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Nakkastepe Millet Bahcesi park, Istanbul

Scenic Walk on Asian Side of Istanbul (Very Easy to Get to)

There are two very beautiful parks on Asian side of Istanbul. Fethipasa Sosyal Tesisleri and Nakkastepe Millet Bahcesi. Well, of course, these aren’t the only ones. They are just two of the clos…

View from Craftsmen park

Craftsmen Park: Viewpoint Near Taksim Square, Istanbul

All the noises, traffic, people, steep and narrow streets. It can quickly get overwhelming in Istanbul, especially if you aren’t used to it. That’s just one of the reasons to love places l…

Park near Azapkapi Halic Metro

Beautiful And Very Easy Walk in Istanbul

Istanbul is known as the City on the Seven Hills. And it does feel that way whenever you’re walking somewhere. Especially if you’re staying in the area of Taksim square. However, it doesn&…

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Hiking and Cycling in Latvia

There are plenty of places where to go cycling or hiking in Latvia, as well as active things to do. See all our articles on Latvia.

Walking next to Daugavgriva beach

Hiking in Riga: Where to Go on a Walk in Riga

Where to go hiking in Riga? What are the best places for walks in and near Riga? What if you are up for something more adventurous than Mezaparks or other parks in Riga? I have got you covered. Having…

Cycling on Kalngale beach

Cycling Riga – Adazi – Carnikava – Vecaki

This is for you if you want more. If you want to go cycling in Riga, and if Riga – Jurmala bike path isn’t enough for you. If Riga – Olaine isn’t enough for you. And if also Ri…

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