Adventure Park “Mežakaķis” in Riga, Latvia

Adventure park Mezakakis, Riga

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What to do in Riga?

If you are into adventures, and you are not afraid of heights, make sure to check out the adventure park “Mežakaķis”. It’s one of the most interesting outdoor activities in Riga. Note that there are two of them in Latvia under the same name. And only one is in Riga.

“Mežakaķis” is an outdoor ropes adventure park in Riga, situated in the city’s biggest park called Mežaparks, which literally translates to Forest Park. And, well, that’s exactly what Mezaparks is. It’s a big forest with few small roads criss-crossing it and some walking and mountain biking trails.

The adventure park is open only from May to September (daily). In October – only on weekends. Mezaparks is a public park, accessible 24/7.

I went there on a Saturday evening. There were some kids and a few adults.

1. Adventure Park “Mežakaķis” in Riga: Basics

Visiting Adventure park Mezakakis in Riga

There are 2 adventure parks under the same name in Latvia.

LOCATION: Mezaparks, Riga (exact  location).

TIME: 3-4 hours to finish all tracks.

That’s exactly how much time you are given. A ticket allows you to stay in the park for up to 4 hours.

DIFFICULTY: from very easy to challenging.

TIPS: it’s an outdoor park, so better don’t go after heavy rain. Because everything is gonna be wet and slippery. Bring your own snacks and drinks. Only tea, coffee, water and some soft drinks are being sold on the site.

Both cash and credit cards are accepted at Mezakakis.

Watch this video if you prefer video over words, and you’ll get a very good idea what it’s like at Mezakakis in Riga.

2. My Experience at Mezakakis

I had been to Mezakakis and other outdoor ropes adventure parks in Latvia before.

I had very good memories about this exact Mezakakis in Mezaparks. In my memory it was a very interesting and at some parts very challenging park. But it was some 6-7 years ago, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Turned out that it’s still as interesting, challenging and fun as I remember it. And not only for kids. If you like me love these kind of attractions, you should definitely add it to your list of things to do in Riga

Here is how it works. You arrive. You sign the contract. Pay the fee. Follows a very short safety instruction. You finish the test route together with a trainer. And you are ready to go.

You can skip routes you don’t want to take. It’s up to you.

Mezakakis in Mezaparks, Riga

There are 8 different routes.

First two (1, 2) are built for the smallest visitors.

The following two (3, 4) are suitable for everyone, both kids and also adults, who want to start with something less challenging and psychically demanding. This is more or less how it looks.

At Mezakakis in Mezaparks, Riga

At Mezakakis in Mezaparks, Riga

5th and 6th route are more challenging.

They are also up to 30 ft. / 9 meters above the ground.

Rope adventure park in Riga

Ropes in Mezakakis, Riga

Mostly there is no way back or shortcuts. Meaning if you started, you should also finish the route. Except  for few places and if you are alone on the route.

Here is how the sixth route starts.

Climbing wall in Mezakakis, Riga

And this is the beginning of the 7th route.

7th route in Mezakakis, Riga

It’s still doable by teenagers as well, as I saw myself. But only if you are not afraid of heights.

There are several types of “obstacles” in Mezakakis.

Across some of them you are simply walking over. Some, like rope nets, require more strength. And then there are also ziplines at the end of every route.

Rope at Mezakakis, Riga

Rope you need to climb – Last route (8th)

Some 3 hours and few bruises later I had finished all the routes.

I wasn’t pushing myself too hard, but I also didn’t feel like doing anything else after I had finished the last route. It was just the right amount of exercise for me for a Sunday evening. So I just gave back the safety harness and left.

As there were only few people I took a rest a few times. Sitting high above the ground.

3. Getting to “Mežakaķis” (in Mezaparks, Riga)

Last route in Mezakakis

Drinking water and taking a rest and… looking at the last route high in the trees

The adventure park is located in Mezaparks (exact  location).

Here are two of the best options how to get there:

1) Tram. There is a tram (number 11) going all the way from Riga Old Town to Mezaparks.

A single ticket currently costs 1.15 EUR. That’s if you purchase it in advance from a ticket vending machine. If you’ll purchase it from a driver, it will cost you 2 EUR.

Get off one stop before the last stop – at Mežaparks.

2) Bolt taxi. Take a Bolt taxi to Mezaparks main entrance / Riga National Zoological Garden.

That’s the same place where you would get off the tram 11.

If you are new to Bolt, download the app, register and use code 9ES97 to get 10 EUR off your first ride.

Use code 9ES97 to get 10 EUR off your first ride with Bolt.

Whether you will take tram or taxi, you will end up in the same place. At the main entrance of the park.

From there it’s still a 20-30 minute walk to Mezakakis. Take the main road going into the park.

That’s the one with sidewalks on both sides. There is no car traffic. Turn left at the first junction. And then again at the next junction. Or simply follow the map on your phone.

4. Where to Stay in Riga, Latvia

Riga is a very affordable European capital.

For the price of a dorm bed in Paris, London or Amsterdam you can get a decent hotel room in Riga.

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Mosaic Hotel in Riga

At Mosaic Hotel in Riga

Mosaic Hotel is a great choice for everyone, who doesn’t want to overpay.

The hotel is located in Riga city center, just 100 meters away from the famous Alberta street. Riga Old Town is 10 minute walk away.

Rooms at Mosaic Hotel are simple, yet stylish and beautifully decorated. What’s even more important, they are also very clean and neat. Note, that some of the cheapest rooms don’t have an attached bathroom and toilet, meaning that you will be sharing them with some other guests.

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Have you been to adventure park “Mežakaķis” in Riga? What was your  experience?

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