Best Portable Toilet For Camping 2021

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What is the best portable toilet for camping and outdoors?

What are the best options for camping, glamping and RVing?

Generally speaking, it’s all about the style and build quality of the toilet. If you’re searching for a cheap camping toilet, you should be looking for either bucket-type toilet or foldable, chair-style toilet. And if you’re after an overall better, more comfortable and long-term solution, your best bet will be a portable flush toilet with waste tank.

Check the list below to find a portable camp toilet for your needs.

Don’t forget about a toilet / shower tent which you have to buy separately.

Best Portable Toilet For Camping

What are the options? And which one to choose?

Which one is the best camping toilet for outdoors?

Best Flushable Portable Toilet For Camping

1. Alpcour Portable Toilet (click for more details)

A high-quality compact outdoor toilet with a carry bag.

Overall the best portable toilet for camping, our favorite.

Being a portable toilet, it’s smaller than standard size toilet, but it isn’t small. It’s comfortable to use and thanks to its simple design and heavy duty materials – built to last long. The toilet features a rather large, 5.3 gallon, waste tank and 3.2 gallon water tank, which is enough for around 50 flushes. The toilet is very easy to use and clean.

Comes with a carry bag for even easier transportation.

WASTE TANK: 5.3 gallons / 20 liter

2. Camco Portable Travel Toilet (click for more details)

A widely used and very popular portable camping toilet.

Arguably one of the best portable toilets for years.

In the business since 1966, Camco is well known for their RV products, and this portable toilet isn’t an exception. Designed for a wide range of recreational activities, it works just as great for RVing as for camping and fishing trips. Same as the above mentioned Alpcour toilet, it comes with a detachable and sealable waste tank. It’s convenient and also helps to prevent smells.

You can choose between a 2.6 gallon or a 5.3 gallon waste tank. The best part being the fact that you can use a small tank on one trip, and large one – on another. They are interchangable.

Comes with a 2.5 gallon flush tank.

WASTE TANK: 5.3 gallons / 20 liter

WEIGHT: 10.8 lb / 4.9 kg

3. Porta Potti 92306 (click for more details)

A high-quality, sleek design flushing portable toilet.

At 17.8” it’s higher than many other portable toilets, and thus for some will be easier to use. Thanks to that and its beautiful design, the toilet will look great also in a glamping setup or in an off-the-grid house. If you’re looking for an easy-to-setup toilet for tiny house, it’s worth checking out the Porta Potti toilet.

The toilet features a carrying handle and can be secured to the floor, making both transportation and long-term use much more simple.

WASTE TANK: 5.5 gallons / 21 liter

WEIGHT: 13.45 lb / 6.1 kg

Best Cheap Camping Toilet

4. PLAYBERG Portable Travel Toilet (click for more details)

A very simple design, durable portable travel toilet.

For the best result, use it with 8-gallon toilet waste bags.

It’s very lightweight, durable and easy to use. Thanks to its bucket like design, transportation of it is just as easy. The toilet features a removable cover and toilet paper holder. Close the lid and you’ll have a seat.

DIMENSIONS: 17″ x 16″ x 14″ / 43.2 x 40.6 x 35.6 cm

5. Reliance Portable 5 Gallon Toilet (click for more details)

A super simple toilet solution for camping.

It’s basically a toilet seat on a 5 gallon bucket.

Being a bit lower and smaller than many others, it’s a very lightweight portable toilet. However, that also means it’s a bit less comfortable if you’re not used to smaller toilets. The toilet features a lid and metal handle for easier carrying. Designed to be used with toilet waste bags.

CAPACITY: 5.3 gallons / 20 liter

DIMENSIONS: 13.5” x 13” x 15.3” / 34.3 x 33 x 38.9 cm

WEIGHT: 3 lb / 1.36 kg

6. Green Elephant Portable Toilet (click for more details)

A cheap and simple portable travel toilet for camping and hiking.

Designed just like a foldable camping chair, it’s very easy to transport and take with you wherever you go. Being 15” tall, it’s built to support up to 250 pounds of weight. Use it with any 8-gallon camping toilet bags, over a bucket or a hole.

WEIGHT: 3.5 lb / 1.58 kg

7. Stansport Portable Toilet (click for more details)

One of the smallest portable toilets available.

Just like the Green Elephant, it’s exactly what you see – a foldable chair style toilet seat. Like most of its kind, it can be used with camping toilet bags, over a a bucket or a hole. Built to support up to 200 pounds / 91 kg of weight.

Comes with six plastic waste bags.

Best Portable Toilet Tent / Shower Tent

Green Elephant Shower Tent / Toilet Tent (click for more details)

A simple, lightweight and easy to set up outdoor shower tent.

Overall the best shower tent for versatility and beginner outdoor enthusiasts.

Can be used as a shower tent, changing room or portable toilet tent. Made of quality water repellent polyester, the Green Elephant pop up shower tent is lightweight and doesn’t take up much space. The tent features a flexible steel frame for extra durability. The tent features a shower opening, clothes hanger, external towel hanger, toilet paper holder, storage pouch and flashlight hanger.

Mosquito netting with shower opening at the top provides air circulation while maintaining privacy. There’s an additional rain cover which can be attached to the top of the tent. No-floor design provides better airflow and is better at draining water (when you use it for shower).

Setting this tent is effortless, and it’s easy to fold it back into its own carry bag.

It comes with 8 tent pegs, 4 guy lines with tensioners and 4 sandbags.

DIMENSIONS: Folded — 24″ x 24″ x 2″ (61 x 61 x 5 cm); center height — 6.89 ft (210 cm)

WEIGHT: 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg)

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How to Clean Portable Toilet?

First things first, remove all the waste.

If it’s a camping toilet with waste tank, remove the tank. Unless you’re at a camping, it’s always a better idea to do it before it’s completely full. Because you can’t just empty it wherever you want. If it’s a toilet with a waste bag, remove the bag.

Next, clean the bowl itself with wipes.

Last but not least, disinfect the bowl and prepare it for use.

How to Choose a Portable Toilet For Camping?

How to find the perfect camping toilet?

Generally speaking mostly it’s about these 3 simple things.

Type of the toilet

There are 3 most popular types of camping toilets.

  1. Portable toilets with waste tank — long-term solution;
  2. Bucket-type toilets — cheap and easy to use;
  3. Chair-style toilets — easiest to transport.

You just have to make a decision what works the best in your situation. Is it a long-term solution you are after, or is it just for a few trips? Think of where are you going to use it. Will you have an option to easily empty the waste tank?


And again, is it just for a single trip or for continuous use?

Does the quality of your toilet seat matters to you?

Your Budget

Decide upon your budget.

And choose the best portable toilet for camping that fits into it.

What is your experience with portable toilets for camping? Do you use one? What’s the best portable toilet for camping you have tried?

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