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A small and beautiful park in Istanbul.

It’s a nice and relaxing place for a peaceful walk or chilling on Asian side of Istanbul. You can either take a taxi to get there, or take a bus and walk, or you can walk all the way from Kadikoy. There are a few cafes in and near the park, as well as a few public picnic tables, if you’re up for a lunch or dinner.

Fenerbahce Island and Park: Basics

It’s small. It’s cute. And it’s a lesser visited park in Istanbul.

The main reason I’m mentioning it separately — even though for us it was a part of a longer walk on the Asian side of Istanbul — is the views. Due to its locations, the park offers beautiful waterfront views to 3 sides. Also the atmosphere there is more chilling than in other places in the area.

OUR ROUTE (we did much more than this one park):

TIME & DISTANCE: around 7 miles / 11 km (90 – 120 minutes).

You can do as you wish — just chill there, walk for 30 minutes, an hour or several hours in the area. We chose to walk for around 2 hours, and then to go to the metro to go back to the ferry pier. On a map above I’ve also recorded our walk to metro station.

Getting from the city center to Kadikoy, Istanbul

Ferry in Istanbul

Ferry in Istanbul

There are plenty of options — bus, taxi, metro, ferry.

In most situations ferry will be the best and also the fastest option to get from Istanbul European side to the Asian side. It’s right there, next to the Galata bridge, and it’s cheap. Just walk to the Eminonu station / pier, and take a ferry going to Kadikoy.

You need an Istanbul card to pay for the ride. You can purchase it from ticket vending machines near the pier. You may need to connect your card to your HES code. Google to find it out.

In April 2021, ticket cost 5 TL.

In most situations ferry will be the best and also the fastest option to get from Istanbul European side to the Asian side.

Fenerbahce Island and Park: Our Experience

Another reason to love it is its location.

You can go on coastal walks in both directions from the park.

Here are a few photos from our visit to the park.

Picnic table at Fenerbahce Park

Picnic table in Fenerbahce Park

Pathways in Fenerbahce Park

Big tree in Fenerbahce Park

Big tree in Fenerbahce Park, Istanbul

Walks in Fenerbahce Park

Walking in Fenerbahce Park

Have you been to Istanbul? Did you visit the Asian side of Istanbul? What was your experience?

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