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What do all the best travel daypacks have in common?

They are durable, often water resistant and they are lightweight. Have you ever heard about packable backpacks? Packable daypacks? As the name suggests those are backpacks, that can be folded and packed inside themselves. Sounds cool? It is. We’ve been using a packable daypack since 2017, and not only when we travel.

Best travel daypack? Best packable daypack? Best small backpack?

Here in this article I’m gonna talk about all of them. I will tell you more about what is a packable daypack and why to use it. I’ll also offer you a list and reviews of the best travel daypacks, most of whom are packable. And not only that – I’ll talk about regular, non-packable daypacks as well.

Trust me, a daypack is a must-have. Especially if you are traveling a lot!

Kaspars wearing Neatpack foldable daypack

Best Packable Backpack

Now let’s take a look at the list of the best travel daypacks! Scroll down to read more about every one of them!

Most of these backpacks are available in different colors. For more photos, latest price and user reviews check them out on Amazon – just click on the name or image of the backpack!

Outlander20, 30 liter0.5 lbs

227 g
Check the price!
Gonex20 liter0.4 lbs

181 g
Check the price!
Bago25 liter0.77 lbs

349 g
Check the price!
Outlander 35***35 liter0.65 lbs

295 g
Check the price!
Hikpro20 liter0.45 lbs

204 g
Check the price!
NeatPack***20 liter0.6 lbs

272 g
Check the price!
Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil20 liter0.15 lbs

68 g
Check the price!
Venture Pal35 liter0.7 lbs

318 g
Check the price!
G4Free40 liter0.8 lbs

363 g
Check the price!
*** - our favorites

Our Choice – NeatPack Foldable Daypack

Size: 20 liter.

Dimensions (unfold): 18” x 10” (46 x 25 cm).

Dimensions (folded): 8” x 8” (20 x 20 cm).

Weight: 0.6 lbs (272 g).

Material: Rugged rip stop and water resistant nylon.

Colors: Black, blue, green, navy, red.


  • Several compartments and pockets.
  • Water resistant,
  • Backed by lifetime warranty.


  • 20 liter might be to small.

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Best Travel Daypack 2019 (Non-Packable)

Not everyone wants a packable daypack, and that’s OK.

Most of these backpacks in the table below are available in different colors. For more photos, latest price and user reviews check them out on Amazon – just click on the name or image of the backpack!

Herschel Supply Co. Pop Quiz Backpack17.5” x 11.75” x 6”

45 x 31 x 15 cm
Check the price!
Kipling Ravier Medium Backpack14.5” x 10.5” x 6.2”

37 x 27 x 16 cm
Check the price!
Osprey Packs Daylite Plus18” x 10” x 10”

46 x 25 x 25 cm
Check the price!
Under Armour Storm Hustle II18” x 13” x 8”

46 x 33 x 20 cm
Check the price!
JanSport Unisex SuperBreak16.7” x 13” x 8.5”

42.5 x 33 x 22 cm
Check the price!
*** - our favorites

Travel Daypacks: My Experience

When I first started traveling I never took a daypack with me.

I had my carry on size backpack and I carried a small handbag. After a while I understood that it’s not enough. For instance, if I wanted to go to the beach I ended up carrying a plastic bag with me, which is not convenient, and it looks ugly.

After realizing that I started to pack a small backpack with me. Not the packable lightweight one, but a standard small-sized backpack (about 20 liter). Soon it was clear for me, that it isn’t the ideal solution either. The regular small-sized backpack still takes up a lot of space. And if at the end of your trip you fill up your suitcase or the backpack to the brim, you end up with no space for your second pack.

Things get much easier, when you have a small, packable travel daypack.

Because you can just fold it and pack it inside itself. It takes up a little space, even less than a toiletry bag, and you can easily stuff it into your backpack or the suitcase even if it’s full.

What You Need to Know About Travel Daypacks

The majority of travel daypacks now are made of tear and water resistant material.

Mostly it is nylon fabric. Some of the lightest backpacks are made also of polyester.

Nylon and polyester are both synthetic fabrics, but nylon is considered more durable and weather-resistant than polyester. Both are lightweight and abrasion resistant, with low moisture absorbency.

The stress points of the best travel daypacks are reinforced with bar tacking. The manufacturers make sure that the zippers are made of durable material, as well. Usually bottoms of these daypacks are made of strong, even double layer, material.

Please remember, mostly daypacks aren’t waterproof.

Water resistant – yes, sometimes, waterproof – no.

If you need a waterproof bag check out our guide to the best waterproof backpacks! You may also be perfectly fine with a quality dry bag. A dry bag can be your waterproof daypack. Like Kaspars uses his dry bag.

Una wearing Independent Wolf dry bag - Best Dry Bags

Travel Daypacks: Size, Compartments and Shoulder Straps

18 – 20 liter is the most popular size.

These daypacks are large enough to fit in a couple of books, a small laptop, some other small-sized electronics and a wallet. Perfect for a beach day or a sightseeing day trips.

30 – 35 liter are considered to be a large-sized daypacks, but still lightweight and packable.

Obviously, in those daypacks you can fit in more. A daypack of this size even will be enough for a short backpacking trip. Or even for a longer one – depending on your needs and packing skills!

40+ liter – there is such an option as well.

Despite their size, they don’t weight much more than 30 or 35 liter daypacks. When folded and packed they don’t take up much space either – they are still about the a size of a small cosmetics bag.

Most of the best daypacks for travel have at least a couple of zippered compartments. Usually there is one main compartment, one or two front pockets and two side mesh pockets. Some of the daypacks have an inner zippered pocket, as well. Which is great for storing valuables and IDs.

Mostly shoulder straps of a daypack are lightly padded.

Especially of large-sized daypacks. Some small-sized daypacks have shoulder straps without padding. It is not a problem if you are not planning on carrying a heavy load for hours on end. Daypacks with no padding on shoulder straps are still good enough for a sightseeing day trip. Put in a bottle of water, a sweater, a compact camera, a wallet, a guidebook, and I’m sure it still will feel OK on your shoulders.

Two hikers hiking in Nepal

Packable Travel Daypacks: How to Fold It & How Big Is It When Packed?

All packable daypacks can be packed inside itself, in a pack-in pocket.

When reading a description of a packable daypack, you will see a step by step guide on how to pack it. First, you need to find a pack-in pocket. It can be either zippered inside pocket or zippered front pocket.

Then – fold the pack in two, then fold the sides and push it in the pack-in pocket. Finally – close the pack-in pocket!

Put this small package in your backpack or a suitcase. That’s it!

This is how we pack NeatPack Foldable Daypack:

NeatPack Foldable Daypack 1


NeatPack Foldable Daypack 2

NeatPack Foldable Daypack 3

NeatPack Foldable Daypack 4

NeatPack Foldable Daypack 5

When folded and packed, daypacks don’t take up too much space.

Few examples:

  • Outlander 20L/33L: 6.29” x 5.90” x 2” (16 x 15 x 5 cm), 0.5 pounds (227 grams).
  • G4Free 40L: 9.4” x 7.8” x 3.9” (24 x 20 x 10 cm), 0.8 pounds (360 grams).
  • Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil 20L: equivalent to a size of a fist, 0.15 pounds (68 grams).
  • Gonex 20L: flat – 6.3” x 6.3” (16 x 16 cm), 0.4 pounds (181 grams).

Choosing the Best Small Backpack (Daypack) for Yourself

What you must consider and what questions you should ask yourself before buying a lightweight daypack:

1. Size

What is the purpose? Is it a short hike? To go on a beach? Day sightseeing trip?

2. Shoulder Straps

How much weight do you want to carry? If it is more than just a couple of books and a sweater, than you might need to consider buying a daypack with more padding on shoulder straps.

3. Compartments

If it will be enough just with one compartment (Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil) or do you prefer a packable daypack with a main compartment, two zippered front pockets, one inner pocket and two side mesh pockets?

4. Size When Packed

Do you have a small backpack and there is a risk that you won’t have any free space, even for a small 6.3” x 6.3” (16 x 16 cm) pouch? Then buy the smallest daypack possible – Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil 20L. The size of its pouch is equivalent to a size of a fist.

5. And, Of Course, Durability

Make sure that the best and the most durable high quality materials are used to create this daypack! Is the material water resistant and tear proof? Are the zippers good quality? Are the stress points reinforced with bar tacking? Read the description of the backpack carefully!

Kaspars wearing a small backpack in Portugal

REVIEWS: Best Travel Daypacks – Best Daypack for Travel

Best Packable Daypacks

Are you looking for the best travel day bag?

Here are 9 of the best foldable backpacks, or in other words – backpacks, that can be packed inside themselves.

For more details, availability and the latest price check them out on Amazon!

1. Outlander Packable Lightweight Travel Daypack

Outlander packable daypack is one of our favorites between the best travel daypacks available.

It is super-compact and lightweight – the largest one (it comes in 2 sizes) weights mere 0.5 pounds or 230 grams. And it’s super cheap.

The daypack folds in a small zippered inner pocket. You can take it anywhere and anytime – put it into your pants pocket, into a backpack or a suitcase, or into a small handbag!

It is said that the daypack is water resistant and it stands up to the rain. But I wouldn’t recommend you to use it, when there is a heavy downpour. Or get some decent quality rain cover, and then you’ll definitely be ready for whatever comes.

The daypack is made from rip and water resistant nylon, and its stress points are reinforced with bar tacking. The pack’s zipper is very durable, too. Outlander packable daypack comes with a lifetime warranty.

It has a few compartments: a large main compartment, two front zippered pockets, two side mesh pockets and one inner pocket.

We have already mentioned Outlander packable daypack before – in our guide to the best carry on backpacks. It can indeed be a good carry on backpack for those who prefer to travel as light as possible. Though, its quality, of course, can’t be compared to the quality of the backpacks costing 5 times more, as many of the best travel backpacks cost.

The backpack comes in two sizes (20 liter and 33 liter) and in several bright colors.

2. Gonex Ultralight Packable Daypack

One of the best daypacks for travel.

It weights 0.4 pounds (182 grams), and is easily foldable into a small rectangle and thus can be put into a backpack or a hand bag. Gonex daypack is smaller than a standard carry on bag, so it will be suitable as a carry on even on some low-costers which have very strict regulations for a carry on (like Ryanair and Wizz Air in Europe).

Have you packed too much stuff in your check in luggage? I

t’s not a problem as long as you have a packable backpack with you as well. Because you can always use it as your carry on for your excess baggage and avoid overweight luggage charges.

Gonex Ultralight is water resistant and durable. It is made from good quality water and tear resistant nylon, and it has durable zippers. The daypack has several compartments. The largest one is big enough to carry a couple of books and a small laptop. In addition to the large-sized compartment, similar to Outlander daypack, Gonex daypack has one internal pocket and two side mesh pockets, but unfortunately there is only one small zippered front pocket.

Gonex backpack comes in 8 different colors, some of them bright.

Unfortunately, this exact backpack doesn’t come in various sizes.

There is only one option – 20 liter daypack.

There are other models in different sizes, though.

3. Bago Lightweight Daypack

Bago lightweight daypack is made from a strong tear resistant honeycomb polyester material.

In product description it is said that the daypack is waterproof. I wouldn’t say that. Water resistant – yes, waterproof – no.

There is large main compartment, small zippered front pocket and four mesh pockets – two at the front and two at the sides of a pack. Unfortunately, the mesh shoulder straps aren’t padded at all. That means you can’t really carry anything too heavy, as it won’t feel too comfortable on your back.

However, it is a perfect daypack to take with you on a beach or when sightseeing, to carry some of your electronics, like an iPad, a wallet, a guidebook and a water bottle. Side mesh pockets are specially designed for water bottles.

There is only one size (22 liter) and several colors to choose from.

4. Outlander Packable Lightweight Travel Daypack 35 l

A slightly roomier version of the popular Outlander daypack, with a slightly different design.

Thanks to its size two of its smallest compartments are still quite roomy. What else – the shoulder straps have better padding, and there are no flaps with the zippers. So it’s easier to close the pack – zippers don’t catch on the flaps, as it was with smaller models.

There are two adjustable buckled straps on both of the sides of the daypack. And the largest compartment is big enough to hold a few books, a small laptop and some other small-sized electronics. There are two side mesh pockets for water bottles and a sternum strap. This version of a pack includes aluminum carabiner and a whistle buckle.

Carabiner will come in handy to attach something to the outside of the backpack.

The daypack is made of strong water resistant and rip proof nylon.

It is foldable just like the other packable daypacks.

5. Hikpro Ultralight Packable Travel Daypack

Like the rest of the best daypacks for travel Hikpro daypack is ultralight and foldable.

It is made from high quality water and tear resistant nylon, and weights only 0.45 pounds (227 grams). The pack’s bottom is very durable as it is made from double layer material. Hikpro lightweight daypack’s design is simple and I would say classic.

There is one large and roomy compartment, which, as usual, can hold a couple of books, a small laptop and some other electronics. The bag has one zippered front pocket, one inner zippered pocket and two side mesh pockets for water bottles. The mesh pockets are durable, as the mesh is made of enhanced, tear resistant and highly flexible material.

All in all, its design is similar to the one of Gonex pack’s.

Hikpro lightweight daypack is available in several colors. There is only one size – 20 liter.

There is another, slightly bigger model (25 liter) with more compartments.

6. NeatPack Foldable Daypack

A durable daypack made of water resistant ripstop nylon.

The material is durable and lightweight. As most of the lightweight daypacks I have mentioned it has abrasion resistant SBS zippers. The backpack is backed by lifetime warranty. Just register this packable backpack on the website of NeatPack to be eligible for it!

The NeatPack daypack has a roomy main compartment with an unpadded sleeve at the back that has a Velcro closure. It can accommodate my 10 inch laptop in its soft case, but then I can’t close the Vecro Closure, as the end of the laptop sticks out. It’s not a problem, though, as the laptop is not falling out.

There’s a zippered inside pocket, which is also a pouch where daypack itself can be folded into. Just turn it inside out to use it as a pocket! There’s a concealed bottom zip pocket, which is great for storing valuables, a wallet or documents! It’s rather large – I can fit my Kindle in it’s case and a passport with some room to spare.

There’s a zippered front pocket and two side mesh pockets as well. The zippered pocket can hold a large iPhone with a room to spare for other smaller items, like tickets, passport.

Like the rest of the daypacks above, NeatPack folds up into a small pocket. When folded, its size is 8 x 6.7” (20 x 17 cm).

Unfortunately, daypack’s shoulder straps are thin. So, I wouldn’t recommend it for long walks with a heavy load. The back’s slightly padded, though. There’s a handle on the top of the daypack. The daypack comes with 2 D-rings, which can be used for attaching carabiners. For extra safety against pickpockets you can bind zippers together to the D-ring with a carabiner.

The daypack’s capacity is 20 liter, and it is available in several colors. I have the blue one.

Is it the best daypack for travel? For some, surely. And we love it, too. But for some it might be too small.

Our full review: Neatpack foldable daypack.

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7. Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Day Pack

Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Day Pack is one of the best small backpacks ever!

It is extremely lightweight. It weights only 0.15 pounds (68 grams)! It’s the lightest daypack on this list. When packed, it is the smallest as well. It can be packed in a tiny pouch equivalent to a size of a fist. The best day backpack for everyone looking for the smallest quality backpack.

Despite its tiny size and small weight, the daypack still is made of durable water resistant siliconized material (Siliconized Cordura). The stitching is reinforced with bar-tacking, and there is a durable two-way zipper closure.

Although the pack is tough, I wouldn’t carry a laptop or other large electronics in this pack, as there is no padding at all. It just won’t feel comfortable, definitively not when you are walking for a couple of hours or more. Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil will be a perfect daypack to take with you on a beach or when sightseeing, to carry, for instance, a small camera, a jacket, a wallet, a guidebook and a water bottle.

Unfortunately, this minimalist daypack has only one compartment.

Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil daypack is available in several colors, but there is only one size – 20 liters.

8. Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Travel Daypack

A lightweight daypack made of high quality tear and water resistant nylon material.

It has a double-layer bottom, so it makes it more convenient to carry some heavier load. Daypack’s stress points are enhanced by bar-tacks. This Venture Pal daypack is backed by lifetime warranty. The daypack is quite large – 35 liter. The main compartment (with two separators) is large enough to fit in a 13” laptop, a few books and some other small electronics.

There are two zippered front pockets and two side mesh pockets.

The daypack has two adjustable buckled straps on both of the sides of the daypack, and the shoulder straps are padded with a sponge padding. The pack has a sternum strap as well.

Venture Pal comes in several colors, and some of them are bright!

9. G4Free 40L Lightweight Foldable Travel Backpack

A large, lightweight, packable backpack for travel.

A great choice for those who want to go on a short hiking trip once in a while, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on an expensive hiking backpack! This pack will be great also for those who just want a larger daypack.

Despite its size (40 liter) G4Free packable daypack doesn’t weight much more than 30 or 35 liter daypacks. It weights 0.8 pounds (360 grams), and it can be packed inside itself – just like the others. It doesn’t take up much space when folded and packed either. When folded, the size of the pack is 9.4 x 7.8 x 3.9” (24 x 20 x 10 cm) – a size of a small cosmetics bag.

As there is no hip belt and thick padding (of course, because it is a lightweight packable daypack!) you can’t really take it on a serious hike. It won’t really keep its shape too well – this is another reason you shouln’t take it on a serious hiking trip, such as the PCT, haha.

G4Free pack is made of high quality tear and water resistant nylon.

It is available in several colors.

Small red backpack on the rocks

Best Small Backpack (Non-Packable)

Here they are 10 of the best small backpacks.

For more details, availability and the latest price check them out on Amazon!

1. Kipling Ravier Medium Solid Backpack Review

The Kipling Ravier is an ideal backpack for all busy ladies.

It’s a great choice for those who find backpacks more comfortable than large shoulder bags or tote bags. The backpack is perfect for day trips to the town, as well as it can be used by commuters, or even on a short day hike!

The Kipling Ravier backpack features several compartments, which will help to keep all of your stuff well organized.

There are 2 side pockets with magnetic metal snap closure, a large zippered front pocket and a zippered hidden back pocket to protect your valuables from pickpockets. Under the flap there is a large zippered main compartment with a zippered inside pocket and a few interior pockets for pens, pencils and phone, as well as a key attachment point. There is another, smaller, compartment with a draw string closure.

The Kipling Ravier isn’t sporty looking backpack. It’s classy and stylish.

The bag is a available in several colors, including some cute bright ones. It’s made from high quality durable yet lightweight material. The bag features good quality zippers with large Kipling-style circular zipper pulls. All the magnetic metal snaps are strong and easy to close. And of course, the backpack comes with a cute Kipling monkey key chain.

Unfortunately, the shoulder straps are unpadded, so it becomes uncomfortable to carry the bag when it’s too heavy. Note, that there is no padded sleeve in this backpack! However, it can hold hold a 13” MacBook Air without a case, but it’s a tight fit!

Overall dimensions: 14.5” x 10.5” x 6.2” (37 x 27 x 16 cm).

2. Herschel Supply Co. Pop Quiz Backpack

This stylish Herschel Supply Co. Pop Quiz backpack is designed with students in mind.

However, it will be great for travelers and commuters, as well. You’ll be amazed how practical it is and how much it can hold!

It can hold really a lot for such a backpack. The pockets and organizational system of this bag are amazing. You’ll have no problem fitting in a 15” laptop with its charger, a couple of large spiral notebooks, a couple of textbooks, a planner, a handful of pens, cables, chargers, a wallet, a smartphone, sunglasses and other small items.

The Herschel Pop Quiz backpack is sturdy and well built.

It is made from a quality durable water resistant material and features a waterproof zipper at the front.

Please note, that the backpack is not entirely waterproof.

Inside of the backpack is lined with a signature lining – red and white stripped fabric.

Leather-like material covers the bottom of the backpack, as well as the handle.

The backpack has several compartments:

  • Padded and fleece lined 15” laptop sleeve.
  • Fleece lined sunglasses compartment.
  • Internal media pocket with headphone port.
  • Front pocket with internal mesh organizers and key clip with plenty of room for all the frequently accessed items.
  • Weather-proof front compartment with a weather-proof zipper.

Overall dimensions of the Herschel Pop Quiz backpack: 17.5” x 11.75” x 6” (45 x 31 x 15 cm).

Capacity: 22 liter.

3. Osprey Packs Daylite Plus Daypack

The Osprey Daylite Plus is a unisex pack, ideal for everyday use, traveling and commuters.

When it comes to choosing hiking or sports backpacks and accessories I go for Osprey. Because of the quality of their products. For some it’s clearly gonna be the best small travel backpack.

It’s not a big pack – its capacity is only 20 liters. So, it can’t really be used as the main pack for longer trips. Only as an additional backpack. Good news – the Daylite Plus is designed to attach to a number of other Osprey packs, such as Aether/Ariel packs, Volt/Viva packs, Shuttle packs, Sojourn packs, Porter packs, the Farpoint 80 and the Ace 75!

The Osprey Daylite Plus features a mesh-covered die-cut foam back panel, which provides comfort and ventilation. This back panel is rigid, so it helps the bag to keep its shape.

There is a multi-function interior sleeve, which can be used for either a water reservoir or laptop / tablet computer. The front panel Shove-It pocket is great for stashing your lightweight rain jacket or backpack rain cover. The Shove-It pocket is adjustable thanks to the 2 adjustable straps on either sides of the pack.

The 2 side mesh pockets are ideal for storing water bottles and an umbrella. There is a small zippered pocket at the front of the pack. You’ll find a larger zippered compartment with mesh sections and a key attachment at the top of the pack.

The backpack doesn’t look big and bulky at all, yet it can hold a 15.6” laptop. It will be a tight fit, though.

The Daylite Plus can be used as a carry on item with most of the airlines globally.

If you don’t stuff it, you will even be able to put it beneath a seat.

The backpack is made of durable lightweight material.

It is not packable but still you can fold / roll it and it won’t take up too much space.

Overall dimensions of the Daylite Plus: 18” x 10” x 10” (46 x 25 x 25 cm).

It is available in several colors. My favorite is the beautiful teal color.

4. Under Armour Storm Hustle II Backpack

A great choice for those who want a small sporty backpack.

It’s an athletic-minded backpack featuring highly water-resistant UA Storm technology and abrasion-resistant PU coated bottom panel. The backpack is made from a rugged nylon material and features strong padded shoulder straps and tough grab handle.

The backpack has plenty of room, and it even can hold a 15” laptop. It can be stored in a soft lined laptop sleeve in a main compartment.

Second largest compartment has a few small sections and a key attachment point. There is a water repellent front pocket and a large, gusseted front laundry pocket. 2 side mesh pockets are ideal for storing bottles.

The good thing is that the Under Armour Storm Hustle II daypack is slim, so it doesn’t stick out, even when packed.

Overall dimensions: 18” x 13” x 8” (46 x 33 x 20 cm).

There are quite a lot of designs (and colors) to choose from. See for yourself!

5. JanSport Unisex SuperBreak Backpack

This one is classic! I remember having one when I was a kid.

Years have passed, and it’s still among my favorite backpacks.

This awesome classic-looking Jansport bag is made from durable 600 denier polyester. The backpack has a padded back and shoulder straps for comfortable carrying of heavy loads.

The Jansport SuperBreak has 2 compartments: a large main compartment and zippered front utility compartment with small pockets for pens, pencils and a notebook. The bag may look small from the photo or when you upack it. But once you start putting all your stuff in you’ll see that it’s very roomy and can hold a lot. It is large enough to fit a 15” laptop computer but, note, that there’s no special padded sleeve!

Commuters, students, high schoolers, travelers – this backpack will be a good choice basically for anyone.

Another good thing – the JanSport SuperBreak can be carried on board, as a carry on, in most of the airlines.

The Jansport SuperBreak is available in many colors and patterns, both vibrant and dark.

Overall dimensions of the backpack: 16.7” x 13” x 8.5” (42.5 x 33 x 22 cm).

This post originally appeared on Una’s blog We Are From Latvia.

Text: Una Baufala.

Do you use a daypack, when you’re traveling? Is it a foldable travel daypack?

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