Cycling on Kalngale beach

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If you want to go cycling in Riga, and if Riga – Jurmala bike path isn’t enough for you. If Riga – Olaine isn’t enough for you. And if also Riga – Varnukrogs – Bolderaja isn’t long enough for you. Then Riga – Adazi – Carnikava – Vecaki – Riga might be just the right route for you to check out.

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1. Cycling Riga – Adazi – Carnikava – Vecaki: Basics

The best part about this route is that it’s mostly bike paths.

Another thing to love about this route is the diversity. You start cycling in a city center. Then there are some quiet bike paths on the outskirts of Riga. You’re visiting a couple of small towns on the way. And then there’s also a beach — you’re riding on it for some time on your way back. A small part of the route is on not so busy roads.


Riga – Bergi – Adazi – Carnikava – Kalngale – Vecaki – Mezaparks – Riga.

Step by step:

1. Riga – Bergi – bike path.

2. In Bergi there’s a quiet road you’ll be cycling on. To cross the highway take a pedestrian bridge near shop Depo.

3. Bergi – Adazi – bike path.

4. In Adazi there’s a nice sidewalk you can cycle on.

5. Adazi – Carnikava – Kalngale – road. From around half way between Carnikava and Kalngale it’s also possible to take forest roads instead.

6. Kalngale – Vecaki – beach.

7. Vecaki – Mezaparks – Riga – bike path.

DISTANCE: around 47 miles / 76 km in total.

You can rent a bicycle in Riga, and that’s super easy. A cheap bicycle starts from 5 EUR / day.

TIPS: Adazi is the best place where to stop for a lunch or some snack. There are a few cafes and a big supermarket at the very beginning of the town. Carnikava is your second best option for that.

2. Cycling Riga – Adazi – Carnikava – Vecaki: Our Experience

Cycling on Caka street in Riga
Cycling on Caka street in Riga

To be honest, I didn’t know it’s possible.

I didn’t know it’s possible to have such a pleasant ride there.

I really didn’t expect this route to be as pleasant as it turned out. I didn’t expect to be cycling on bike paths this much, and I didn’t expect the road from Carnikava to Kalngale to be this okay. So if you’re looking for places where to go cycling in Riga, and if you want to take a longer ride, then definitely check out this route.

To skip the roads, you can ride until Adazi, turn around and go back.

Here are a few photos from our Adazi – Carnikava – Vecaki – Riga ride:

Cycling on Salu bridge in Riga
Salu bridge in Riga

Sidewalk in Riga

Bike path to Bergi
Bike path to Bergi
Cycling on pedestrian bridge in Bergi
Pedestrian bridge in Bergi

Highway to Riga

Cycling on Bergi - Adazi bike path
Bergi – Adazi bike path
Bergi - Adazi bike path
Bergi – Adazi bike path
Bridge on Bergi - Adazi bike path
Bridge on Bergi – Adazi bike path
Sidewalk in Adazi
Sidewalk in Adazi
Adazi - Carnikava road
Adazi – Carnikava road
Carnikava - Kalngale road
Carnikava – Kalngale road
Kalngale beach
Kalngale beach
Bicycle on Vecaki beach
Vecaki beach
Sun is setting in Riga
Sunset in Riga

Have you been to Latvia? Have you tried cycling in Riga or somewhere else? What was your experience of cycling in Latvia?