Cycling in Voleri, Riga

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Voleri is a neighbourhood in Riga next to river Daugava.

According to Wikipedia there are 58 neighbourhoods in Riga.

Having lived in Riga for over 15 years, I have never really went on exploring the city. I would just go where I need, and that’s it. But then came the 2020. I’m in Riga and have a bicycle. And I started to look for interesting places where to go cycling in Riga. Turns out there are some places to be explored.

Like the Voleri, one of Riga’s lesser known suburbs.

Getting to Voleri

There’s no bicycle infrastructure in this part of Riga.

At the same time it’s very easy to get there from the Riga city center, because mostly all you have to do is follow one road. Either by cycling on the road or on the sidewalk. At one point the sidewalk ends, but then there’s a trail next to the busy road. Most cyclists take that road. I recommend you to do the same.

That’s the main  reason I would recommend you to go on a ride in Voleri, that small village feeling.

All the way until this point – where the Voleri starts.


If you need a bike, it’s very easy to rent a bicycle in Riga.

Cycling in Voleri, Riga

I don’t have a plan for you to follow — Voleri isn’t that big place anyway.

Just sit on your bike, pedal once in a while, and let it take you around the area.

All in all Voleri feels a lot like a small town in Latvia. Like a village. But unlike most villages in Latvia it’s next to a big river and with big non-accessible areas, because of the nearby port. And that’s the main  reason I would recommend you to go on a ride in Voleri, that small village feeling.

If you’re following the Weekly, you’ll know that it was a few weeks ago that I went to Voleri. Here are some of the photos I took during that visit.

Voleri street
The Voleri main street

Cycling in Voleri, Riga

Non accessible area in Voleri port

Huge hangars in Voleri, Riga
Huge hangars in Voleri, Riga
A truck in Voleri
A truck. You see a lot of them in some parts of Voleri

Girl on a bicycle near a port in Riga

A black cat in Voleri, Riga

Riding a bicycle through the forest
Riding on a forest path in Voleri

A huge pile of woods in Voleri

Daugava river coastline

A ship parked in Voleri
A ship anchored in Voleri

Have you been to Riga? Did you visit Voleri? Did you try cycling in Riga? What was your experience?