A view from a cave in Latvia

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I first realized it in 2013.

We were on an open-ended trip in India.

And then at some point it hit me. I hadn’t been outside during the day that much for something like 10 years. Since I was a teenager. I hadn’t seen that many sunsets and sunrises outdoors. Ever. It felt very good to be outside more. To see more of the daylight.

It Feels the Same As Good Now

If you work on your own, you’re your own boss.

And one of the biggest benefits for me personally is the work schedule.

You can create your own work schedule. And if you decide so, you can be working during the day on Friday. Or you can be out exploring caves, hiking, reading a book on the beach, or wandering around the city, just like we did this Friday. We went out for a walk.

Riga Old Town
Riga Old Town

A statue in Riga city center

Since about a year and a half ago, we work on workdays and rest on the weekends. Mostly. And sometimes we work on weekends, and then work only 2 or 3 days the next week. But mostly it’s Monday – Friday. It’s easier to have a healthy routine this way. And this week wasn’t an exception.

Actually after last week’s adventures, I didn’t want to go outside at all.

Until Friday, when I just didn’t feel like working. So we took a day off.

We were out in the city, and it hit me again.

It was a working day, but we weren’t working.

Because we didn’t want. Because it was a very nice and sunny day. And because we could do so.

Visiting One of the Latvia’s Most Trending Tourist Sites (Since 2019)

Have you heard of Līču-Laņģu Sandstone Cliffs?

Yes, I also struggle to pronounce it, haha.

Until about a year ago I hadn’t. But then more and more people in Latvia started to talk about. And since we had no any other ideas, where to go this week, we decided to go and check out the Licu-Langu Sandstone Cliffs. The place is a little bit away from everything, it’s a 2-hour train ride away from Riga, but it is possible to get there by public transportation as well.

A train stops just a 20-minute walk away from the site.

We went there. We weren’t that impressed by the place. On Instagram it looks more impressive. But we had a nice walk in the forest nonetheless. Until it started raining heavily.

Here are a few photos from our walk.

Lode clay deposit
Lode clay deposit

Walking near Lode clay deposit

Devil's Oven cave

Devil's Oven

Walking in the forest

Walking on a trail running trail

Forest trail in Latvia

Līču-Laņģu Sandstone Cliffs
Līču-Laņģu Sandstone Cliffs
Cave near Līču-Laņģu Sandstone Cliffs
Cave near Līču-Laņģu Sandstone Cliffs

Wild berries in Latvia

Wild mushrooms in the forest in Latvia

Bushes next to a trail in Latvian forest

Picking wild berries in Latvia

Standing next to Grivinu rock
Standing next to Grivinu rock

Today we learned that it was the wrong place.

We didn’t find the right place (just one section of it).