NeatPack Foldable Daypack Review

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Foldable daypacks are cool.

Read my NeatPack Foldable Daypack review to learn more about this particular backpack from NeatPack.

Foldable daypacks are lightweight yet durable backpacks which, as the name suggests, can be folded and packed inside itself, in a pack-in pocket. When packed, these daypacks take up very little space. Most of them are roughly the size of a small and flat make-up bag or toiletry bag.

So you can easily stuff it into your carry on size backpack or suitcase.

Even if it’s already full.

A daypack like this is a must have if you are traveling a lot, and especially – tend to overpack. And it’s a great solution for all your day hiking trips and sightseeing trips.

You can easily stuff it into your carry on size backpack or suitcase.

Returning home from a trip and don’t have any space in your large suitcase anymore?

The daypack will come in handy in these situations. Put the excess stuff in the daypack and carry it on board. Problem solved. Traveling long-term and want another backpack, but you will not need it all the time? Get a foldable daypack. It’s small, cheap, lightweight and convenient. Whenever you need it, unpack it and use it. As simple as that.

Kaspars wearing NeatPack Foldable Daypack
Wearing NeatPack Foldable Daypack

NeatPack Foldable Daypack Review

I am using a packable daypack since summer 2017.

Right now I have the blue NeatPack daypack. This daypack, just as the most other packable daypacks, is made of water resistant ripstop nylon. This material is lightweight yet durable. The NeatPack daypack has abrasion resistant SBS zippers. Its capacity is 20 liters.

For more details, photos and user reviews check it out on Amazon!

The NeatPack features several compartments and pockets, which will help to organize your things.

There’s a roomy main compartment with an unpadded sleeve at the back that has a Velcro closure. It can accommodate a 10” tablet in its protective sleeve as well. But it’s tight  fit. After putting a tablet in the pack’s sleeve you may not be able to close the Vecro closure. As the end of the tablet will likely stick out.

There’s a roomy zippered inside pocket, which is also a pack-in pocket where the daypack itself can be folded into. Just turn it inside out to use it as a pocket!

There’s a deep front zippered pocket and two side mesh pockets for water bottles / umbrella.

The cool thing about this packable daypack is – it has a hidden bottom zip pocket! It can be used for storing valuables, wallet or documents! Or you can put in there your flip flops (6.5 US / 37 EU fits perfectly, larger might not fit).

Secret Pocket - NeatPack Foldable Daypack
Secret Pocket – NeatPack Foldable Daypack

The daypack comes with 2 D-rings, which are attached to the front of the bag. The D-rings can be used for attaching carabiners or for extra safety against pickpockets. It’s easy to use them – just bind the zippers together to the D-ring with a carabiner.

Of course, there’s a handle on the top of the daypack.

How to Pack NeatPack Foldable Daypack

It’s very easy to fold the NeatPack daypack.

Turn the pack-in pocket inside-out.

Fold the daypack in two, then fold the sides and push it in the pack-in pocket.

Close the pack-in pocket. Done!

Packing NeatPack Foldable Daypack - 1

Packing NeatPack Foldable Daypack - 1

Packing NeatPack Foldable Daypack - 3

Packing NeatPack Foldable Daypack - 4

Packing NeatPack Foldable Daypack - 5

It takes very little space when folded – it’s the size of a small make-up bag.

Yes, it’s not the smallest and lightest daypack possible, as there are more compact options such as Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil. But Sea to Summit has only 1 compartment, and it’s not padded at all. The NeatPack’s back is slightly padded, and it has several compartments, which is good for organization.

How Big or Small Is This Backpack

Now let’s look what’s inside of my NeatPack daypack:

– An iPad (9.7”) in its sleeve – in the sleeve at the back of the main compartment

– 3 paperback books – in the main compartment.

– Long sleeve (ladies S size) – in the main compartment.

– Travel umbrella – in the main compartment.

– Eyeglasses in their case – in the main compartment.

– 5.5” smartphone in its case – in the zippered inside pocket.

– Amazon Kindle in its case – in the zippered inside pocket.

– Keys – in the zippered front pocket.

– Small make-up bag – in the zippered front pocket.

– Passport – in the hidden pocket at the bottom.

– 16.9 fl oz (500 ml) water bottle – in one of the outside mesh pockets (a bigger bottle – 33.8 fl oz / 1 liter – fits in as well).

– Paper bag with a couple of pastries – in the main compartment, on top of the books.

As you can see I was able to fit in quite a lot, and it wasn’t even full.

The daypack is durable and I felt OK carrying all of this stuff.

NeatPack Foldable Daypack Up Close

However, I wouldn’t put more stuff in it.

As then it will be not that convenient to carry it. The straps are not padded and my shoulders most probably would start to hurt after carrying heavy pack for hours on end. The back’s slightly padded, though.

When I carried almost empty daypack, I noticed that the inside pocket (which is more like a pouch) kept bouncing when I walked. As it is a pack-in pocket for the daypack, it’s a loose pouch. So, don’t carry anything heavy in it , like a smartphone (sunglasses are OK), when the daypack is almost empty. Put it in the main compartment instead.

When I had my tablet and a few books in it then the inside pocket was not moving. So, it’s not really a problem.

The backpack is backed by lifetime warranty. Just register this packable backpack on the website of NeatPack to be eligible for it.

Available in several colors: black, blue, navy, green and red.

Dimensions (unfold): 18” x 10” (46 x 25 cm).

Dimensions (folded): 8” x 8” (20 x 20 cm).

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For more details, photos and user reviews check it out on Amazon!

This post originally appeared on Una’s blog We Are From Latvia.

Text: Una Baufala.

NeatPack Foldable Daypack Hanging

Disclosure: Although NeatPack travel daypack was sent to us to try out, my opinions shared are my own.

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