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Can you do it in any other season except for winter? I don’t know.

You can easily walk from Ziepniekkalns to Balozi; there’s a nice path. However, I was eager to find another trail, a more interesting one, if possible, and so we ended up walking from Ziepniekkalns to Tiraine (which is, actually, very close) through forest, bushes and off the trail.

See our route below if you would like to do something similar.

1. Ziepniekkalns – Tiraine Walk: Basics

There are multiple trails and forest roads in the area.

I just wanted to find something I hadn’t checked out before.

You can take a bus or taxi to this area, or you can do like we did — walking from wherever you are in Riga. In our case it meant walking from Tornakalns to Ziepniekkalns, Tiraine and back.


TIME & DISTANCE: around 3 miles / 4.8 km (around 1 hour).

That’s if you take a taxi or bus to forest and don’t walk to Ziepniekkalns.

We started walking and also finished in Tornakalns, making the walk longer.

TIPS: At first it’s a forest with forest roads and trails, but for most part it’s just bushes. I don’t know if there are any trails during the summer. If there is then it’s easy, if there aren’t — you will need to follow the map.

2. How to Get to Ziepniekkalns from the Old Town

There are two best options – trolleybus or taxi (Bolt or Yandex).

If you’ll take a taxi, go to this place.

If you’ll go by public transportation, take a trolleybus 4 and get off at “Ozolciema iela”. It’s right next to the above mentioned place.

3. Ziepniekkalns – Tiraine Walk: My Experience

Soviet apartment buildings

Soviet apartment buildings

Just a day earlier I had never been to this area.

And now we were looking for something more adventurous.

It didn’t turn out as expected. I thought we’ll find some proper trails, as on the map it looked like there could be some in the direction we were heading to. Nevertheless, we succeeded in finding an adventure in a very boring part of the city. While also doing a bit of exploration in Ziepniekkalns neighbourhood.

Here are a few photos from our Ziepniekkalns – Tiraine hike.

Long apartment building in Ziepniekkalns

The Great Wall of Riga

The Great Wall of Riga / The Great Wall of Ziepniekkalns

Soviet architecture in Riga

Starting a walk from Ziepniekkalns to Tiraine

Starting a walk from Ziepniekkalns to Tiraine

Forest in Ziepniekkalns

Walking in the forest near Ziepniekkalns

Snowy forest in Riga

Walking through bushes in Riga

Metal fence near a factory in Riga

Metal fence of a factory in Riga

Walking in deep snow

Fenced area of a factory

Snowy trail near Riga

Road next to a factory

Finishing the bush walk; getting back on the road

Have you been to Riga? Did you go hiking in Riga or somewhere nearby? What was your experience?

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