Kaspars looking at Annapurna - Annapurna Circuit Photos

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Are you currently thinking of heading to the mountains? Maybe to do the Annapurna Circuit trek in Nepal?

Aren’t sure if it’s worth it and whether you are ready for it? Whether your fitness level is good enough for Annapurna Circuit? Chances are – if you’ve been thinking of it – you are fit enough. Because overall it’s not that hard hike. And most of people can do it.

Scroll down to see my Annapurna Circuit photos. And I’m sure you’ll have enough of motivation to go for it!

And to do some training before you go to be even better prepared.

If you are looking for practical information like Annapurna Circuit itinerary, what are the costs or what is the best time for Annapurna Circuit, then check out our complete guide to the Annapurna Circuit trek.

Annapurna Circuit Photos

What is the best time to do Annapurna Circuit?

Most of the guide books will tell you that it’s autumn (October, November) and late spring (April). What I’ll recommend you is to take a risk (reasonable) and go a little bit earlier or later. It can be cold then and you may need to wait for a few days in case there is a lot of snow, like it happened in spring of 2017.

But the views are well worth it. And the experience itself is much more enjoyable without a bunch of other travelers always around you.

Annapurna Circuit in March? This is what you can expect.

1. At First It Feels Like In The Tropics

Beginning of Annapurna Circuit - Annapurna Circuit Photos

2. Then You Go Higher And Your Surroundings Change

Trekking near Tal - Annapurna Circuit Photos

3. Mountains Around You Get Bigger

Hiking Annapurna Circuit Trek

4. And Soon It Looks Completely Different Again. Like in North America, Huh?

River on Annapurna Circuit

5. You Are Getting Closer to Snow-Capped Peaks

A scenic bridge on Annapurna Circuit trek

6. And Closer…

A view from Upper Pisang

7. From Now On You Never Go Too Far Away From Them

Trekking near Upper Pisang

8. There Are Some Big Mountains Behind You, And Some in Front of You

High mountains in Himalayas

9. Did You Notice That There Is a Village in the Photo Below?

Mountain village on Annapurna Circuit

Yep, that’s how Himalayan villages look high in the moutains.

10. Approaching Manang (Town)

Approaching Manang

11. Stopping in Manang for a Day of Acclimatization

In Manang, March 2017

By now you have noticed there are prayer wheels on the outskirts of every settlement in Himalayas. You pass them when you enter and when you leave the town.

12. Then You Continue to Trek Even Higher

Trekking near Manang

13. You Are Crossing Suspension Bridges Every Now and Then

Crossing a suspension bridge on Annapurna Circuit

I remember looking at Annapurna Circuit map for the first time and thinking – oh, we should definitely go this way. Because there will be a suspension bridge.

Little did I know that no matter how will your annapurna circuit trek itinerary look like you’ll be crossing suspension bridges almost every day. Almost every day.

Because that’s now it is here in Himalayas. You can’t avoid crossing one even if you would like to do so.

14. The Only Way Is Up

Steep trail to Thorung Pedi

15. Higher…

Trekking to High Camp on Annapurna Circuit

It’s shortly after the sunrise, and the longest day has already started. Heading for the Thorung La pass, which at 5416 m / 17 769 ft is the highest point of Annapurna Circuirt trek.

16. Hi, Mister Yak!

A yak at High Camp - Annapurna Circuit

17. You Are Getting Closer to the Sky

Trekking near High Camp

18. And Closer

Hiking to Thorung La Pass

19. Hours of Walking Only Up… And Now It’s Time to Go Down

Running down the hill from Thorung La Pass

You have done. You have crossed the highest point of the trek. You have crossed Thorung La pass.

20. A Day Later You Leave Snow-Capped Mountains Behind You

Hiking near Muktinath

21. And Again… Surroundings Change Dramatically

A suspension bridge in Himalayas

22. You Have Almost Made It to Jomsom. Congratulations!

Vast plains on the way to Jomsom

Are You Ready to Go? Ready to Do the Annapurna Circuit Trek?

If you are looking for practical information like Annapurna Circuit itinerary, what are the costs or what is the best time for Annapurna Circuit, then check out our complete guide to the Annapurna Circuit trek. There you will learn more about doing the Annapurna Circuit without guide.

Because, yes, it’s possible also to do the Annapurna Circuit solo.

Have you done Annapurna Circuit? When was it? What was your experience?

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