall, Sigulda

Frozen river Gauja

View from Gauja pedestrian bridge

View from Gauja pedestrian bridge

View from Keizarskats

View from Keizarskats

Keizarskats, Sigulda - Eglupe Hike

Keizarskats (on a sunny day)

If you enjoy being in nature just as much as we do, don’t just go on a day trip to Sigulda. Stay in Sigulda for a few days instead, just like we did this time.

We booked a cheap and nice room in MyHostel VOYAGE.

And we went on a few hikes in Sigulda.

Have you been to Sigulda? Did you go hiking in Sigulda? What was your experience?

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