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Best 4K action camera under 100 dollars?

Cheap camera under 100 $? What’s the best action camera under 100 $?

Of course, you can’t get a GoPro or the latest Sony for that money, but what are the options? Because sometimes that’s exactly what you need, right? A cheap action camera to record your latest adventure. You don’t need anything fancy. Maybe you aren’t even sure whether you’ll like filming or not, whether you’ll be using it much more than a couple of times.

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Disclaimer: Prices change constantly. What costs under 100$ now, may get more expensive later. Take that into account when making a decision. – Updated on October 2, 2020

Best Action Camera Under 100 $

Here they are, some of the best cheap action cameras available on the market.

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For availability, more photos, detailed description, latest price and user reviews check them out on Amazon – just click on the name or image of the camera.

Best Best Budget Action Camera: Reviews

1. APEMAN A87(click for more details)

An easy-to-use action camera with 4K / 60 fps.

Overall the best action camera under 100 US dollars, our favorite.

What makes the deal even sweeter, is that it comes with a set of accessories – like the extra battery, bike and helmet mounting kits – all neatly packed in a carrying bag. The camera comes with a case, which makes it fully waterproof. The features include 8x zoom, several professional shooting modes, including slow motion and time lapse, a 2” touchscreen, built-in WiFi and HDMI output for extra connectivity.

Install the Apeman app on your phone, and you’ll be able to control the camera remotely from the phone.


WATERPROOF: Up to 131 ft / 40 meters

Are you looking for something better?

See our guide to the best action cameras under 200$.

2. COOAU CU-SPC02 (click for more details)

A waterproof action camera with native 4K / 60 fps.

One of the best best cheap action camera with native 4K recording.

To put it simply, “native 4K” is better than non-native or upscaled 4K, but mostly only if you’re editing the video and want to zoom in afterwards. Otherwise the difference isn’t that big for a regular user. However, if it does give you more freedom in editing. The downside of it is a bigger file size. Native 4K videos take up more space.

To save space you can always switch to 4K 30fps shooting.

To get the best video quality switch back to 4K 60fps shooting.

The camera features HDMI output, Wi-Fi, 8x zoom, adjustable shooting angle, 11 shooting modes that includes time lapse and slow motion, smart stabilization, several white balance modes for different environments, and all in all is suitable also for vlogging.

Comes with 2 batteries, a remote control and an external microphone.


WATERPROOF: Up to 131 ft / 40 meters

3. AKASO EK7000 Pro (click for more details)

A cheaper 4K action camera with 2” touchscreen.

This cheap action camera has many of the same features like its competitors, the main difference is that it isn’t shooting in 4K 60 fps. What it means for you is that if you edit the video, and slow down some part of it, that part will go grainy. 60 fps also looks more smooth, and takes more space. So there are both pros and cons to shooting in 60fps.

The camera features several shooting modes, image stabilization, adjustable shooting angle, burst shooting and time lapse. Just like in similar cameras there you’ll also find the micro USB, HDMI and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Filming in 4K, shooting in 16 MP.

MAX VIDEO RESOLUTION: 4K / 25fps; 1080p / 60fps

WATERPROOF: Up to 131 ft / 40 meters

4. AKASO V50X (click for more details)

A native 4K action camera with touch screen.

Is it the best action camera? Cheap and packed with features, these are the words that describe it the best, and also one of the best choices for beginners who just want to give an action camera a try. The very best – no.

The camera features Wi-Fi, several shooting modes, adjustable shooting angle, between 70 to 170 degrees, and stabilization, so you can keep recording also when you do move a lot, for example, when snowboarding or running a trail race. Unlike many of the more expensive action cameras, take GoPro as an example, this one comes with a whole set of accessories. They are cheap, but they do the job. For a while.

MAX VIDEO RESOLUTION: 4K / 30fps; 2K / 60 fps (better than 1080p)


5. Campark V30(click for more details)

A quality budget native 4K action camera.

The camera features Wi-Fi, 2” touch screen, Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) system for extra smooth shooting, several shooting modes and adjustable shooting angle, from 70 to 170 degree wide angle. The camera comes with two 1350 mAh batteries and mounting accessories.

Filming in 4K, shooting in 20 MP.

MAX VIDEO RESOLUTION: 4K / 30fps; 2K / 60 fps (better than 1080p)

WATERPROOF: Up to 100 ft / 30 meters

Best Action Camera Under 50 $

6. AKASO EK7000 (click for more details)

A cheaper alternative with 4K / 25fps shooting capabilities.

Overall one of the best action camera under 50 US dollars at the moment.

The camera has many of the same features like the more expensive AKASO EK7000 Pro, which includes different shooting modes, wide angle shooting, built-in Wi-Fi, burst shooting and time lapse recording. You can control it also via an app. Just download the AKASO app on your phone, and start shooting remotely.

Comes with 2 rechargeable 1050 mAh batteries.


WATERPROOF: Up to 100 ft / 30 meters

Me, in New Delhi, India

Choosing the Best Camera for Your Needs

Do I even need a camera?

In my opinion, that’s the first question you should be asking yourself. Do you really need a camera? Maybe all you need is a new phone. Lately I’ve been shooting with iPhone 11 a lot, and it’s doing just great. Also when it comes to filming.

1. If You Aren’t Sure, But You Want to Try

Then go for a compact camera or action camera.

Most of amateur photographers will be good with a decent compact camera. If you’re filming a lot, think of an action camera.

Choose the best camera that fits in your budget.

Both of these are small and you can always take them with you.

2. Pay Attention to the Size and Weight

The best camera is the one you have with you.

If your camera gear is heavy, chances are you will not have it with you at the right moment. Chances are you will soon stop carrying with you at all. Then what’s the point in getting an expensive camera in the first place?

Aim for a small, lightweight camera, that you can always take with you.

Don’t forget about the ease of use and ergonomics.

The lightest camera isn’t necessarily the best choice for everyone. You know yourself the best. Choose the camera that feels the best for you.

Woman shooting in the woods

Woman shooting in the woods | Photo by David Bartus from Pexels

3. Video Filming

How important is it for you?

Because some cameras are better at it, and have special features like 4K recording, external microphone port and tiltable screen, while others don’t.

4. Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi connectivity is a very cool feature to have.

It allows you to transfer photos and videos directly to your phone or tablet without a use of a laptop. It’s very convenient when you’re off the grid and want to backup your footage. And also when you want to share your photos online right away.

5. Waterproof, Shockproof, Sub-Zero Temperatures

Think if you really need these features.

Generally speaking, the more features you want, the smaller is the choice.

If that helps, by far most of people are ok with a regular camera. Partly because that means you are getting better quality and more photography / videography related features for the same money, when compared to choosing a weather-proof camera.

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What’s your experience with cheap action cameras? What’s the best action camera under 100 / 200 USD that you have tried?

Featured photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels

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