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The worst part of traveling?

For many it’s long-haul train, bus and plane journeys, which can be a nightmare. As it often gets either noisy or bumpy, or both. Also you can’t lie down unless it’s a sleeper train or bus. But sleeping in an upright position is not something to look forward to.

And even if you manage to fall asleep and sleep through your journey (just like I do), you mostly wake up stiff and still quite tired.

The travel pillows are there to help you cope with it. And in this guide I will show you what are some of the best travel pillows you can buy today.

Apart from that I will also look into travel pillow basics and how to choose the best travel pillow for yourself.

Most of the top travel pillows nowadays are lightweight and can be compressed down to a rather small bundle. It’s important to know, that there are several travel pillow types. The simplest U-shaped ones will support your head and neck. More elaborate travel pillows also will stop your chin from falling forwards and keep your head from swinging from side to side.

And the filling of the pillows vary, too.

Many of the best travel pillows have memory foam or polyester fibre filling, or are inflatable.

Best Travel Pillows

Now let’s take a look at the list of the best travel pillows!

To read more about every one of them scroll down. For more photos, latest price and user reviews check them out on Amazon – just click on the name or image of the travel pillow.

BCOZZY***8.5 oz

(241 g)
Neck, head and chinCheck the price!
Everlasting Comfort***14.4 oz

(408 g)
Neck and headCheck the price!
AirComfy Daydreamer8.8 oz

(250 g)
Neck and headCheck the price!
Cabeau Evolution13.1 oz

(371 g)
Neck, head and chinCheck the price!
MLVOC4.8 oz

(136 g)
Neck and headCheck the price!
Huzi Infinity1.8 lbs

(816 g)
Neck, head and chinCheck the price!
Aeris12.3 oz

(350 g)
Neck and head Check the price!

(136 g)
Neck and headCheck the price!
*** - our favorites

Finding the Best Travel Pillow for Yourself

1. Travel Pillow Basics

Travel pillow is a portable pillow.

It can be put in luggage and be taken on a trip with you. It’s lightweight and often can be compressed down to a rather small bundle. Unfortunately, but as with most of the travel gear there isn’t one universal pillow that will fit everyone anytime.

There are different travel pillows for different occasions.

First of all, there are several types of travel pillows.

Then there are different fillings.

The support every pillow offers is different as well.

There are pillows that support neck and head but don’t offer support for your neck.

Many of the best travel pillows have memory foam or polyester fibre filling, or are inflatable.

Before embarking on a trip you should understand what are your requirements and preferences.

Before You Buy a Travel Pillow…

Are you going on a road trip? Are you flying? If you are traveling on a plane what seat are you taking?

Are you traveling with a carry on backpack only?

When buying a new travel pillow, read the descriptions carefully. Also pay attention to the customer reviews.

Is the pillow you are about to buy compact and lightweight? Is it machine washable? Will it provide good support? How does it work? If it’s an inflatable pillow, is it inflated with a built-in pump or blown up by mouth?

Does it come with earplugs and sleep mask? Does it tend to get warm during long haul flights?

There are some pillows that are perfect for windows seats, but they won’t be the best option for a aisle or middle seats. There are quality comfy travel pillows that still are bulky even when compressed. Those will work great on a road trip but won’t fit in a small carry on bag.

Read on to find out more!

Seats on the train

2. Travel Pillow Types

As mentioned before there are several types of travel pillows.

Now, let’s take a quick look at the main types:

– U-shaped travel pillows. These travel pillows will offer support for your neck and head.

A u-shaped pillow may have a clip or a drawstring at the front to prevent it from moving around. Some of the best U-shaped travel pillows have extra cushioning at the back or on the sides for extra support and comfort.

– Chin supporting travel pillows. Usually their shape differs from the traditional U-shaped pillow.

For instance, BCOZZY travel pillow which wraps around your neck.

Not only this kind of pillows support your chin, but also they will provide good support to your head and neck.

– Lumbar travel pillows. Place it behind your back to support it.

This kind of travel pillow is designed for a lumbar support, but you can use it also for head support by putting it behind your head.

– Desk pillows. Cocoon of a pillow!

This monstrous invention is here to ensure you have a good comfortable sleep at your desk. Also you can use them on a plane. Lower your tray table, place your desk pillow on it and enjoy your nap. Might be a funny sight but it’s comfy!

– Travel pillows for side sleepers. They have different structures and fillings.

They offer effective support for side sleepers and they are very comfortable to lean into.

– Inflatable camping pillow. Shaped just like a regular pillow when you blow it up, only smaller.

Perfect for camping, as it takes up very little space when deflated, and is lightweight. A great choice if you are after ultralight backpacking gear.

A person camping

3. Travel Pillow Filler Materials

The most popular travel pillows are made of memory foam, polyester fiber or are inflatable.

However, there are a few other types as well.

– Memory foam. It is a visco-elastic temperature-sensitive material that moulds to the contours of person’s neck and provides great support. Memory foam gives slowly under compression and provides little resistance.

When the weight is lifted off, memory foam slowly returns to its original shape.

Memory foam pillows are very comfy, and usually can be compressed into a compact bundle.

– Inflatable pillows. They have an inflatable PVC base and are covered by removable plush pillowcase.

The best option for those who want to save space.

The inflatable travel pillows can be blown up either by mouth or a built in inflation pump.

– Polyester fiber. Pillows that are soft yet firm enough to be comfortable, and provide good support.

The whole pillow is machine washable, not only the pillowcase.

This kind of pillows are not the most compact ones, though.

– Micro bead. Cheap travel pillows that are not that comfortable, and don’t offer good support to the neck and head.

Micro beads usually are noisy unless they are silicon-covered.

Memory foam pillows are very comfy, and usually can be compressed into a compact bundle.

Best Travel Pillows: Top Travel Pillow Reviews

1. BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Pillow Review

The BCOZZY travel pillow is soft and pleasant to the touch, as well as it’s adjustable. And it’s one of the best travel pillows available in 2019.

It wraps around the neck comfortably and simultaneously provides support to the neck and head. Most importantly, it will give you much needed chin support as well. You can twist the BCOZZY pillow in several positions – whichever works best for you. Also you can adjust how tight the pillow will sit around your neck.

With the BCOZZY pillow you’ll feel comfortable both while sitting up straight and with your head off to the side.

The pillow has booster side cushions. You can also use this pillow as a cushion between a head and a wall.

A lot of travel pillows have padding at the back. This extra padding can push your head forward, making it uncomfortable. That’s not the case for this pillow.

The pillow is made of durable yet plush polyester fabric, and is machine washable. The filling is siliconized polyester fiber.

The BCOZZY travel pillow features a snap strap. It can be easily attached to side of your backpack or a suitcase.

It’s quite compact, and also easily compressed into approximately 9” x 9” x 4” (23 x 23 x 10 cm) bundle.


  • Versatile and adjustable,
  • Supports head, chin and neck,
  • Has a flat back,
  • Cushioned sides,
  • Compact,
  • Soft,
  • Comes in several colors,
  • Available in kids size.


  • Doesn’t come with a storage bag,
  • Won’t be the most comfortable option for people with longer necks,
  • Can feel hot when tightly wrapped around the neck.

2. Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Neck Pillow Review

A quality travel pillow made of pure high quality memory foam, with no additives.

The pillow’s outer cover is made of velour. It is soft and pleasant to the touch. It has a zipper, so it can be taken off easily to be washed. The pillow is machine washable.

Memory foam is being used because of its ability to hold shape and offer very good support.

The pillow has an ergonomic raised lobe design. Unlike standard u-shaped neck pillows, the Everlasting Comfort memory foam travel pillow offers very good support for your neck. The raised lobe allows your neck and head to lean comfortably against either side of the memory foam cushion.

The Everlasting Comfort features an elastic cell phone pocket. This pocket will accommodate a smartphone (even a large one) or an iPod comfortably. So you can keep your valuables close to you. Without worrying that your phone or music player may fall out unnoticed of your hoodie pocket if you move.

The drawstrings are a great feature, too. As you can fit the pillow perfectly around your neck. And it keeps the pillow in place.

It’s a travel pillow set that consists of a travel pillow, sleep mask, memory foam earplugs and a storage pouch.

Even though the pillow is firm, it stores easily in the storage pouch.


  • Soft velour cover which is washable,
  • Ergonomic raised lobe design,
  • Cell phone pocket,
  • Drawstrings,
  • Comes with a sleep mask, earplugs and a storage pouch,
  • Inexpensive.


  • Might seem a little bit bulky.

3. AirComfy Inflatable Neck Travel Pillow Review

A compact inflatable travel pillow made with minimalist travelers in mind.

It’s a great choice for those who are traveling with a carry on backpack only. The AirComfy Daydreamer travel pillow is lightweight and takes up little space since it’s deflatable. It’s one the best inflatable travel pillows out there.

A great choice also for those traveling long term. When you are living out of your backpack for many months at a time, you definitely don’t want to waste it on bulky travel pillows. Quite the opposite – you want to use up all the space wisely.

It’s remarkable how comfortable the AirComfy Daydreamer inflatable travel pillow is.

It has raised arched neck support which will keep your neck straight and will hold your head upright. You can adjust the size to your preferred inflation level and firmness. The pillow’s inflation level can be adjusted while wearing it.

It’s very easy to use, too. As you can inflate it without blowing! The AirComfy Daydreamer pillow can be inflated in 30-60 seconds by repeatedly pressing built-in inflation pump. Deflating it is the same as easy. Just press the air release valve to deflate it.

The cover of the travel pillow is made of soft micro-velvet. It’s removable and machine washable. There’s an invisible zipper.

It comes in a drawstring storage bag with a carabiner clip. The storage bag is satin-lined, so it makes it easy to remove and pack away the travel pillow. The carabiner allows to attach the travel pillow to the outside of you bag.


  • Doesn’t take up much space when deflated,
  • Since you can control how much air is in the pillow, you can get it to your specific comfort level,
  • Easy to inflate and deflate. Durable and well-designed built-in inflation pump,
  • Comes with a drawstring pouch and a carabiner clip,
  • Inexpensive,
  • Available in several colors.


  • It can get warm.

4. Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Pillow Review

The Cabeau Evolution travel pillow is one of the best airplane pillows.

It is constructed with high quality memory foam that is plush yet supportive. The pillow will support your neck without the awkward positioning and discomfort. The pillow has a 360 degree support. You’ll feel comfortable whether your head leans left, right, or tends to fall forward. The raised sides will make your head rest comfortably.

The pillow has flattened rear cushion and a drawstring closure at the front for extra comfort. The flattened back cushion will conform to your neck and won’t push your head forward.

The Cabeau Evolution travel pillow has a removable pillowcase that is machine washable.

It has a little pocket on one of its sides for earplugs or music players. A large smartphone won’t fit there.

This travel pillow is quite large, and its side walls extend higher than those of other travel pillows. That means that it will fit a tall person with a long neck very well.

The Cabeau Evolution travel pillow comes with memory foam earplugs and a compact storage bag. By using this bag you’ll be able to shrink the pillow to 1/4 of its full size. The storage bag can be attached to the outside of the bag.

The size of the pillow when it’s been packed in the storage bag is around 7” x 4” (18 x 10 cm).

Note – keep your pillow outside of the storage bag (uncompressed) for long term storage.


  • Made of high quality memory foam,
  • 360 degree support,
  • Flattened rear cushion which conforms to person’s neck,
  • Drawstring closure at the front,
  • Great for tall people,
  • Available in several colors.


  • May not work with large headphones,
  • Can get warm,
  • Too big for a petite person,
  • Pricey.

5. MLVOC Inflatable Neck Pillow Review

A very compact, inexpensive, yet quite comfy inflatable pillow.

The MLVOC travel pillow is perfect for those who travel light and want to save space in their bags.

It’s ergonomically designed, and offers good support for your neck. Thanks to its design it will keep your head from swinging from side to side. There’s extra cushioning at the back for extra comfort and support for your head.

Unfortunately, there’s no drawstring or snap at the front. Meaning that in more upright position it tends to gape causing your head to drop forwards.

The MLVOC travel pillow has an inflatable PVC base, and a removable pillowcase which is made of soft velour. The pillowcase is machine washable. The material of the pillowcase is is soft and pleasant to the touch, and the seams don’t poke.

You can choose the level of inflation which is great.

There are two types of MLVOC travel pillow available:

1. One that can be blown up by mouth. It only takes around 5 seconds to blow up the pillow because of a unique inflation valve. Make sure you don’t inflate it 100% as that will make the pillow very hard. Preferred (also most comfortable) inflation level is 80-90% of the capacity. It deflates the same as easily.

2. With a built-in inflation pump. Inflate in just 30-60 seconds by repeatedly pressing the pump.

The one with a built-in inflation pump is slightly more expensive, and slightly larger.

The pillow without a built-in pump is packs down into a small 7.5” x 4.3” (19 x 11 cm) storage bag.

The MLVOC travel pillow comes with a sleep mask, earplugs and a drawstring storage bag.

Available in blue and grey.


  • Very compact – folds down into the little carry bag,
  • Two types of the pillow are available – with a built-in inflation pump and one that can be blown up my mouth,
  • Inexpensive yet good quality,
  • Easy and fast inflation,
  • The pillowcase is removable and machine washable,
  • Soft velour material.


  • No snap or drawstring at the front, something to hold it in place. The front might gape, causing drooping chins,
  • Tends to get warm,
  • Flimsy storage bag that might fall apart pretty fast.

6. Huzi Infinity Pillow Review

A travel pillow that stands out because of its unique design.

It’s great not only for travel but also for home use.

There are several different ways how to wear the Huzi Infinity pillow. Just twist or bundle it to transform it to fit your needs. Double wrap it for more support.

The Huzi Infinity travel pillow can be used as a neck pillow, back pillow, window pillow, and desk pillow. It will block out light and noise when used as a desk pillow, which is great. It won’t push your head forward when used as a neck pillow.

The cover of the pillow is made of high quality bamboo fabric which is naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic. The bamboo fabric cover is less fluffy than the velour covers, but still soft and pleasant to the touch. The filling is 3M Thinsulate. Because of its unique structure it will keep you enveloped at just the right temperature. Also it’s soft, breathable, moisture resistant and machine washable.

The Infinity pillow is easy to keep clean. The entire pillow can be machine washed after each trip.

Unfortunately, the Huzi Infinity pillow is not compact.

It’s way bigger than other travel pillows I have reviewed in this article.

And it doesn’t compact well, taking up a lot of space in your bag, too.

So, as you can imagine, it’s not the option for the carry on only travelers or minimalists. However, it will be great for a road trip, when space of your luggage is not that limited.

The Infinity pillow comes tied with a band. There’s no storage bag.


  • Multipurpose,
  • Good quality materials,
  • Doesn’t push your head forwards,
  • Available in several colors.


  • Large and quite heavy,
  • Doesn’t compact well, so takes up a lot of space in your bag,
  • Pricey.

7. Aeris Memory Foam Travel Pillow Review

A travel pillow made of the highest quality responsive memory foam.

The Aeris travel pillow provides excellent support for your head and neck. This visco-elastic memory foam base is covered with an internal cover. Both of them are placed in a removable machine washable soft velour cover.

Other memory foam travel pillows get warm but this is not the case for the Aeris travel pillow.

To prevent this the manufacturer has created ventilation holes for airflow.

There’s a drawstring at the front. You can fit the pillow perfectly around your neck, and it will keep the pillow in place!

The filling of the Aeris travel pillow is firm and dense, yet the pillow still feels soft. The outer cover is really plush, too. It feels nice against the skin.

Some might consider the pillow too thick at the back while in upright position. In this case turn it around and put the opening behind your head. That will allow you to rest your head back more comfortably, and simultaneously will prevent your chin from falling forward.

The Aeris travel pillow comes with a sleep mask, earplugs and a drawstring storage bag.


  • Doesn’t get warm,
  • Soft and comfortable despite the firm filling,
  • Made of quality memory foam,
  • Provides good cushioning for your neck and head.


  • For some the pillow might seem too thick at the back,

8. PUREFLY Inflatable Travel Neck Pillow Review

Last but not least – the PUREFLY inflatable travel pillow, one of the lightest and smallest travel pillows available.

It’s compact and lightweight, and doesn’t cost much.

Also it’s surprisingly comfortable for an inflatable travel pillow.

A great choice for carry on travelers since it compacts down and takes very little space in a bag. When packed in its own packsack, its dimensions are only 5.9” x 3.9” (15 x 10 cm).

The pillow is really easy to use. It inflates and deflates quickly. Just like the The AirComfy Daydreamer, the PUREFLY pillow can be inflated without blowing. It has a built-in inflation pump which is really easy to use. Press it repeatedly until you reach preferred inflation level! To release the air, push the black air valve.

If you fully inflate it might push your head forward which is slightly uncomfortable. Just deflate it a little, to find a comfortable level of inflation.

This pillow has raised neck support, which will hold your head upright and maintain proper neck alignment. To rest your chin turn the pillow around.

Just like the other inflatable travel pillows I have reviewed, the PUREFLY also features removable plush pillowcase. It is made of soft micro-velvet fabric, and is machine washable.

Note – you should keep the pillow pressure below the maximum capacity when using the pillow on the plane.


  • Compact,
  • Soft,
  • Easy to inflate and deflate,
  • Built-in pump,
  • Raised neck support,
  • Removable, machine washable velvet cover.


  • The pillow doesn’t stop the head falling forwards when in upright position,
  • It might push your head forward when fully inflated.

Do you use a travel pillow? Which one?

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