Roads and jungle on Sentosa Island, Singapore

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AndHow to get to Sentosa island?

As with everything in Singapore, there are several options how you can get from Singapore to Sentosa. All of them are convenient, most – inexpensive. You can take a bus, metro, walk, take a taxi.

Today I want to talk about walking to Sentosa island.

It’s the cheapest way of getting to Sentosa and also the most active.

If you would like to go for a walk in Singapore, this is your option.

Walk to Sentosa (it’s a very short walk) and continue walking by taking one of the Sentosa’s walking trails.

How to Get to Sentosa Island on Foot

Travellator - Walking to Sentosa Island, Singapore
Two-way travellator to Sentosa Island

So, how does getting there look like?

Like in the photo above. There is a two-way travellator to the island. But if you want to have some more nature, like in the featured photo, you’ll have to go on a walk on the island.

1. Take an MRT to HarbourFront Station

Take an exit going to VivoCity Mall.

2. Go to Level 1 of VivoCity Mall

Go to Level 1.

Look for the Sentosa Boardwalk signs.

3. Follow the Sentosa Boardwalk

Leave the mall and take the Sentosa boardwalk.

If you can’t find the signs, ask someone where is the Sentosa boardwalk.

It’s a short walk, that takes only around 10 minutes. To get from Singapore to Sentosa. There is also a two-way travellator almost all the way, helping to make the total walking time even smaller.

There are some benches on the way, if you would like to stop.

And also some shops and vending machines.

Walking is the cheapest way of getting to Sentosa and also the most active.

How to Get to Sentosa by MRT

Just take a metro (MRT) to HarbourFront station.

Take an exit going to VivoCity Mall.

Go to Level 3, and look for the Sentosa Express. It’s a designated train going from VivoCity to Sentosa Island. It has 3 stops on the island. If you want to go to the beach, get off at the last stop. If you’ll be taking one of the walking trails – get off at first stop.

You’ll have to buy a ticket before you can board the train.

A two-way ticket costs only 4 SGD.

Sentosa Walking Trails: Basics

Beach on Sentosa Island, Singapore
Palawan beach on Sentosa Island, Singapore

Sentosa is a small island right off the coast of Singapore.

The island’s territory is mere 1.8 sq miles / 4.71 km2, and almost half of it is taken by golf courses.  There are walking trails only on one side of the island – West, near Fort Imbiah and Fort Siloso.

DURATION: around 1 hour;


Start by taking the Imbiah Nature Trail.

Then go to the coast by the Coastal Trail.

And proceed to Fort Siloso.

Sentosa Walking Trail: My Experience

Eating ice cream on Sentosa Island

I had tried the Henderson Waves Trail and the Southern Ridges.

I had walked the TreeTop Walk, been to the Singapore Botanic Gardens for a walk and tried cycling in Singapore.

And I also had been to Sentosa a few times, to chill out there.

Now it was time for some Sentosa hiking, or so I thought.

I arrived to Sentosa, bought an ice cream and started walking West, aiming for the Fort Siloso. Because on the map it looked like the place I need to get to.

Walkways on Sentosa Island

I wasn’t sure if I’ll get there, or I’ll end up taking a taxi there.

But as usually I didn’t care much about it.

I just walked.

Road on Sentosa
Road on Sentosa

What I learned is that you should aim for the Sentosa Merlion statue first.

Once I got to the Merlion, it was more or less straightforward.

I got to the Imbiah Nature trail, which looked like this.

Imbiah Nature trail
Imbiah Nature trail

Much more jungle like that I had expected. Having done zero research in advance, though.

It’s a short trail. But it’s nice.

And in the afternoon there were no other people.

Stopping during hiking on Sentosa

Trail on Sentosa

My sandals on a hike

Waterfall on Sentosa Island

And then I found a waterfall.

Something I really hadn’t been expecting at all.

At the end of the short trail I took the stairs going to the Coastal Trail.

And ended up on the beach very soon afterwards (after crossing a road).

Beach on Sentosa

The sun had set already, so I kept walking.

I wanted to walk all the way back as well, but without taking the same trail.

So I improvised. I headed for the Fort Siloso.

It was pitch-black by then, so I turned on the torchlight on my phone.

And ended up on the Fort Siloso Sky Walk.

It was closed for more than an hour already. But I could still take it anyway. To get back to the road and to the Siloso beach. 

From the beach I went to the statue of Merlion, and back to VivoCity Mall.

If you like these kind of places add Fort Siloso Sky Walk to your list of things to do in Sentosa.

I got there by accident, and I loved it.

If you like these kind of places add Fort Siloso Sky Walk to your list of things to do in Sentosa. You can take it for free, and it offers some really nice views of Sentosa and Singapore.

Where to Stay in Singapore

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Capsulepod hotel in Singapore
A room at CapsulePod@Aljunied

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The breakfast is included in the price.

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See also our guide on how to do Singapore on a budget of 50 SGD/day or less.

Have you been to Singapore? Did you visit Sentosa island? Did you try Sentosa Walking Trail? What was your experience?

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