Teufelsberg fence

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It was November. We were in Berlin with no plan at all.

And I jokingly asked our Instagram followers – can you go hiking in Berlin? Are there any hills? I thought you can’t. But it turned out that you can.

Just on the outskirts of the city, accessible by public transportation and walking, there are a couple of interesting places. The most popular one is Teufelsberg, a former American spy base. And right next to it is a hill offering 360-degree view of the city – Drachenberg.

Hiking in Berlin: Teufelsberg, Berlin

Search for alternative things to do in Berlin, and you’ll find Teufelsberg.

It’s a man-made hill on the outskirts of Berlin. On the top of it there used to be an American base. But that was during the cold war of the 20th century. Now it’s an abandoned site featuring A LOT of cool graffitis. And it’s open to public.

Since 2019 it’s accessible only on a guided tour.

You can either go to the site or you can book your tour online.

Booking a tour online might be more expensive that doing it on your own. But it also includes a transfer in an 8-seater, and you can be sure you’ll be getting inside.

1. How to Get to Teufelsberg and Drachenberg

Forest near Teufelsberg
Forest near Teufelsberg

Hiking near Teufelsberg

If you’ll be visiting both of them, start with Teufelsberg.

Take a bus M49 to Flatowallee/Olympiastadion. From there it’s a little bit more than a mile to walk (around 2 kilometers). Follow Google Maps or any other map.

I don’t think you can get lost. But there are several trails in this forest.

Just follow the map.

First to Teufelsberg, and from there to Drachenberg.

For getting back to the city you can take train from S Messe Süd.

We didn’t get inside the territory of Teufelsberg (more on this below), so for us it took around 2 hours for everything. Including a walk from the bus stop and at the end also a walk to the train station.

2. Hiking to Teufelsberg and Drachenberg: Our Experience

Approaching Teufelsberg

Nowadays there is a fence all around the territory.

You can’t get inside that easily anymore.

Before that everyone could just walk in there.

You can walk around it in any direction.

Entrance sign at Teufelsberg

Colorfully painted cars at Teufelsberg

Graffiti at Teufelsberg

Gates of Teufelsberg
Gates of Teufelsberg

There are only one gates.

Unfortunately for us, we had came on a wrong day.

It was closed and we couldn’t enter the territory.

Sign at Teufelsberg

Pricing - Teufelsberg

3. Teufelsberg Prices & Hours (as of November 2019):

I wrote down these from the posters.


  • regular ticket is €5;
  • if you’ll be photographing – €10;
  • historical tour – €15 / €10.

Opening hours:

  • Wednesday – Sunday, 11 – 16:00.
  • Last entry – 15:00.

On Monday and Tuesday the site is open only for private tours.

4. Take a Look at Berlin from Drachenberg

View from Drachenberg in Berlin

We hadn’t done our research. So we thought, we’ll have a nice view of Berlin from Teufelsberg. Did we?

Nope, you don’t get a nice view from there.

Even during the autumn, when trees aren’t covered in leaves you don’t see much from there. Only trees and bushes, and some more trees. But it’s completely opposite at Drachenberg.

From Drachenberg you have a nice 360-degree view of your surroundings.

Behind you is Teufelsberg, in front of you – Berlin.

Hiking in Berlin to Teufelsberg

Berlin as seen from Drachenberg

This place is quite big, and it looks just like the place for a summer afternoon picnic. So, if you ask me, I would definitely add this place to the list of places to visit in Berlin. If and when you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

It’s accessible for free.

Have you visited Teufelsberg or Drachenberg? Did you like it? Did you also get inside the Teufelsberg?

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