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Ramla Beach Hike in Gozo (Tal Mixta Cave)

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    Ramla beach is a popular and scenic beach in Gozo.

    It’s one of the best beaches in Gozo, Malta. And if you want to go hiking in Gozo, this is a great place for you to head to. There are small hills on both sides of the beach, and there is also a cave in one of them, Tal Mixta Cave. All of that together makes it a really nice place to visit whenever you are traveling to Gozo.

    Learn more about the (rather) easy Ramla beach hike.

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    1. Ramla Beach Hike in Gozo: Basics

    There is a wide, sandy beach — Ramla beach.

    And there are hills on both sides. I recommend you to check out the Tal Mixta Cave first. Then walk down and go to the other side. If you have more than an hour or two you can easily go on a longer hike there, and have a proper Gozo hiking experience.


    TIME & DISTANCE: around 3 miles / 4.8 km (around 90 minutes).

    That’s a walk from the beach to the cave, back to the beach and to the other hill.

    TIPS: it’s rocky, as everywhere in Malta and Gozo.

    The most direct trail to Tal Mixta Cave goes across a private property. As you can see from the map above, you can go around it. There are some small shops next to the beach. If you prefer a more secluded beach for a swim at some point, go to the small beach on the left from Ramla beach (it’s only a 5-10 minute walk).

    For navigation in this area I recommend using Strava app.

    Just start recording and see the map view.

    2. How to Get to Gozo From Malta?

    Walking to Ramla beach
    Walking to Ramla beach

    Getting from Malta to Gozo is super easy.

    There are ferries from Malta to Gozo.

    We took the fast ferry to Gozo (from Valleta), as it was included in our Explore Flex transport pass. This Gozo ferry takes less than an hour to reach Gozo from Valleta, and a return ticket normally costs around 10 EUR. See the timetable on their Facebook page. In September the last ferry from Gozo was at around midnight, which is really cool if you are going only on a day trip to Gozo.

    There are also other options.

    2.1 How to Get to Ramla Beach, Gozo?

    There are many public buses on Gozo. Same like on Malta.

    They run more or less everywhere, and everyone uses them.

    Use Google Maps to find the best bus in your situation — you’ll have to change buses once to get from the ferry to Ramla Beach. There are no direct buses to Ramla Beach.

    3. Ramla Beach Hike in Gozo: Our Experience

    There is nothing much to add.

    Being one of the best places to visit in Gozo, it really is a beautiful place. And it’s worth a visit. This time we were short on time and didn’t want to rush anything, so we didn’t explore the area further. If you have more time, definitely check out the area on the left from the Ramla beach. It looked like there are are some more hiking trails.

    Here are a few photos from our Ramla beach hike:

    Walking near Ramla beach

    Rocks in Gozo, Malta

    Tal Mixta cave in Gozo
    Tal Mixta cave in Gozo

    Hiking trail in Gozo

    Hiking up the hill in Gozo
    Approaching the cave from behind

    View from Tal Mixta cave

    Ramla Beach in Gozo, Malta

    Ramla beach from the other side
    Ramla beach from the other side

    Ramla beach in Gozo

    View from the hill next to Ramla beach, Gozo

    Secluded beach in Gozo

    Yacht in the sea

    Cute beach in Gozo, Malta

    Peaceful beach in Gozo, Malta.jpg

    Have you been to Malta or Gozo? Did you try hiking in Gozo? Have you been to Ramla beach area? What was your experience?

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