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The best travel shorts?

We may have found the one. The shorts I’m wearing in this photo above. The same shorts I’m wearing now for everything and everywhere. They are that good. The exact model is Quiksilver Union Heather 20″ Amphibian.

[More shorts further below] To be honest, I didn’t pay that much attention to shorts before. I would just get one that I liked, and that’s it. And since I’m traveling a lot, mostly to warm countries, and I like to wear shorts, I was changing my shorts every once in a while. Most of them cost not more than 20 bucks.

I had noticed that there are some cool travel shorts out there.

I had seen ads, mostly on Facebook, but I never really paid too much attention to all these travel shorts.

They all seemed way too expensive to me. I also wasn’t sure if they would be any better than the ones I was using, and was happy with. I wasn’t ready to pay 4 or more times more than I was used to.

Until the time when again I was looking for new shorts, and I tried the Quiksilver Union Heather 20″ Amphibian.

Jumping in Bali wearing Quiksilver shorts

Wearing my Quiksilver shorts

Quiksilver Union Heather Amphibian Review (See more shorts further below)

I wasn’t planning to spend more than 50-60 bucks on shorts.

Then… after trying and looking at in total more than a hundred different shorts, everything from 10 to 100$ shorts, I bought the Quiksilver Amphibian shorts.

Yes, they were more than two times my budget, around 60 bucks at the time, but I couldn’t be any more satisfied with the choice. These shorts are simply awesome. Especially if you are a person like me. If you prefer to have fewer possessions. If you choose quality over quantity. And if you like to travel with carry on backpack only.

They are that comfortable that you can even sleep in them.

Why I Love These Quiksilver Shorts

I love these shorts because of several reasons.

Because they are light, super comfy and fast drying, but that’s not all.

1. They Are Super Light

Yes, swim shorts are never really heavy, but travel shorts can be.

And the Quiksilver Union Heather Amphibian shorts is a hybrid. These are the shorts you can go swimming in the morning, hiking in the afternoon and party in the evening. You can use them basically for everything.

So you get super versatile shorts weighting like swim shorts.

2. They Are Super Comfy

They are that comfortable that you can even sleep in them.

I know what I’m talking about, I have done it.

At the same time I can’t say that they feel nice to touch. But don’t let that put you off. Try them!

The material they are made of is kind of rough. Partly because it’s covered with water-repellent coating. But it changes immediately once you put them on. They feel very nice to wear. I have been wearing them for days on end. Swimming, then getting out of the ocean to jump on my scooter to drive for a couple of hours to hike a mountain, and to continue driving around Bali afterwards.

I felt no discomfort whatsoever.

While wearing only these shorts without nothing under them.

Wearing Quiksilver Union Heather 20 Amphibian Boardshorts and jumping

3. They Are Super Versatile

They are very practical.

As already mentioned, you can use these shorts for a lot of things, and I love it.

You can go swimming and hiking wearing these shorts. They look very good, meaning that you can wear them also to travel, go sightseeing or party. Without looking like a tourist. And you can also do all of that in a single day. Day after day, if you like so. After an intense month of traveling, hiking, motorbiking and swimming, these wrinkle free shorts look the same, as my experience shows.

Unlike many board shorts, theses ones have deep 4 pockets, which was very important to me. There are 2 pockets on the sides and 2 at the pack.

One pocket at the back also has a zipper closure, which is very practical. So you don’t have to worry where to put your apartment keys when you go swimming.

4. They Are Super Fast Drying

Last but not least, these shorts dry very fast.

In fact, they don’t really get wet that easily. If you are swimming, of course, they will get wet like any shorts, but if it’s just a light rain, these shorts will stay dry longer than regular travel shorts. Thanks to their water-repellent coating.

To learn more about these shorts check them out on Amazon and Quiksilver.

What I Don’t Like About the Quiksilver Amphibian

There isn’t anything really.

Except for one small thing. I’m not 100% satisfied with the design. Coming out of the water you look like wearing suit shorts. At the same time there is nothing you can do about it. If you want versatile shorts that don’t look touristy, there aren’t too many options.

Some users say that they stain easily. I don’t have such experience yet myself.

Despite the fact that I’ve been pretty rough on them. 4 months later they are still holding up more than well.

I don’t think I’m ever going to back to regular, cheap shorts anymore. It’s just not worth it, if you use your shorts often. If you need travel shorts that you’ll be using a lot, get ones you’ll enjoy wearing.

Kaspars on a hike in Bali, near Batur lake

Best Travel Shorts in 2020

Are there any other good options out there?

There are. Let’s look at few of the best men’s shorts for travel.

1. [Hybrid] O’Neill Men’s 21 Inch Outseam Stretch Walk Short

Same like the above mentioned Quiksilver shorts, these are hybrids as well.

If you like your shorts to be a bit longer, these are 21 inch long as compared to 20 inches. Apart from that they are very similar. Because of the design and material they are made of you can use these shorts for all kind of activities, for everything from swimming to going to the office. They feature 2 side and 2 back pockets. None of them has a zipper closure, though.

There is an internal drawcord.

The shorts are made of water resistant fabric and dry fast.

Available in different colors and sizes.

For more photos, latest price and user reviews check them out on Amazon.

2. [Cargo shorts] Unionbay Men’s Cordova Belted Messenger Cargo Short

If you are searching for cheap cargo shorts of decent quality, look no further.

The Unionbay Men’s Cordova are made of cotton. They aren’t super light or fast drying, and you can’t go swimming with them, but they are inexpensive and they are practical. The shorts feature several cargo pockets with flaps and have adjustable tabs at cuffs.

Comes with a belt.

Available in different colors and sizes.

For more photos, latest price and user reviews check them out on Amazon.

3. [Hiking] prAna Men’s Shorts for Hiking

If you are mostly going on short hikes, you’ll be fine with the above mentioned Quiksilver’s. However if you need something made of more durable material, here is a great option.

The prAna shorts are made of quality nylon and spandex. The material is stretchy and has a moisture wicking finish and UPF 50+ protection to keep you cool and dry on especially sunny days. They are built to stand up to different conditions, while not compromising on looks.

The shorts have 5 deep pockets. 2 on sides, 2 at the back and 1 on the left leg.

There is an adjustable waistband, meaning you don’t need a belt.

Available in different colors and sizes.

For more photos, latest price and user reviews check them out on Amazon.

What shorts do you use for traveling?

1. Book Your Flight. Find cheap flights using, Or subscribe to Dollar Flight Club, if you don’t want to be searching for the flights yourself. Momondo usually is my first choice.

2. Book Your Accommodation., and Airbnb. I use Booking and Agoda at least a dozen times a year, and Airbnb – when looking for a long-term stay. My best tip is to ALWAYS compare the price. Sometimes the same hotel is cheaper on, other times – on Agoda. Always compare the price!

3. Buy Your Travel Insurance. World Nomads and SafetyWings are two companies I can recommend. World Nomads offers some extra benefits, that will be important for those doing some higher risk activities, while SafetyWings is significantly cheaper. SafetyWings is only $9.25 / week.

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