The Weekly #8: Sun, Rain, Mud Weekend

Watching sunrise on the side of a road

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Another week, another cycling micro adventures.

If you want to do something similar, but you don’t have a bike, I have a good news for you – it’s very easy to rent a bicycle in Riga.

As for us, this week was all about Kuldiga, a very pretty, small town, where we came up with an idea to cycle to. We didn’t want to cycle all the way from Riga to Kuldiga, it’s almost 100 miles / 160 km after all, so we found a different way to get to Kuldiga with our bikes with us.

Cycling From Tukums to Kuldiga

Our plan was very simple. As most of our/my plans are.

To take a train as far as possible – because in Latvia train is the most convenient way to take a bicycle with you – and to cycle from there to Kuldiga. We didn’t want to take a bus, because with a bus you never know if you’ll even allowed to take a bicycle with you, and if the driver will allow you to take a bike without special cover (we don’t have one).

So the train it was. Earliest train from Riga to Tukums 2 train station.

And then some 50 miles / 80 kilometers of cycling.

With views like this. Not bad, huh?

Sun is rising over fields in Latvia

Just a couple weeks ago it was very warm in Latvia.

And also just a few days before this ride the weather was awesome.

Then it started raining a lot. Became colder. And it seemed like it might rain on this Saturday and Sunday as well. Then also the COVID situation worsened significantly in Kuldiga – our destination.

So, there were some big doubts.

Doubts that we pushed aside, and went on the ride.

Just to give it a try.

It was cold. It was raining at some point. We got soaked wet and covered in mud at one point (luckily that was at the end of the day). We were racing with rain clouds on the second afternoon. But there were also two very beautiful sunrises and dawn hours, roads were okay and there was less traffic than we expected. We saw some very beautiful places.

And also Kuldiga was emptier than normally. Because of the current situation.

So, overall it was a very cool ride we enjoyed a lot.

It was totally worth it.

Here are a few of the best photos from our last weekend’s ride.

Road through fields during sunrise

Bicycle on the side of a road

Green fields and road in Latvia

Standing and drinking water on the side of a road

Trees along the road in Latvia

Historical buildings in Kuldiga, Latvia

Historical buildings in Kuldiga, Latvia

A pink house in Kuldiga, Latvia

Narrow river in Kuldiga, Latvia

Kuldiga, Latvia

Old red building in Kuldiga, Latvia

Street of Kuldiga, Latvia

Old building in Kuldiga

Ventas rumba waterfall in Kuldiga, Latvia

Ventas Rumba waterfall in Kuldiga, Latvia

Ventas Rumba waterfall

Autumn sights of Kuldiga, Latvia

Cycling on gravel roads

Cycling on gravel roads without proper rain gear can be dirty, haha

Car on a road in rural Latvia

Green fields and electricity pole in Latvia

Mist over green fields in Latvia

Reflection in a pond

Cycling to Saldus, Latvia

Cycling on a good road - Autumn sights

Have you been to Kuldiga? Did you like it?

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