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Valldemossa – Puig Gros – Valldemossa Hike

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    Hiking in Mallorca is a very popular outdoor activity.

    There are many hiking trails in Mallorca. And most of the best Mallorca hiking trails are in the area of Valldemossa, a pretty town in the mountains of Tramuntana. Situated only a 30-minute car or bus ride away from the city of Palma, it has become a very popular tourist destination in Mallorca. And hiking is one of the top things to do in Valldemossa.

    Learn more about the scenic Valldemossa – Puig Gros – Valldemossa hike.

    1. Valldemossa – Puig Gros – Valldemossa Hike: Basics

    There are plenty of hiking trails near Valldemossa.

    This is only one of the options of what you can do in the area.

    Being the most popular place for hiking on Mallorca, this town does get very busy. To avoid the crowds, as always, you can come early. Or, if you are a fit hiker, you can do like we did and come in the afternoon.


    TIME & DISTANCE: around 7 miles / 11.2 km (around 2.5 hours).

    You can walk back the same way or choose another trail as we did.

    TIPS: bring some snacks and water from Valldemossa or Palma, as there are no shops on the way. During the summer be prepared that it can be very hot once you reach a certain elevation and there aren’t any trees anymore. From down below they look like smaller mountains than they really are. It’s rocky and can be hard to follow the trail in some places.

    For navigation I recommend using Strava app.

    Just start recording and see the map view.

    2. How to Get to Valldemossa From Palma?

    There is a direct bus from Palma to Valldemossa.

    Most of tourists take that bus to go to Valldemossa and back.

    Alternatively, you can drive to Valldemossa.

    3. Valldemossa – Puig Gros – Valldemossa Hike: Our Experience

    Map of the area
    Map of the area

    It wasn’t planned but we started hiking very late.

    We hadn’t checked the buses. As it turned out, at some hours there are only very few of them. So, we arrived to Valldemossa at around 15:00, and headed for the mountains right away. The trails start right on the outskirts of the town. In some places there are even road signs warning drivers about hikers. That’s how popular this town is among hikers.

    At first you are walking in the town.

    Then there is one very confusing place. It looks like you can’t get any further, there is a fence, but if you go around a big rock (like everyone does), you are on a rocky hiking trail right next to that fence.

    Hiking next to a fence

    From there on you just follow the trail.

    Or a map if you don’t see the trail.

    Here are a few photos from our Valldemossa – Puig Gros – Valldemossa hike:

    Valldemossa, as seen from the hiking trailValldemossa, as seen from the hiking trail
    Valldemossa, as seen from the hiking trail

    Hiking to Puig Gros

    Near Puig Gros

    Kaspars hiking from Valldemossa to Puig Gros

    Valldemossa - Puig Gros hiking trail

    Standing on a rock in Mallorca

    Valldemossa - Puig Gros hiking

    Walking down the hill in Mallorca

    Girl walking down the hill in Mallorca

    Mountain hiking trail in Mallorca

    Trail through the forest in Mallorca

    Rocky trail in Mallorca

    On the way back we took another trail (on the left). I can highly recommend it.

    In some places there are gates like these.

    You can go through them.

    Gates on the trail in Mallorca

    If you love outdoors and hiking, to make the most of your Mallorca hiking experience, I would highly recommend to have more than 3-4 hours for this area. A full day or two is much more reasonable. Or otherwise you’ll have to rush, or see only a very small part of these beautiful mountains.

    Have you been to Mallorca? Did you go check out any of the Mallorca walks? Have you been to Valldemossa? What was your experience?

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