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What is the best cat collar for outdoor and indoor cats?

What are the options? And which one to choose for your pet?

Finding a good collar is easy, because the choice is rather small. Yes, there are several types of cat collars, some are more practical while others — more of a fancy accessory, and they come in different sizes. But that’s more or less it. Choose the style, color and size, and you have found the collar for your cat.

Note that collars aren’t that much for walks as they are for the safety of your cat. If your cat will ever get lost, with a collar it will be easier for you to find him.

If you want to go on hikes with your cat, get a cat harness for hiking.

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Best Cat Collar for Outdoor and Indoor Cats

What are the best cat collars for kittens and adult cats?

Which one is the best cat collar for indoor and outdoor cats you can buy online?

1. Bemix Reflective Cat Collar with a Bell (click for more details)

A set of 6 reflective collars for cats, our favorite.

Overall the best cat collar and also the best breakaway cat collar.

They are cheap, durable and just do the job. The Bemix reflective cat collars come in sets of 6. Each collar has a little bell that alerts prey and helps you locate your cat around the house. Made of durable nylon, the collars are going to last long. They are adjustable and feature a breakaway buckle.

Every collar is of different color — red, blue, orange, green, purple and pink.

Note that collars aren’t that much for walks as they are for the safety of your cat. If your cat will ever get lost, with a collar it will be easier for you to find him.

Bemix breakaway collars for cats work great also on small dogs.

SIZE: 7″ – 11″ (18 – 28 cm)

2. Joytale Breakaway Cat Collar with Bow Tie (click for more details)

A cute buckle cat collar with a bow tie. 

The Joytale collar is made of soft cotton fabric and features a breakaway buckle which pulls apart under tension. There’s also a removable bell that alerts prey and helps you locate your cat around the house. This cute collar has a removable bow tie which will look adorable on your cat.

The Joytale collars are sold by the piece or in sets of 2.

SIZE: 7″ – 11″ (18 – 28 cm)

3. American Flag Cat Collar (click for more details)

American Flag cat collar with a breakaway buckle.

This cat collar is made of sturdy polyester fabric and features a safety breakaway buckle. There’s a matching red bell on it.

Please note that, just like the rest of the collars on this list, the American Flag cat collar is not for walking your cat. As the breakaway buckle is made to come loose for your cat’s safety, your cat can escape during the walk.

SIZE: 8″ – 12″ (20.3 – 30.5 cm)

4. CollarDirect Leather Cat Collar (click for more details)

A cute leather cat collar for kittens and adult cats.

The collar is made out of soft genuine leather. Thanks to that this elegant cat collar is among the best kitten collars. It also works great on small cats.

The collar is handmade and features a bell and an elastic strap which is designed to allow easy release in case your pet’s collar snags on to something. Quality stitching around its edges ensures it doesn’t fray or fall apart easily.

Measure your cat’s neck before buying.

SIZE: 6″ – 7″ (15.2 – 17.8 cm), 9″ – 11″ (23 – 28 cm)

5. AOLOVE Basic Classic Leather Cat Collar (click for more details)

An elegant leather collar for cats and small dogs.

Made or durable quality leather, the AOLOVE leather collar features nickel-plated hardware and a heavy duty D-ring. The collar is adjustable, and there are 5 holes for adjustment. There’s also some padding for your cat’s comfort.

Available in various sizes and colors, including pink.

What about a pink cat collar?

SIZE: 8″ – 22″ (20.3 – 56 cm), depending on the size

6. ElastaCat Elastic Cat Collar (click for more details)

An adjustable elastic girl and boy cat collar. 

Made of webbed nylon, the ElastaCat collars are elastic enough to feel comfortable on your cat’s neck, while allowing the cat to slip free if they become entangled. One of the best things about these collars is that they are light-reflective which provides extra protection at night.

Please note that there are no pre-made holes in the collar. Just insert the belt prong into the collar’s fabric at whatever location is right. If the collar is too long, trim it.

Just like other cat collars on this list, these collar are not for use with a leash!

Can be used with a small slide-on pet ID tag.

SIZE: one size

7. Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Cats

A quality flea and tick collar for cats.

The Seresto cat collar provides 8 months of continuous flea and tick prevention. It is suitable for cats and kittens 10 weeks of age and older.

Seresto’s active ingredients are imidacloprid and flumethrin. They are released in low concentrations over your cat’s hair and skin for 8 months. The collar starts to repel and kill fleas within 24 hours of initial application. It’s convenient, odorless and completely non-greasy.

The Seresto cat collar comes with 3 optional reflective clips that you can add to the collar if your cat goes outside.

It’s easy to put on and adjust to size — just make sure you cut to length.

Can be used alongside other ID collars.

SIZE: one size

Best GPS Cat Collar

8. BARTUN LTE GPS Cat & Dog Tracker (click for more details)

A real-time cat GPS tracker (also suitable for small dogs).

Overall the best cat GPS tracker for the money, our favorite.

Tracking your cat with your phone has never been this easy. Simply connect the tracker to the app on your phone, and you are all set. You can now see the exact location of your pet in any given moment.

A great pet tracker is almost like a phone, and just like a phone it needs a SIM card. It means extra costs and also extra safety for your pet. The tracker works everywhere where there is mobile network, and just like your phone’s GPS it provides very accurate location data. However, one of the biggest drawbacks of GPS trackers is that they aren’t accurate indoors, that’s why I really like this trackers LED light and ringtone feature. If you can’t see your pet, just make the tracker play a ringtone.

The GPS cat collar works with a 4G LTE 3G WCDMA 2G GSM SIM card. SIM card isn’t included in this set.

The tracker is suitable for cats above 6.6 lbs (3 kg) and small dogs.

The device is IPX7 waterproof.


See more dog GPS trackers.

A ginger cat wearing a collar
Photo by Bruno Scramgnon from Pexels

Why Should Your Cat Wear a Collar

There are various reasons why owners put a collar on their cats.

One of the top reasons is to repel and kill fleas and ticks.

Another top reason being the safety of your cat. Even if you have an indoor cat, it’s still recommended to get a cat collar. As there is always the possibility that your cat could get out of the house. If he or she has a collar, a person who finds it will see that the cat belongs to somebody and it will be easier for you to find him or her.

That’s why if you buy a collar, don’t forget also about a pet ID tag.

Or if you are making your own DIY cat collar.

Walking Your Cat

Collars aren’t for walks and hikes.

Simply because cats can slip out of regular collars.

So, to safely walk your cat, get a special cat harness and a leash.

A cat wearing a collar with a bell
Photo by Matteo Petralli from Pexels

How to Choose a Cat Collar?

How to choose the best cat collar for your pet?

Let’s make this super simple.

Generally speaking mostly it’s about these 3 simple things:

1. Collar Type

There are several types of collars.

Some are very basic, while others have different features. Some are more practical while others more of a fancy accessory.

Choose the right type of collar for your cat.

Breakaway collar is a collar that features a buckle which pulls apart under tension. It can be a very basic fabric collar, or it can also be a light reflective cat collar (for extra protection at night).

Collar with a bell — helps you keep track of the whereabouts of your kitten at home. Also warns birds and other animals that there is a predator around.

GPS cat collars are made for outdoors. They are more expensive and mostly there is also a monthly fee you have to pay for the SIM card, but they are also very useful. They can help you to find your cat by showing its exact location on a map.

Stylish and fancy cat collars — an interesting accessory for your cat. It can be a spiked cat collar (not very safe, though) or a unique, designer or custom cat collar with glitters, Swarovski crystals etc.

Flea and tick collars is a another category.

2. Collar Size

Cat collars come in several sizes.

It is crucial to choose the right size for your cat.

How to to choose the size of the collar? All you have to do is to take measurements of your cat’s neck. Then add some 2 inches to that measurement, for extra comfort. You should be able to fit a finger under the collar. So it’s snug, but not too tight. Otherwise, it will be very uncomfortable for your pet.

3. Your Budget

Decide upon your budget.

And choose the best cat collar (and cutest) that fits into it.

What is your experience with cat collars and cat accessories? What’s the best best cat collar you have tried so far with your pet?

Featured photo by Marko Obrvan from Pexels